So for instance, if this set up was for the first week of your program, week two could involve any of the following –. Maximal speed of contraction and rate of force development are factors that take longer to build and do not last as long following training (their rate of detraining is higher). Bench 5×5, progress by adding sets until 8 sets are attained, then drop back to 5 sets and add weight. The more I read though, the more I understood, and the picture became clearer. if this is a concept that interests you, I’d suggest you check out Dr. Mike Zourdos’s stuff. Scary sounding programs aren’t so intimidating when you can apply a paint-by-numbers approach to building them, are they?

Or, if you don’t want to add your own creative flare, you can just run a linear program for each lift on each day, but still achieve DUP simply by rotating workouts. Above everything else though, what appealed to me was this – the programming was so easy, it would mean that clients could train without me. I don’t know your particular weaknesses, technical errors, levels of preparation, how many days a week you can train, etc. The first example I show will be identical to the one in my original article for an accumulation block. 1988. p.s. Haff GG (2013) Periodization of Training, LWW. The Rhea study showed that 3×4, 3×6, and 3×8 is plenty of variety, but some coaches I’ve talked to who rely heavily on DUP have told me that larger swings (even going all the way from sets of 20 one day to singles or doubles on another) works as well. On the bench days, rowing and pulling is kept in, but the volume is reduced from the accumulation block. Block periodization relies on very few training qualities during training stage, as trying to train multiple qualities in an upper or high level athlete will result in substandard adaptation to all of them. Better thank black friday deals: Save $50 on the new elitefts multi bar    Save $50 on the elitefts Tri Plyo Cube    Free Shipping with a $49.95 qualifying order, TAGS: powerlifting program, block periodization, Gabriel Naspinski, powerlifting. Furthermore, he’s had the opportunity to work with and learn from numerous record holders, champion athletes, and collegiate and professional strength and conditioning coaches through his previous job as Chief Content Director for Juggernaut Training Systems and current full-time work here on Stronger By Science. B) Deficit Deadlift allow you three days to train and time isn't an issue on those three days. There are three stages within a block periodization program: The length of each block is determined by the level and experience of the athlete. The deadlift day follows the same template, except with as DL-SQ-DL setup. Active rest phase immediately follows peaking phase at end of competition season. In general, make these in line with your primary goal. Do not turn these into a bodybuilding workout on your off days.

For a powerlifter who is concerned with increasing his total in three specific events and not much else, do not waste time on minor bullshit like triceps extensions, reverse hypers, etc. There are a few different ways this can be set up. So, for everyone that is offended by technical vocabulary, dynamic correspondence basically means using movements that will help to improve your competition events. It can be as simple as this example, or way more complicated than my first example (adding in RPEs, biofeedback, and all kinds of goodies). This won’t have all of the general specific work, but will follow a similar set up as is outlined above. This basically means that the more times a movement is performed (with enough stimulation from proper intensity), the better you will become due to neural factors.

Powerlifting is a sport that is tailor-made for Block Periodization. Most team sports have an extended period of competition, in which a single or double peak is not sufficient.

Now what?” This is where RPE comes into play. The volume and intensity of this work should be low. Here's a variation of the four day split above. Also, make sure you're basing the percents off of the actual exercise you're performing. As above, the main way you’re going to look to increase your or your client’s strength and performance is by increasing volume week to week. They can be used on specific exercises, but in most cases, it's better to use them on the general specific lifts. If you’re trying to gain size, 12s, 8s, and 5s might be perfect. Squat – Test some kind of rep maximum (1, 3, 5 rep max, etc.). His passions are making complex information easily understandable for athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts, helping people reach their strength and fitness goals, and drinking great beer. This is by far the most difficult block of all. That means if you have clients who aren’t as mobile, have injury issues, or aren’t comfortable on certain exercises, you could go with front squats, dumbbell presses and block pulls, or safety bar squats, overhead presses and trap bar deads – anything you see fit. blending low, medium and high intensity workouts).

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. C) Reverse Hyper, A) Chain Suspended Good Morning ), Sup is for supplemental (special exercise closely related to the movement–such as competition stance or grip, but less gear and possibly adding bands, chains, or tempo changes), and Dev for developmental (special exercise still related to movement but done with different grip, stance, and tempo). By having an understanding of this style of programming, a lifter will be able to take advantage of the general qualities gained from the early stages of training by promoting transference to the competition squat, bench and deadlift. By performing the competition lifts and closely related variants of them, you will become more technically sound. The concept of residual training is a primary factor in residual factors of training. Add 5 pounds each week until you can no longer do a double. I hope this article has stimulated some thought and cleared up the misconceptions on Block Periodization. provides free content and relies on advertisement income to maintain this site. Start slow and, as frequency is the key variable, increase it gradually. This system is ideal for team sports in most ways.

It becomes important to decide when a shift needs to be made in favor of a means of training that will focus on the actual competitive events. This is due to the small number of physical traits that must be trained for: maximal strength, absolute strength, and technique. . He’s held 3 all-time world records in powerlifting in the 220 and 242 classes. Get FREE access to the PTDC newsletter, which you’ll receive 2-3 times a week.

I continued to use a lot of the principles of Westside, but had a lot of injuries. The intensification phase ramps things up a gear in terms of weight, so you may get –, Another 3-5 weeks of increasing load, sets, reps, or even RPE and you’d move on to the peaking phase for a week or two –, 1. Different intensities/ rep ranges within a block, Volume increases week by week and cycle to cycle, Lifts are usually trained multiple times per week, Limited exercise selection to improve skill-specific competency, Accessory sessions can be added as and when required, Adding weight (either by using a slightly higher percentage to calculate your working weights, or by adding 5-10 lbs to week 1’s weight.). With this now covered, we will take a look at a transmutation block being revised. Thought that I’d throw in a great deadflift tutorial here because it’s such an important exercise to master: //
This is something that must be gradually accumulated over time. Block Periodization: A Breakthrough in Sports Training,,,, Week 6: Transmutation (bench shirt, briefs, suit, or both at lifter discretion), Week 7: Transmutation (bench shirt, briefs, suit, or both at lifter discretion), Week 13: Transmutation (Raw or limited/loose gear), Week 14: Transmutation (Raw or limited/loose gear). It has been around two years since I first wrote A Practical Guide for Implementing Block Periodization for Powerlifting, which was recently posted again as an EFS Classic. In reference to the realization block, I would keep the same approach outlined in the original article. Transmutation is the next block. Squats – 5 x 8-10 @ 70% 1RM 2. I almost hate to dignify this with a response, but I know I need to beforehand – Daily Undulating Periodization is only “muscle confusion” in the broadest of senses. After moving to the Washington, DC area, I met Carlos Osegueda that runs Central Virginia Athletic and Barbell Club. I suggest you don't use bands on the specific exercises.

It was squat and deadlift testing day for my client Pete.

Strength Cond. Daily Undulating Periodization or DUP is a scientifically proven method to get stronger, making it ideal for athletes, powerlifters, and anyone looking to gain strength. Again, this is a guideline and the police will not issue a warrant if you venture out of this range. A missed session isn’t an issue – there’s no “set schedule” for a week, so tweaking a session’s placement within a block, and even training on consecutive days won’t hamper progress. That being said, it's necessary to know how to classify movements as general, general specific, or specific.

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