Click to browse available Cocker Spaniel puppies. It has feathering on its legs and belly. The Pledge is binding, and includes requirements for standards of care, facility maintenance and cleanliness, legal compliance, breeder experience, customer service, and much more. We offers a comprehensive range of puppies and adult cocker spaniels for sale. To a dog lover like Mary, nothing makes her smile more than uniting another fluffy bundle of joy. The well-balanced body is sturdy and solid, and these quick, durable gundogs move with a smooth, easy gait. You won’t find any puppy mills or backyard breeders here!

A puppy mill might offer a “cheap” way to buy a dog for some families, but buying a mill dog can carry far greater costs. Cocker Spaniels are people-pleasers, and the breed is famous for their agreeable and affectionate attitude. The English Cocker Spaniel is always eager to please their owners or pet parents. The name "cocker" derives from especial proficiency on woodcock, according to breed authorities., In 1878, the Cocker Spaniel was one of the first 9 breeds registered by the American Kennel Club and recognized once the club was founded in 1884. They were bred to hunt for wood cock.

It is key to learn grooming procedures yourself and/or enlist the services of a professional groomer who likes and is experienced in grooming the breed.

The docked tail is set on and carried on a line with the topline of the back, or slightly higher; never straight up like a Terrier and never so low as to indicate timidity. Just ensure that the ears do not have any dirt in them.

You will not be able to ignore the floppy ears for this breed, the coy eyes and the lustrous coat makes them fun to keep in.

They want to be “good” in order to please their people, and they are generally sensitive and responsive to correction and a disapproving tone in their owner’s voice.

In looking back we have had Cocker Spaniels in our lives now for over 60 years.

Joe made the purchasing process seamless.

During bathing, check the Cocker’s skin for any inflamed spots and get treatment. Hi Matey we are open every day at 9:00 am til 9:00 pm  Call us 417-576-5241. Loose hair should be carefully removed with the comb, making sure you are clear and can see through to the skin everywhere. He is a dog capable of considerable speed, combined with great endurance. The Cocker was the AKC’s most popular breed of the decade. Breeders Of Merit are denoted by these rankings in descending order: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Standard.

The stifle is strong and there is no slippage of it in motion or when standing. The English Cocker Spaniels have large brown or hazel eyes which look friendly. There adorable ears are long and set low, it hangs close to their head and is covered with long, fine straight or slightly wavy hair. Could you offer a 'forever home' to an animal who desperately needs it?

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