Share your experience. Bret is also an entrepreneur and has his own fashion clothing line under his name. Identifying as gay and even receiving hate for it, Bretman Rock is doing everything in his power to help and support the rest like him.

Politics, you went from being entirely dependent on your mom to entirely dependent on a dope boy who tells you what to do. He later moved to Hawaii, but he hasn't forgotten his roots. Rock came to fame at a young age, but had been active for years before becoming popular. After that, Rock's account was restored, but it took him a while to adjust to his new fame. Has Anyone Been Following Art Cathey and Her Scams?

Rock is unabashedly himself and celebrates his individuality. "Ever since I was a child, I was always upside down, running around, or hanging somewhere; I was always signed up for sports like soccer, volleyball, cross country, and the love of my life: track. ", As a person of color, Rock is well aware of the need for diversity in the beauty industry.

Here's a closer look at Bretman Rock, from his childhood inspiration to his plans for the future. I want this to be wrapped up! Hector(Majah Hype) Got a Problem With Florida.... Black Wedding of the Day - Hip Wedding in Tampa, FL. Politics.

Do you find truth in the idea that creatives are often 'off? Bret’s success is mostly rooted in positivity and inspiration but the only twist to this is that his good vibes comes with cutting humor that complements his fierce, devil-may-care attitude.

I was always surrounded by nature and beautiful, diverse people, which is my main inspiration for my palette. His fans weren't too happy about it, and soon #bringbretmanback was trending on Twitter. Family Matters - LSA Family Counseling.

x 4; Skeptical x 3; Disagree! Rock is actually a gifted athlete and was a star of his high school track team. I mean, I'm a boy that wears makeup, but I want to be as normal as I can.". ", Now that he's out of school, Rock still makes a point of staying in shape. Bret and his flawless eye makeup and contour has been a big hit with his fansbut let’s dig deeper into how he first discovered his talent in all things glam and humor. "Before I fell in love with beauty, I fell in love with fitness first," he told PopSugar. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu.

And can we forget just how insanely hilarious his ‘Instagram’ videos are?,, Bretman Rock is an Instagram star, YouTuber and Viner who is breaking all norms for all the right reasons. "Just two months ago I was at 200k [Instagram followers] and now I'm at 2.7 million."

53 damn votes.

, Nov 5, 2020 at 11:18 AM Pathetic. 1.1m Likes, 10.5k Comments - Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock (@bretmanrock) on Instagram: “Kylie: RIiiseeee and Sshiiine Me:”

One of the things that resonates so deeply with Rock's millions of fans is his confidence. "My dad was obsessed with wrestlers, and he liked Bret Hart and The Rock, so that's how he got Bretman Rock," Rock told KITV. He's also breaking down barriers as being one of the few men in the beauty industry.

Jayda went on a little Twitter rant that has left me partially perplexed. Apart from usually hating to be in front of the camera, Bret admits that he is his most genuine self, living it up on social media, doing his best to make people laugh.

His on-screen charisma will have you gripped for hours and before you know it, you’ve already hit the ‘Subscribe’ button! Of course, as we now know, people continue to find him funny and Rock is still going strong. Pokemon Fans - I forgot that Cynthia's theme was a BANGER. brittanybri, Nov 5, 2020 at 11:18 AM

His next move was to step into social media and encourage everyone to embrace their uniqueness no matter what the haters say or think. Kanye West's Ghostwriter (Allegedly) Is An HIV+ Transgender!

"Sometimes I get emotional because I had it so easy," he told The Philippine Star. Few years later stumbling upon ‘YouTube’, Bret found inspiration from the gorgeous albeit cancer-stricken YouTuber, Talia Joy, and chose to step out into the world donning a full makeup face. "Being regular and doing what people expect you to do is sooo BORING, and I'm anything but boring," he told PopSugar. ), Fox’s Arizona Call for Biden Flipped the Mood at Trump Headquarters.

", His family supported his love of beauty, and Rock's mother let him experiment with her makeup, something he is still grateful for. Politics, White really suits him.

His parents separated when he was young and he currently resides in Hawaii with his mom and sister.

It's the only time I feel like a regular-schmegular person. With his eyebrows and contour always on point, and with his humor with a hint (maybe more than a hint) of expletives and all things sarcasm, Bret is no average teenager!

Bretman Rock is a pretty unusual name, so it wouldn't be surprising for people to think that it was a made-up social media handle designed to conceal a person's real identity. "It's hard to say I'm "involved" in LGBTQ activism, as I think I live the fight for LGBTQ rights everyday by just living honestly and openly and showing people it's okay to be different," Rock told Paper. He's got millions of followers across his social media accounts, with over ten million fans on Instagram alone.

Charles Manson Murder House Back On Market Again $2.2M. All the credit for Bret’s success goes to his supportive family and fans.

These are not the things we care about. Yeah, he’s shook. "It all happened so fast," Rock told KITV shortly after hitting the big time. Is anyone being pissed off by people in their native country commenting on the election? So basically I'm working out the whole week.

Few years later stumbling upon ‘YouTube’, Bret found inspiration from the gorgeous albeit cancer-stricken YouTuber, Talia Joy, and chose to step out into the world donning a full makeup face. How are we feeling about this Polynesian bae? Juan Gonzalez - White Voters Let Democrats DOWN! "Honestly I'm taking things day by day, I hate thinking about what's next because I start getting anxiety," he told Celeb Secrets. "That's all you can really ask for. girl... [IMG], Kim A

Bretman Rock grew up in the presence of a lot of women who weren’t typically the beauty-obsessed kind, but somehow was exposed to beauty and glam since a young age.

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They have always been there for me and because of that I will always be there for them and continue to actively fight and support causes that do the same. Do women find fraternity brandings on men attractive? This decision has also led him to participate in many anti-bullying initiatives like the ‘#KissAndMakeup’ which is headed by Tarte Cosmetics and Bystander Revolution. "I'm not planning my future with social media because I know one day I'm going to flop and no one is going to find me funny."

Famous Role Models You Would Like To Meet.

Michael Jackson lived with Jane Fonda 'We got naked together in the pool', Production on Olivia Wilde's Don't Worry Darling Halted Due to Positive Covid Test.

Lmaoo I’m a woman myself. "I feel great to show the beauty of Filipinos (they are some of the brightest people in the world) because we are underrated and have the stereotype of being poor or ugly, especially in Asia," he told HelloGiggles.

Bretman Rock, born Bretman Rock Sacayanan, is one of the biggest stars of the internet.Rising to fame as a teenager, the vlogger is famous for his beauty videos, but he is so much more than just a beauty influencer.The YouTube star is also beloved for his sassy personality, quirky sense of humor, and confident style. Pearlfection I'm focusing on traveling more right now and maybe doing some shows. Rock has to deal with a lot of people who attack him, but he isn't letting them get in his way. His over the top online presence belies a down to earth personality that many of his fans are unaware of.

I sure hope so. How did he come by such an unusual moniker? @bretmanrock: “I love you mama Enjoy your new home I am who I am, and I do everything I do because of you I…”

Though Bretman hit the jackpot with his huge success on ‘Vine’, ‘Instagram’ and ‘YouTube’ portals, he has gone off the record to share that he is a completely different person off-screen. Regardless of what happens the Dems (Identity Politics) needs to end (Wake Up Call), Bahamas Government Pleased with “Rapid Decline” in COVID-19 Cases.

Bretman Rock (which is actually his real name) is a combination of the famous wrestlers, Bret Hart and The Rock. Instead, he calls them out with sassy posts on social media. [ATTACH], StarGazerLily

", Rock isn't just proud of where he comes from, but is also dedicated to representing his fellow Filipinos. How to date/ find a boyfriend when you have zero desire for companionship at the moment. His videos like ‘I’m Prada you’re nada’, and ‘When I enter the classroom’ have received a lot of praise for his sharp humor that definitely separates him from the rest. I really wanted to capture that.". His one-of-a-kind name has made the already unique media personality stand out even more, ensuring that people won't forget his name any time soon. He has his dad to thank for it. Rock's dad is a big pro-wrestling fan, and he wanted to pay homage to some of his favorite wrestlers in his son's name.

Rock told KITV that so many new people were adding him (roughly 100 thousand per week) that it "broke the system," so Instagram shut down his account. Is your family invested in your love life?

"I don't want to not be normal. My parents don't accept me for being gay.' Always on a roll, he decision to fill his ‘YouTube’, ‘Instagram’ and ‘Vine’ with positivity that would change the society’s perspective is why he is one of the biggest rising social media star. Congrats to Her and Georgians, Kushner’s Property Firm Files to Evict Hundreds of Families During Raging Pandemic, Says Report, New Jersey is more blue than New York at this point, CNN calling native Americans "something else", Not just Trump: Republicans pile onto conspiracy theories about vote counting, What a Biden or Trump win would mean for a second round of stimulus checks. I thought he was always trying to be a twink but I guess not!

I sure hope we're getting at least 20,000 votes from Georgia. Instead of getting caught up in the negativity, Rock is focusing on enjoying his success. ", Rock was born in the Philippines, where he lived for the first few years of his life.

This site uses cookies. "My highlighter is a piece of me; it's a piece of my life," he told PopSugar. ", Rock's many fans have been drawn to his magnetic, over-the-top personality. "I knew I was going to love or be doing beauty when I would watch my grandmother get ready for church," he told HelloGiggles. He should wear it on his next album cover, itspossible, Nov 5, 2020 at 11:18 AM

He has turned into something of an icon in the LGBTQ community, and for good reason.

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