Just notice you forgot the conversion in the aquarium size : 12″/12cm. Adult size is roughly around 4" or so. Also known as the Bronze Puffer or Golden Puffer. They are one of the few fish that can actually blink or close their eyes, which only serves to add further charm to what is already a fish with bags of character. In the wild, they mainly inhabit clear water areas with moderate to low current and will do best in an aquarium with similar conditions. They wait in this position for potential prey items to swim overhead, and then dart upwards, using their sharp beak to tear into their prey (which can include much larger fish). This will allow the fish to exhibit its natural behaviour (see below).

Although they will likely migrate out to the Indian Ocean as they grow, juveniles may remain in brackish conditions for extended periods. They also have beak-like mouthparts, which are formed by a fusing of 2 teeth from each jaw (hence Tetraodon). They're almost considered the little sibling of the popular Mbu Puffer. Plants can also be used if you wish. An online tropical fish store shipping across Canada, featuring over 700 species of fish for sale. When young, they are often found in pure freshwater but migrate to brackish or full marine waters as they reach adulthood. This is the same poison found in the notorious blue-ringed octopus. This is a freshwater puffer and does not require the addition of salt to its tank. As with many puffer species, they can be aggressive towards tankmates so larger, fast-moving fish are the safest option but even then should be added with caution. This will allow the fish to exhibit its natural behaviour (see below). Our little juvenile Mbu Puffers! Intelligent, personable, but also extremely aggressive, this fish is a unique display animal and has a well-deserved following among keepers of large, predatory fish. Aquarium Plants, Humpback / Dragon Puffer (Pao palembangensis), Spotted Congo Puffer (Tetraodon schoutedeni), Orange Saddle Fugu Puffer (Takifugu ocellatus), Dwarf Pea Puffer (Carinotetraodon travancoricus), Orange Congo Puffer (Tetraodon miurus ‘orange’), Brackish Immaculatus Puffer (Arothron immaculatus), Brackish Stars and Stripes Puffer (Arothron hispidus). This is a freshwater puffer and does not require the addition of salt to its tank. Provide additional cover in the form of smooth rocks (interestingly the puffer will often attempt to mimic these), and driftwood pieces. 'Tetraodon abei'

Pufferfish for Sale This page lists the species of Puffer Fish for sale at our online Tropical Fish Store. If you’re not keen on the idea of the fish being a “solo act” I’d definitely tell you to reconsider! Look on the following sites: https://thecichlidshack.com. Most Congo Puffers are a tan or beige, but a rarer reddish-orange variant also exists and is sometimes available in the trade. A true freshwater puffer found in parts of Southeast Asia, the Greenbottle Puffer is a unique, fast-moving species which is often found in groups in the wild. San Diego, CA 92111, © 2020 Pet Zone Tropical Fish - San Diego, California. They are enthusiastic eaters and will learn to beg for food at the front of the tank quickly – the best food items for Mbu are protein-rich frozen feeds like clam, squid, etc. These fish were collected in mangrove swamp habitat in Negombo Lagoon, Sri Lanka, where salinity ranges from 10 – 18ppt. Its eyes are located on the top of it’s head, and its mouth is upturned to assist in attacking prey items from below. The Congo Tetra has a very beautiful shimmer that wil…, Red Spotted Puffer - Pao Abei  A hardy, active, and outgoing species, they will do well with similarly sized fast moving tankmates like Scats, Monos, or Chromides. A predatory species, it uses its sharp beak to feed on crustaceans and bivalves in the wild. This species can be kept in a  group of 5 or more fish, although they should be fed heavily and given plenty of cover to avoid aggression. In the aquarium, they are one of the few puffer species which will thrive in groups, and they are generally safe with similarly-sized, fast moving tankmates. T. miurus is a real oddball and is not recommended to the general aquarist, due to its nasty disposition. A colorful and unique freshwater puffer found throughout Southeast Asia, the Dragon or Humpback Puffer is an ambush predator, spending much of its time laying in wait on the substrate for unsuspecting prey to pass in front of them. This species can be kept in  groups, although they should be fed heavily and given plenty of cover to avoid aggression.

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