The optimally designed Monte Carlo stock of the R8 Intuition now allows the huntress to fully unlock the potential of the R8. | Double loading optionThe R8 can be loaded and unloaded in two ways: with the magazine taken out or left inside the rifle. Copyright @ 2018 Braces of Bristol. Accurate, safe, reliable, fast, huntable, ingenious – a hunting rifle that is unique in every way and meets all demands. Manual cocking systemFor decades, Blaser’s manual cocking system has set the benchmark.

It is acknowledged as one of the safest in the world. In-line repeatingFast as lightning with a relaxed posture: The bolt handle is located in an ergonomically perfect position, just above the trigger guard. Forged barrel and chamberPrecision and durability: The barrel and chamber are cold hammer forged at the same time for most calibers. This is the famous, fantastic Blaser professional success R8 rifle packaged up with the awesome Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18x56 p Scope. Functional elegance – The R8 Success Leather combines, ­for the very first time, precious walnut wood and premium leather.

Blaser Saddle MountBarrel and Saddle Mount form one accurate unit: Notches machined into the top of the barrel, directly above the chamber, insure while your barrel freely floats your point of impact remains constant. Blaser stocks, with their distinct palm swell and optimal cast, provide the ideal grip. Arabesques or animal engravings: The R8 Luxus offers a wide range of engravings – a hunting rifle in traditional style. Technical perfection and the fine art of engraving in harmony. All metal parts are either made of rustproof material or protected against corrosion with a specific finish.

Get notified via email when it's back in stock. Same as the R8 Ultimate, but includes integrated silencer, Same as the R8 Ultimate Leather, but includes integrated silencer. When the magazine is stored outside the rifle, a protective cover keeps the dirt out. Blaser Saddle MountBarrel and Saddle Mount form one accurate unit: Notches machined into the top of the barrel, directly above the chamber, insure while your barrel freely floats your point of impact remains constant. Dryshod Southland High Veil Whitetail Boot, Dryshod Trailmaster High Camo/Timber Boot. Changing rifle scopes easilyEvery barrel is prepared for the Original Blaser Saddle Mount, so each rifle scope and illuminated dot sight that is zeroed to the barrel can be interchanged. This product is discontinued and no longer available. Go for it mates. Government Export Restriction This item may be regulated for export by the U.S. Department of State or the US Department of Commerce. Blaser precision triggerThe desmodromic trigger mechanism guarantees your trigger will function even when iced or heavily soiled. To safely open the bolt, the cocking lever needs to be moved slightly forward (approx. Select your payment terms and apply for finance. In addition, both release buttons can be locked by a lever inside the magazine. It is acknowledged as one of the safest in the world. Thanks to interchangeable barrels, the R8 is the ideal companion on all continents no matter what kind game your are hunting. Sitemap We can always add options on for you like the Blaser Bipod, Blaser hard case or the Swarovski ballistics turret. Let us know if you want a different scope - No problem!

The R8 Professional Success Leather combines a robust synthetic stock with non-slip stock inlays made of specially impregnated leather. The R8 Monza not only provides accurate shooting, but also captivates the imagination with its unusal design. R8 CompactThe perfect choice whenever build and size of the hunter require a shorter stock. EuroOptic, Ltd Thanks to its rugged synthetic stock , the R8 Professional Hunter is designed for the hardest conditions and highest demands. Changing stocksIf you are expecting bad weather or rugged terrain, the precious wooden stock can be removed and replaced with the R8 Professional synthetic stocks. The Blaser bolt action rifle R8. To say the R8 is just a bolt action rifle is the understatement of the century. Restrictions and conditions apply.

Stock deformation due to extreme weather can never affect the position of the barrel. Bino Packs, Alaska Guide Creations Kodiak Cub Bino Packs, Alaska Guide Creations Alaska Classic Bino Packs, Alaska Guide Creations Stalker Hydration Pack, Firearm Accessories and Suppressor Covers, Barrett BORS - Barrett Optical Ranging System, Crux Ordnance Tripod Components & Accessories, Daniel Defense WAVE Suppressors & Muzzle Brakes, Geissele Automatics Mounts & SOPMOD Parts, Griffin Standard Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts (SPRM), Griffin Cantilever Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts (SPRM), Griffin Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts (SPRM) Ring Sets, Griffin Accessory Interface Suite for SPRM, Negrini Factory Replacement Polypropylene Cases, Night Eyes Headlamps and Handheld Predator Lights, Oakley Standard Issue Apparel & Accessories, Remington Defense Rifles, Chassis, & Kits, Sitka Sale, Closeout, & Clearance - New Items Added, Sig Sauer ROMEO-MSR 1x20mm 2 MOA Compact Red Dot Sight, Sig Sauer ROMEO1 Reflex Sight 1X30mm BLACK, EOTech EXPS3-4 Holographic Sight .223 Ballistic Reticle, Holosun HS510C Multi-Reticle Circle Dot Open Reflex Sight w/ Solar Failsafe, Shake Awake, and QD Mount - HS510C, EOTech Holographic Sight QD Mount 518.A65, Knight's Armament PVS-30 US Army Buy Backs, Sig Sauer SIGM400 TREAD 5.56 NATO 11.5" MLOK 30rd PCB Pistol PM400-11B-TRD, Barrett REC7 DI 5.56 NATO 10.25" Burnt Bronze Cerakote M-LOK Handguard Pistol 18022, Sig Sauer SIG MCX Rattler 5.56 NATO 5.5" Pistol, JP Enterprises JP-15 .223 Wylde Precision Rifle JP-15MR, Daniel Defense DDM4V7 5.56mm NATO 16" 1:7 Black Rifle, Armalite M15A4 Special Purpose Rifle 5.56x45 Flat Top 20" A2 Fixed Stock (1) 30rd Magazine, Armalite M15 5.56 Defensive Sporting 14.5" Pinned and Welded Bbl Rifle, Kestrel Ballistic & Technical Weather Meters, Swarovski BT Ballistic Turret Instructions, Blaser R8 Professional rifle with choice of caliber, Blaser Pro sling non slip neoprene with integrated case for 2 cartridges, Pelican 1700 custom fitted travel case - Colors vary. FFL RequirementsThis item can only be shipped to a Licensed Federal Firearms Dealer. Parts from the R93 model are not interchangeable with parts for the Blaser R8. The Blaser R8 is truly a total package of safety, speed & accuracy.

Coldfront Gore-Tex Gloves Starting At $74! $x.xx The construction of the R8 Silence is designed to protect the hearing of both hunter and dog. This rifle offers a variety of caliber options from. Thanks for submitting your message. The Blaser R8 locks by a 14-lug radial collet and is designed to withstand significantly more pressure than competing bolt-action rifles. Stock deformation due to extreme weather can never affect the position of the barrel. 10% Off In-Stock Crossbows & Accessories!

Quick take down – easily cleanedEven when in the bush, the R8 can be taken down and reassembled within a few seconds. However your finance deal will not start taking money until you have your rifle. When things are going your way a 900g trigger, without creep, will turn that thought impulse into action.

Guns Rifles Blaser Rifles Combos Drillings Blaser Blaser R Professional Package With Different Calibers | 133 | 116 | … Please be aware that if we do not have the calibre you require it may take a little time to full-fill your order. When things are going your way a 900g trigger, without creep, will turn that thought impulse into action. Montoursville, PA 17754. Black-brown synthetic stock with black elastomer inlays, Available options include: adjustable comb, adjustable recoil pad, recoil absorption system, Black-brown synthetic stock with impregnated leather inlays in cocoa. Around the world with one rifleTrigger, stock length, handling – everything remains just the way you are used to. Desmodromic trigger mechanismMaximum reliability – even when iced or heavily soiled. A wonderful and an economical package. 3mm/1.8"), but not cocked, while simultaneously pulling back on the bolt handle. More than just a rifle it is a platform that allows you the flexibility to interchange calibers while providing ergonomic perfection in stock design and unequaled trigger performance. One of the world's rarest precious metals refines the R8 Professional Success Ruthenium into a top-class hunting rifle.

A second, loaded magazine can be inserted extremely quickly without looking.

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