Can I get some of the same information from the CEFL-5 that I can get from the CASL? My complaint with the CASL is that it feels pretty dated. I found that both students scored in the Borderline/Marginal/At-risk range on all of the CELF5 composites but in the Average range for all CASL2 Indexes. Do you know of any language tests that are psychometrically strong?

CASL-2 TIPS u Make sure you have your CASL-2 bound instructional book BEFORE you start assessing u Double Meaning Subtest:clients DO NOT look at powerpoint u Synonyms Subtest:doesn't always print clearly u Expressive Vocab Subtest:typically ONE WORD responses only u Meaning from Context: Know how to pronounce the words u e.g.

Both provide access to a CASL-2 Manual Supplement with updated scores. Some kids are starting to come back and some, Got some happy mail!

The CASL-2 doesn’t have a following directions subtest but the CELF-5 does.

I mentioned a post about levels of cueing....well, here it is! CELF Preschool-2 , while child-friendly, has more structured tasks and provides fewer cues and supports. Well I am breaking down some factors of both to see in the end if one does reign supreme! One of the biggies is working memory. *I used the 3-21 form of the CASL-2 and am comparing it to the CELF-5, 5-8 and 9-21 forms. I would use something with better reliability and validity - especially diagnostic accuracy. Join /r/SLPGradSchool for pre-graduate school and graduate school related discussion, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I have just started giving the CASL in lieu of the CELF some, too. With the CELF-5, you could just give the core and get a good ‘snapshot’ of the child’s skills in my opinion because of the all the information compiled in those subtest that you can use to deduce other skills. I have found that the Grammaticality Judgment Subtest seems to yield much lower standard scores than the other subtests which leads me to question standardization methods. The CELF-5 also makes scoring easy. I do feel you need to give a lot of the subtests on the CASL to get a good, thorough picture of the student, not just their core subtests. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My feelings towards the test have dampened a little over time as I've come to realize how much of an emphasis it places on syntax. The CASL-2 uses a basal and ceiling rule. This post is inspired by all of the re-evaluations I have to do this year and the ones I have already gotten done. There are many moments throughout the week when I think that pronouns are one of the least fun things to teach. I have just started giving the CASL in lieu of the CELF some, too. Those subtests show up in other composites as well, which means that if the kid has a working memory problem, they're going to tank the CELF.

Right, I feel like one under-diagnoses and the other over-diagnoses.

I’ve had kids score average on the CASL and then I’m super surprised to find out the kids are actually like, failing multiple school subjects. Sometimes, all you need is a rubber band.... “Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”... A blast from grad school past..Language Acquisitio... My thoughts on....the CASL versus the CELF-4. Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals 2nd Preschool edition-CELF- Preschool 2 UK.

The CASL-2 yields additional information relative to high order language skills. Post a Response Your ScreenName: Subject: Message: Notify me by email of all message replies. Scoring is easy though, basically the same as for the CELF-5. I liked how the CASL also has subtests to look at abstract areas like nonliteral language, ambiguous sentences, pragmatic judgement, idiomatic language, and inferencing.

The CASL-2, by far, gave me more information than the CELF-5. CASL is my first choice. I realise this blog is not about the OWLSII however I was wondering if anyone has experience with this language assessment and how it rates compared to the above mentioned 2.

I usually give them "brain breaks" to help ease some of the tension. Those subtests show up in other composites as well, which means that if the kid has a working memory problem, they're going to tank the CELF. Otherwise, the CASL-2 is quite thorough. I posted about language tests a while back and someone said the CELF-5 is not a valid test.

It covers syntax, following directions, retell, and pragmatics to hit the high points. (I have to borrow everything else from the other SLPs).

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