She was mad because of his friend, since she does not like him. Puppies are more engaged and open to learning. And often for a far cheaper rehoming fee! That is how the AKC classifies them. So, teach your Blue Nose Pitbull to abstain from jumping in certain situations – such as when it is greeting you or other family members, or from jumping indoors where it can damage your furniture, or hurt you or itself. Their grooming, diet and health requirements are low, but they do require lots of exercise to settle down their excess energy. Dozer is 3 months old now and listens to every command I give “of course I work with him everyday ” but he is making a lot of bully breed haters that have had the pleasure of meeting him change there foolish opinion. She said, “I play tug of war with it, of course it wins,” said it’s a mellow pitbull. Raised properly, the Blue Nose Pitbull is a goofy and friendly creature that loves to play and learn with their favorite human. People get dogs and then are faced with the responsibility and off to the shelter. I tried to walk away but her little dog kept following us. This act has not been without a bit of controversy. Sometimes, this practice of inbreeding can lead to heightened health issues.

Tango can never be replaced, but our hearts are already pounding. I have three pit bulls they’re purple ribbon they have excellent bloodline I’m selling them for 900 they have all their shots ears are clipped they’re beautiful would you like to see a picture of him. A Blue Nose Pit Terrier or pit can grow up to at most 2 feet tall and weigh 95 pounds. If you want to have a Blue Nose Pitbull in your family, be ready to have an expressive dog. High calorie diets are good to keep their energy up but avoid fatty foods. They do not always get along well with other dogs. If guests come over, or the nextdoor neighbor pops their head over the fence, your Pittie will want to greet them. In order to take care of the emotional needs of these sensitive animals, you will need to spend sufficient quality time with them, show your affection, love and a lot of attention, so that you can keep them happy and in control. The blue nose of these pups is caused by a recessive gene. You’ll find plenty of sources for this dog, but one thing to keep in mind is that not all Pitbull breeders have ethical breeding practices. If you are experienced with caring for and training Pit bulls, you can opt for adopting an adult dog from a local shelter too. The Pitbulls are friendly pups who love humans and are prone to interact well both with their human families as well as with complete strangers. Blue Nose Pit bulls are really actually American Pit Bull Terriers with special genetic pigmentation features which makes their noses blue. Some people will assume your dog is dangerous, and may react badly to your pet. I love my blue pitt. And some seriously fascinating facts to learn. We have had her since she was about 5 weeks old. If you consider this dog to a watchdog based on its looks, alone, then you are sadly wrong. Also, due to their low melanin levels, the Blue Nose Pit bulls are more susceptible to dysfunctions of the  nervous and the immune system such as alopecia, deafness, skin spots, poor vision as well as bad temperament. I’m sorry for the dogs in kennels, but I don’t feel responsible to do something about it. If you’re concerned about temperament issues, we suggest that you stick with a Blue Nose Pitbull puppy. Pit bulls and pit mixes can be fantastic with other pets.

Pitbulls are already prone to skin diseases, and American Blue Nose Pitbulls are at an increased risk. If you are not very sure of your dog’s reaction, they must be leashed in public.

However, this is a grossly inaccurate mindset that seems primarily driven by a blend of horrifically irresponsible owners and overblown media hype. I am used to getting dirty looks when I take my dogs in public. You know your dog is a sweetheart. These gorgeous dogs are big cuddle monsters and will demand love and attention at all times.

He’s 10 yrs old but is now developing some mild arthritis due to age. Seriously bus. Pitbulls with blue noses looks undeniably beautiful, and the puppies are even more adorable. These Pitties are susceptible to heart disease, as well as improper functioning of the immune and nervous system. These dogs are as brainy as they are brawny and need mental stimulation to keep them happy. Terrier is spelled with a “E” not an “O” . After breakfast they will be excited to race outside and zoom around your yard in circles.

Jamil Pitbull Home sells the best pitbull puppies near you.

Other household pets are prime targets for the dog’s predatory instinct. They did this in 2004, but the name did not stick and take off. The Pitbull breeders at this time bred the dogs to muscular and had a jaw with strong power for biting into things. A raw food diet may work for this Pitbull, but it’s always a good idea to consult your vet before changing anything in your dog’s diet. You should be prepared to take your Pitbull for 2 long walks each day. To prevent or dampen the excessive jumping, the Blue Nose Pits must learn through discipline that such actions are not allowed. Others can be aggressive towards other dogs and pets.

These pups are undeniably adorable as soon as you see their goofy little smiles and blue noses. Dog fighters began to choose this breed because they were so eager to please that they would do anything their owners instructed them to do. They are sweet loving and powerful dogs. Like any dog breed, however, there are things potential owners need to know about these blue beauties. I totally agree with you. These include problems with their joints (hip dysplasia), skin conditions and problems with their thyroid. And for their expressive faces.

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