Reptile health information given on this site is not intended to act as or replace the advice of a certified veterinary professional. Have a question? This is a brief guide to preventing, recognizing, and treating some of the most common illnesses and conditions seen in captive blue tongue skinks. As mentioned above, it’s normal if your blue tongue skink doesn’t eat for 1-2 weeks in a row. It also has to be wide (horizontal), rather than vertical. First, sorry to hear your pet is sick.

If you suspect that your blue tongue skink is sick – take skink’s poop for a full parasitic test first. If you would some help taming and bonding with your blue tongue skink, read this post. Brumation is a period of a winter cool down, when blue tongue skinks sleep more, don’t eat, and generally survive winter. You can read a full guide on heating and lighting in a blue tongue skink’s tank here. If you believe this is the reason – try to offer different veggies and greens, as well as fruits, berries and herbs to entice your blue tongue.

And this is normal. Well, for one, we offer reptile care information that you can actually trust. You must also include a basking platform, two-three hides, plants and some low climbing accessories. You can also place 3 – one in a hot, middle, and cool sides. Your poor baby. ... 870974859/, BTS Species Descriptions --from, Tanimbar Island (Tiliqua scincoides chimaerea), Indonesian (Tiliqua gigas gigas) + Halmahera form. Mites on a Blue Tongue Skink - How to Get Rid of Mites? Your skink probably needs treatment to survive so working something out with your vet like a payment plan, is going to be your best solution if you want to keep your BTS alive. If you’re looking for a reptile veterinarian near you, I recommend reading ReptiFiles’ article, Finding the Reptile Vet of Your Dreams, and checking out’s Find a Vet tool. However, this is not recommended outside brumation – babies will not survive for too long because they don’t have as much internal fat storage as adults. Now for the suspected reasons....newspaper is a big no-no for Indonesian species.

However, if your blue tongue seems very dehydrated, doesn’t eat or move much – take it to the vet immediately for fluid administration.

Just been to the vets , btw the vets I go to is trinity vets is a well recognised vets for exotic Animals and the only one within miles of wear I live. They are commonly called blue-tongued lizards or simply blue-tongues or blueys in Australia.As suggested by these common names, a prominent characteristic of the genus is a large blue tongue that can be bared as a bluff-warning to potential enemies. If your blue tongue skink is stressed, it won’t be eating normally. Brumation times can vary greatly due to climate and place (season), but generally it can be between November and March. Cover the screen top so there is minimal ventilation to keep the heat and humidity trapped in the enclosure. At this point, ditch the newspapers and opt for an appropriate substrate. In the wild, animals that act sick or injured are the animals that get eaten, so reptiles have become very good at disguising when they’re feeling ill. is a compilation of factual, science-based research from the best reptile care resources in the world, packaged in one neat website. Don’t make your young blue tongue skinks under 10 months old starve though – let it reach at least 12 months old to make changes in the diet. The contents of these pages are to be used as guidelines, not professional medical advice. Example: “ is the best place to learn about correct reptile husbandry.”. Or, consult with a reptile health expert online: is a JustAnswer affiliate. The main thing is that the bulb has to produce light and heat during the day. Your blue tongue skinks needs high output UVB tube – such as this 10.0 high output UVB tube. Weigh them weekly – sudden weight loss often indicates illness. Your humidity is way too low, evident by the toe issue (too dry for proper shedding) and the persistent RIs. Blue tongue skinks require bright light and UVB, because it promotes hunger and activity. May his loving memories live on in your hearts forever. What sets us apart from the rest?

Most need humidity levels at 60%, others need it even higher closer to 100%. If your blue tongue skink is refusing to eat, it could be due to sexual activity during the breeding season. Some things you can do to keep tabs on your blue tongue skink’s health: I'm going to link the caresheet for the Halmahera BTS, one of the most commonly imported BTS out there so you can see what the living conditions truly need to be... No need to post the picture. This is a brief guide to preventing, recognizing, and treating some of the most common illnesses and conditions seen in captive blue tongue skinks. You can find a chart of various foods that you can offer your blue tongue skink in this post. On top of that, please check temperatures with a handheld infrared thermometer like this, by pointing 1.5-2 inches (3.8-5cm) away from the specific spot. If your blue tongue skink is refusing to eat, it could be because its bored with its food. If your blue tongue skink is refusing to eat, then it could be due to low temperatures in the tank.

To treat mouth rot, you need to apply topical antiseptics to the mouth. How to prevent mites in your blue tongue skink?

Post a picture of your BTS. Your one stop for everything regarding BTS. Internal stress factors (illnesses or infections) can make your blue tongue skink refuse to eat.

Blue tongue skinks reach sexual maturity at the age of 12-16 months (for males), and around 24-30 months old for females. If you need to heat the tank just a little at night, use a low wattage ceramic heat emitting bulb like this, which doesn’t produce light. Agreed. Make sure you adjust correct humidity levels, have a bowl for soaking and even give a bath to help with shedding. Just got a BTS and want to introduce yourself? 2-3 weeks without food for adults is pretty much normal. Recently she had diarrhoea with worms, stopped eating and became suddenly a bit aggressive (she was relatively docile before). This would mean that your blue tongue is hungrier for the next meal, and is much more likely to accept what you are offering. If your blue tongue skink is dehydrated, it’s appetite will also suffer. This actually does help. A blue tongue skink can go weeks without eating – blue tongue skinks during brumation can go up to 3 months without food. What is ReptiFiles®? Everything Blue Tongues! Egg binding is a serious condition that needs medical attention as soon as possible if not … What often helps is offering higher protein food, such as cooked mince meat or premium dog food. During brumation, you should not feed your blue tongue skink, because it won’t be basking and won’t digest food.

Lethargic Indonesian blue tongue skink. Offer some pumpkin and applesauce puree that act as natural laxatives.

I am so sorry. During the day, you must use the bulb that produces heat and light.

Once it’s finished, your blue tongue skink should be eating normally again. He’s only on newspaper at the moment as that was suggested by the vet to avoid infection whilst the toes are healing, in regards to humidity I can try and up the humidity however the humidity was extremely higher when he initially got the RI and the vet suggested my humidity was too high . How long can a blue tongue skink go without eating?

Just got a BTS and want to introduce yourself? Post by Remi » Mon Jan 27, 2020 7:10 am . It's good to know what subspecies of Indonesian BTS you have. One of the reasons that can lead to poor appetite is an internal parasitic infection. You can read about mouth rot causes, symptoms and treatment in this post. Maybe seek out a different vet that has extensive history treating reptiles. If you suspect an impaction, take your blue tongue skink to the vet for an X-Ray. If you are truly concerned that he has only days to live, then you need to take every effort possible to keep him warm so he has a fighting chance.

If your blue tongue skink is suffering from a mouth rot infection, it will be painful for it to eat. They may also raise their hindquarters and strain without producing any eggs. It's hard to help you when we don't even know what subspecies you have. Your blue tongue skink will spend first week or few weeks hiding, eating almost nothing and being scared. The fact is, young blue tongue skinks do need to eat more because they are growing. Adult blue tongue skinks will only need to be fed once or twice a week. Ambient temperatures should be at around 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit (29.5-35 Celsius). If your blue tongue skink has got used to eating only meat or dog food, it might be refusing to eat vegetables or greens. Most of the issues described are caused with inadequate humidity. I have a 6.5 month old Indonesian blue tongue. Before you do, give your blue tongue 2-3 drops of mineral or vegetable oil. If you pinch the skin, it won’t go back to normal quickly if an animal is dehydrated. All blue tongue skinks are members of the genus Tiliqua, and are named for their characteristic blue tongues.There are eight different species in the genus, with various colors and patterns.

While blue tongue skinks thrive on loose substrate, they can still get impacted by ingesting it. 5 Tips on How to Tell the Gender of a Chinese Water Dragon, Bearded Dragon or Leopard Gecko As Pets - Full Comparison, Uromastyx Tank Setup - Full Step By Step Guide, Best Foods For an Iguana - Iguana Food List, a handheld infrared thermometer like this, a low wattage ceramic heat emitting bulb like this, You can find a chart of various foods that you can offer your blue tongue skink in this post, digital scales that weigh to the nearest 0.1 gram, like these, Full Blue Tongue Skink Diet Guide – Food List, Supplements. I know this probably wasn't an easy choice for you to make. Your blue tongue skink might be refusing food because it’s shedding. If you have an emergency, call an ARAV-certified reptile veterinarian immediately. Breeding season generally runs through April to late September, but will vary in different climates. Forum rules In this forum all are welcome to ask blue tongue skink-related questions, share information, ideas, tips, experiences, and pictures with fellow BTS enthusiasts.

Why is my new blue tongue skink not eating and why is my blue tongue skink not eating vegetables? Baby blue tongue skinks under 5 months old should eat 6 times a week, while sub-adults up to 10 months old – 2-3 times a week.

This specifically happens when you feed it same foods every time – yes, blue tongues can get bored of same foods!

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