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It is sad to say, but the 2011-2019 Chevy Cruze has more problems than what is just in this article.

Also, other people reported and documented this unexplainable problem: When they hit the brakes the dashboard goes wild and the radio shuts off, when they start to accelerate again, the dashboard goes back to normal and the radio comes back on. These problems with the Chevy Cruze have left a lot of dealerships with headaches because the car seems to run fine at the dealership – it throws no codes, and has no check engine light on. Often enough, there won’t be any noticeable signs of a bad oxygen sensor. Or, it may exhibit none at all. This bypass valve gets tired over time and stops closing all the way. When an O2 (oxygen) sensor go bad, it’ll cause your Chevy Cruze‘s engine to run less efficiently. of torque applied when putting the plug back in. Now what happens is the screen becomes plugged with junk and engine oil never reaches the sensor. This fuel can hurt the catalytic converter.

Leaks are also a problem in the cooling system of the Chevy Cruze as much as they are for a lot of other systems the car seems to have problems with. Not all leaks will cause the smell of antifreeze in your cabin, but some of the places you might want to check are the water pump, thermostat, heater core, or you can just follow the green fluid to its leaking destination. All Rights Reserved. When this happens two problems emerge: When you hit the throttle air will seep out of the open valve causing you to lose power and also it will let dirt and air contaminants in. If your vehicle is not under warranty, you might not be able to find someone to fix it for you. This can happen on the gasoline-driven six-speed automatic transmission option as well, but the diesel 9-speed automatic seems to have the problem sooner in the car's life and more often. One week later, the ABS appeared again. Your biggest problem is finding out where the leak is and whether it’s going to be a quick fix or an expensive one.

Like all of this in 30 seconds. Stalls can happen at any time, and it can be incredibly jarring when it does happen. The worst complaints are engine, accessories - interior, and clutch problems.

5 Big Problems You Might Face. Chevrolet Cruze 2009 Auto sedan 9000 miles, Hey has anyone else had the issue of the cam shaft playing up? Although all cars are going to have their general problems, the Chevy Cruze’s problems have been known to come about often and in bunches even with low mileage and regularly scheduled maintenance keep up. Antifreeze leaking in the Chevy Cruze is usually going to be coming from the water pump.

Between the first-generation (2011-2015) and the second-generation (2016-2019), the 2011-2015 Chevy Cruze problems seem to be more troubling. When scanned, the same failure is indicated, so it the left sensor was replaced again and that same day the ABS indicator turned on. Regardless of the problem, if you are not under warranty and you’re experiencing hard, soft or slow shifts, high revving with no acceleration, or the trans is just not working correctly period, the transmission repair will cost you a pretty penny and probably quite a few days at the dealership.

Just make sure it is the same size tread, putting a different tread pattern in will end up stripping the oil pan treads and then you'll be in real big trouble. Chevy Cruze Electrical Problems: Yes, among all of the other problems this vehicle could possibly have, electrical problems seem to be a big complaint as well.

Although these sensor problems are more inclined to happen to the diesel version, they also happen to the Chevy Cruze gasoline engines as well. There could also potentially be raw fuel that enters the exhaust. Most of the time, the check engine light will come on. If you’re looking for a used vehicle, I would stay away from the first-generation Chevy Cruze (2011-2015). These Chevy Cruze problems are the result of cutting corners by the designers and engineers. Chevy Cruze Engine Problems: Engine problems account for roughly 51% of the Chevy Cruze problems and customer complaints. There have also been plenty of complaints of the Cruze stalling out when leaving from a traffic light or stopping for one, leaving people stranded with a car that doesn’t start in the middle of traffic. I believe it is a sensor's failure but have no idea where it is located.

One of the most common symptoms that an oxygen sensor has gone bad is exhaust that does not smell good. A PCV valve is cheap and easy to replace so there is not much of a worry here unless the PCV valve keeps going bad, then you might have a bigger problem, and they are known to go bad often in the Chevy Cruzes. If you wanted to you could make a full-time hobby out of chasing down leaks in your Chevy Cruze. A common problem that will set off your engine light is a Chevy Cruze valve cover problem. Many people have complained about the dashboard showing problems that don’t exist and when they do have problems nothing shows up on the dashboard. Using your blinkers, power windows, your heat/air, power seats can all set off a sequence that would make you think that your car was invaded by aliens. As a rule, the upstream sensor is more important for engine timing and air/fuel ratios. © 2019 Cash Cars Buyer. This process makes the engine’s emissions more effective and cleaner. Chevy Cruze Cooling System Problems: Unfortunately, all 2011-2019 Chevy Cruze problems all seem to have the same coolant problems in common, the water pump and cool fan. Good luck diagnosing your Cruze! And for the second-generation Cruze, you might get lucky and find one that doesn’t give you problems, after problems, after problems. Another Chevy Cruze common problem that is complained about often is the smell of antifreeze in the cabin (interior).

The trouble codes associated with the OBDII scan will reveal which sensor is at fault and why it is bad (at least what the computer thinks is wrong). The smell is often described as “rotten eggs” or sulfuric. Usually, this is just an assembly rebuild with new gaskets and a new Evap Purge Valve. Does anyone have any idea what might be happening? Chevy Cruze Oil Drain Plug Problems: This may seem like something that is very small and could not cause a big problem, but it has.

You can always come up with a different drain plug that is more efficient and stronger. Without being able to optimize the air fuel ratio, combustion isn’t as efficient, and fuel mileage suffers. You should never wash your car with pressurized water as they are too delicated and have many sensors and electrical complex gadgets. Another problem that has Cruze driver’s not only annoyed with their sedan but also scared: When they come to a complete stop, with no warning at all the whole car and electrical system shuts down. Often enough, the only sign of the problem at all is the service engine soon light being on. There have been more than just a few complaints and recalls on these car models. You don’t need the extra pressurized air from the turbo when you are trying to slow down or stop.

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