Still, generally speaking, border collies are a healthy breed with a lifespan ranging from 10 to 17 years. Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome (TNS) is a hereditary disease in which the bone marrow produces neutrophils (white cells) but is unable to effectively release them into the bloodstream. Border Collie Collapse or "the wobbles" is a disease found in many herding/working breeds. Border Collie rescues are an option as well, especially if you’re open to adopting an older pup. For example – an 8 week old border collie pup can range from 4-8 pounds. [16] These dogs have a normal auditory brainstem response test as pups but gradually lose their hearing sometime between one and eight years of age. It is worth mentioning that border collies do not behave like adult dogs until they are close to 24 months. It is also thought that the word 'collie' comes from the old Celtic word for useful. Most weigh in at 30 to 60 pounds and range in height from twelve to 22 inches. Particular foods, and talking to a vet is one of the best things you can do to ensure you border collie has sufficient weight and does not become or stay too skinny (whereby the rib cage becomes exposed and is visible).

These included Hindhope Jed, a black, tan and white[30] born in Hindhope, Scotland in 1895, as well as Maudie, Moss of Ancrum, Ness and Old Bob. The disease ranges in severity from minor to life-threatening and usually is diagnosed in dogs 2-6 years old. Everything about this pup exudes strength, including their strong and muscular legs, muscular neck and broad chest. Hemp was a quiet, powerful dog to which sheep responded easily. Learn more about canine joint and hip dysplasia here. Females stand at around 18 to 21 inches in height and weigh between 30 to 40 pounds. Loss of consciousness and seizure-like trembling/spasms are not characteristics of Border Collie Collapse. 1855, Murrumbidgee, NSW), his brother and Alec McLeod at Canonbar, near Nyngan (north-west of Sydney), brought Hindhope Jed to Australia, where she enjoyed considerable success at sheepdog trials. You first need to look for a/your border collies age in the first left hand column. [35] International courses use a 400-yard course for the qualifying trials, but on the third and final day, trials are held in a course of 800 yards. Until these dogs reach maturity, life can be pretty chaotic but fun and memorable all the same. Hip dysplasia and OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) are diseases that lead to irregular growth and development of joints, which can predispose the joint to early onset arthritis. For example, offer a ball to fetch or a Frisbee to chase and your Border Collie will play until they tire out. Be aware that it takes time for border collies to behave like adults; it can take 24 months or more before they move out of their youthful phase. [2][7] The border collie ranks 1st in Stanley Coren's The Intelligence of Dogs, being part of the top 10 brightest dogs.

For this reason, keeping weight on a border collie can prove a challenge; even if they are fed handsomely. The Border Collie is a working and herding dog breed developed in the Anglo-Scottish border county of Northumberland, for herding livestock, especially sheep.. The mutation responsible for TNS has been found in border collies in English working dogs, in show dogs that had originated in Australia and New Zealand, and in unrelated Australian working dogs. Dogs affected with CEA have cloudy, sunken, small eyeballs and eventual blindness. Like many working breeds, border collies can be motion-sensitive and may chase moving vehicles and bicycles, but this behavior can be modified by training. Border Collie Collapse seems to be related to high-intensity exercises that are found to be particularly exciting to the individual dog. This is a very active, athletic dog that needs a lot of exercise, and boredom may increase their urge to bark. [8] They are infamous for chewing holes in walls and furniture, and destructive scraping and hole digging, due to boredom.

The breed's herding trait has been deliberately encouraged, as it was in the dogs from which the border collie was developed, by selective breeding for many generations. The Border Collie dog takes its name from its place of origin—the border region between Scotland and England—and its initial role as a sheepherder (Collie means Sheepdog in Scottish dialect). That being said, border collies are naturally lean. However, other eye conditions such as PRA[13] slowly disintegrates the retina and can cause border collies to lose almost all of their vision at night which can progress into complete daytime blindness. Some border collies may also have single-color coats.[3]. Living a good life will help your pooch live long and healthy, and it will help your dog to reach his full potential physically as well as mentally. Always have enough fresh water for your dog, as being well hydrated is crucial for their health. "Bordoodle" Border Collie/Poodle mixed dog breed information, including pictures, characteristics, and facts. This breed’s singular role as a working dog evolved in Great Britain during the 1860s with Queen Victoria, whose love for Collies propelled it to royal status, making it a desirable show dog. It is still used today, where a dog and handler collect groups of livestock and move them quietly around a course. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Interest-Based Ads Chewy Careers, Copyright © 2020 Chewy, Inc. Weight/Height Range: Bitches are normally between 51 to 53cms and weigh between 14 to 17kgs. Elbow dysplasia may also occur in the breed. A hallmark of the Border Collie are their almond-shaped eyes and intense gaze, reflective of the breed’s high level of intelligence and ability to laser focus on sheep or other objects. It is energetic with most commonly a black and white coat (sometimes brown). Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL) is a rare but serious disease that is limited to show border collies. Their great energy and herding instinct are still used to herd all kinds of animals, from the traditional sheep and cattle, to free-range poultry, pigs, and ostriches.

Agility organizations such as the Agility Dog Association of Australia (ADAA) have their own registry which allows the inclusion of any dog wishing to compete in their events. [citation needed]. Are border collies supposed to be skinny? Since then, Border Collies have gained recognition for their roles in movies like “Hotel for Dogs” and “Babe,” and in television shows like “Mad About You.”. Ailments: The collie is considered to be one of the hardiest, healthiest breeds with hardly any genetic problems. [11], Leading causes of death are cancer (23.6%), old age (17.9%) and cerebral vascular afflictions (9.4%).[10]. Border Collies are highly obedient, loyal and alert.

In vast arid areas like the Australian Outback or the Karoo Escarpment, the number increases to five or more. The medium-sized ears typically stand erect or partially erect, and the long, bushy tail, usually carried low, is raised when the dog is excited. His bloodlines all trace back to the early registered dogs of the studbook, and to J. M. Wilson's Cap, whose name occurs 16 times within seven generations in his pedigree. The border collie breed is also recognized as the prime sheepdog by the International Stock Dog Federation (ISDF),[46] based in Piccadilly, London, UK. The Border Collie often works without expectation of treat rewards—a favorite ball or other toy is all the reward they want. TNS was identified by Jeremy Shearman in the laboratory of Dr. Alan Wilton of the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, University of New South Wales. At what age can we expect them to reach maturity? Of course, these are just averages. Originally bred as a herding dog in the border region between England and Scotland, the Border Collie has become a mainstay at Sheepdog trials and a beloved pet. So, where do Border Collies come from? They thrive best in households that can provide them with plenty of play and exercise, either with humans or other dogs. ISDS registered dogs imported into the country can be transferred onto the SASDA register.

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