It’s also a way of inserting awareness into your daily practice.”.

Ideas ranged from adding language to signs that welcome visitors and folks returning home to New York, that serves as a reminder that they are in Lenapehoking, to the importance of creating and teaching curricula to foster education about First Nations.

There are many examples of cultural institutions—including universities, libraries, and art museums—that have adopted this practice, but surprisingly few companies in the outdoor industry have followed suit. Homecrest, Midwood, Kensington, and Kings Highway Libraries are temporarily closed due to elevated rates of COVID-19 in surrounding communities; learn more on our response page. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.

Miho Aida is a walking lesson in intersectionality.

As we work in conservation and protection of what are now known as public lands, it is important to provide an acknowledgement that this is stolen land. The workshop was run by Laura Maracle, Indigenous Cultural Safety Coordinator at the Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre in Student Affairs, and Dale Bennett, an Indigenous student from Tyendinaga Territory, who is attending the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) at Queen’s Faculty of Education. The Lenape lived in the area that is now known as New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, southeastern New York State, northern Delaware and a small section of southeastern Connecticut.

For some, an Indigenous Land or Territorial Acknowledgemen “Acknowledgments are a tiny snippet that links us back to a much longer history,” said McRae. The Guide to Indigenous Land and Territorial Acknowledgements for Cultural Institutions is a comprehensive guide for institutions such as museums, archives, libraries, and universities to recognize and respect Indigenous homelands, inherent sovereignty, and survivance.

Land acknowledgments are a way for companies and individuals to identify to wrongdoing, build new relationships with Native communities, and push for change in how we interact with the land going forward. Land acknowledgements do not exist in a past tense, or historical context: colonialism is a current ongoing process, and we need to build our mindfulness of our present participation.” Northwestern University “When we talk about land, land is part of who we are.

Having them lead the conversation about their history, customs and legacy gave everyone in attendance necessary background about what we should be thinking about and some knowledge of the resources available to help us actualize our ideas. People engaged in the outdoor industry typically enjoy being in nature, and for the most part have a strong connection to the land. It is important to us that we continue the Ute tradition of stewardship of this land and as you travel around and work these trails, you’ll see their names, Tabeuache, Weminuche, and hear their words, Saguache. In their own words – they have always been here and will always be here.

A Short History of the Saratoga Park Playground, Reading Against the Grain in the Montauk Club Collection, Supplementing Curriculum with Primary Sources. The narratives of this land and region have long been told from one dominant perspective, without fully recognizing the people who lived here before colonization, and still live here today. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Why We Display a Black Lives Matter Banner.

The main narrative of this area has been that of the dominant voice, without the recognition of the people who lived here before colonization and their descendants, many of whom still live here today. The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture created “Honor Native Land: A Guide and Call to Acknowledgment,” a comprehensive resource offering the many ways you can acknowledge Indigenous people (the Native art in this article is courtesy of the organization). The application is a collaboration between Code for Anchorage and the Anchorage i-team, a Write a statement recognizing the people(s) you’ve identified. and we'll send you the Native land you're living, working, or recreating on. We strive to continue the legacy that our ancestors left to us: living in healthy relationship with the land, water, air, and all the inhabitants of these ecosystems. The Navajo or Diné people also recognize Hesperus Peak – the tallest in the La Plata Mountain Range -as one of their four Sacred Mountains called Dibé Nitsaa, which translates as Big Sheep. Richardson Hall, Suite 112 Typically, the acknowledgment is given at the outset of a speech, presentation, meeting, gathering, or ceremony. celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day.

Having representatives from the Lenape helped all in attendance with brainstorming sessions to formulate ideas. This was quite a privilege for me to witness, the oral recitation of family ties that takes genealogists time and effort to compile.

Hill Research Forest. Historians describe the period of European contact as the Lenape Confederacy, a loosely organized but wide ranging entity. There was also a lot of conversation about environmentalism and finding ways to incorporate the symbiotic relationship first peoples had with the land into discussions on climate change. If a tribe is now in a different state, it would still be valuable to reach out and have a conversation, perhaps learning why they’re no longer there. The Shakori were closely allied with other nearby small tribes such as the Eno when the English colonized this area in the 17th century. In our organization-wide efforts to create a more inclusive culture, it is imperative that we establish a shared practice for acknowledgement of the land as an initial step toward reconciling our complex history of national public lands. In the outdoor industry, it’s especially important to pay respect to the land and the Indigenous who are part and parcel of it. A Living Land Acknowledgment is a statement that recognizes the indigenous peoples who have been dispossessed from the homelands and territories upon which an institution was built and currently occupies and operates in. The Upstander Project acknowledges the sacred land where we work, live, make films, teach, learn, and build community, which has been a site of human activity for 13,000 years. who ask that people use the data carefully because confirmation by nations is pending and they are updating data weekly. It’s a mixture of our blood, our past, our current, and our future. All BPL locations will be closed for Veterans Day on Wednesday, November 11. Goals of a Land Acknowledgement statement: Some helpful resources about traditional lands can be found in a PDF here. More sessions are being planned throughout the summer to continue these meaningful conversations. Thank you for your respect in acknowledging this important history. If you’re writing one simply to appear politically correct, reconsider.

We don’t believe we’re racist—we have Black colleagues and friends, we show up and protest, we signed the Outdoor CEO Diversity more, On Aug. 1, Indigenous Women Hike Founder Jolie Varela and a dozen other indigenous women will take their first steps on the 210-mile-long Nuumu Poyo, more widely known as the John Muir Trail in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas.

Land Acknowledgement is an SMS and Facebook Messenger bot leveraging data from Canadian not-for-profit, Native Land, “By giving participants the space to develop their own land acknowledgements, they are able to see themselves in this process and work towards right relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.”. The Shakori were a Siouan people, a language group shared with several tribes, some of the most well-known living in the Great Plains. On October 7th, I attended a convening of Brooklyn based cultural institutions, hosted by Brooklyn Museum in partnership with the Lenape Center.

These days, land or territory acknowledgments are increasingly common, often made at the outset of public gatherings. It was a 2-day workshop to discuss Living Land Acknowledgements and develop ongoing collaborative projects between Lenape-Delaware Nations and cultural institutions in Brooklyn. We’re all on stolen land, whether we care to admit it or not. I more, Naomi Blackman and Mikayla Wujec, the 31-year-old co-founders of Alder Apparel, have been friends since childhood. The statement recognizes the long history of Native peoples and nations that lived and stewarded the land where the university now resides. The two-hour workshop also gave participants the opportunity to create their own personalized land acknowledgments and practice in a safe setting.

Any campaign to protect public lands or nature should involve Indigenous people at every level and should never try to speak for Indigenous people, rather providing a platform where they can speak for themselves. In the United States the practice has not yet become widespread. Before founding the Toronto-based women’s outdoor clothing company, Blackmen spent a decade working in marketing, including at the retail chain Joe Fresh. Additionally, Hesperus Peak, the tallest peak in the La Plata Mountain range, is one of the four sacred mountains of the Navajo, or Diné, People. As we work to preserve and protect the land, we feel that it is crucial to recognize this history in order to create an honest, open, inclusive culture.

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