Best birthday messages for someone who is far away A parent’s job is to critique, judge and motivate. You are a very special granddaughter who has always taken my breath away.

—Edward H. Dreschnack. keep us updating with these beautiful birthday quotes. The, – “I want to congratulate you on your grandchild’s birth. I can’t explain the pure feeling of joy that embraces you when your grandchild looks at you and smiles for the first time. Pressure surrounds you and your growing family.

How lucky she is to have you. Being a grandparent will make you complete. Thankfully, we have the technology to do Facetime and video calls. If you know any expectant or recent grandparents, they might be tickled by a card.

The lessons you taught [him/her] will be the lessons that [he/she] passes on to your grandchild. 18. Enjoy every second you can as [he/she] grows and develops. Dear grandparents, I send my heartiest congratulations on the birth of your grandchild.

The pink nursery is filled with moonlight, as the bear and giraffe oversee the crib. What an amazing gift you have been given with the birth of your grandchild. . We love you. God makes precious miracles. 17.

A grandma has the time to listen intently and gives the best hugs. We heard your news and want to offer our most heartfelt congratulations on the birth of your [grandson/granddaughter]. "Congratulations on your new grandbaby" is the hand lettered wording on this congratulations card for the new Grandparents or Grandparent of a new baby Granddaughter. Every new grandchild brings happiness.” It is because they get happiness with new addition to the family making it larger and also with the birth of an heir of the family.

Congratulations. Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter! We heard your news and want to offer our most heartfelt congratulations on the birth of your [grandson/granddaughter].

As they get older, you will become a role model and a safe, loving person who is always on their side. To sweet grandparents, congratulation wishes on the birth of the granddaughter. Enjoy sharing the journey with your grandchild. New life, new beginnings and new love! I would love having you as my grandparents. A grandchild is a great reason to be happy.”

You may change the inside text of this card.

A first great granddaughter is a sweet and special treasure! Romantic birthday wishes for my boyfriend She is snuggled under a pink blanket and tiny flowers float around her. Your support will be immensely helpful as the parents adjust and realize that parenthood can be challenging. Your grandchild has just been born. A tiny finger wrapped around your thumb, the gift of a Granddaughter . Have the time of your life! That's why we use cookies to enhance your experience. A congratulations greeting for a new Granddaughter. This will be like being parents again; it will be like feeling the joy of having someone with our blood living in this world again. The chubby little brown bears twirl and dance, beneath their own colorful balloon of either lavender, yellow, pink and mint green. 3. We heard of the safe and healthy arrival of your baby [grandson/granddaughter]. Birthday messages for friends Congratulations on the sweetest, most precious addition to our excellent line. Congratulations on your new granddaughter/grandson! I hope you soak up every moment and enjoy watching not only the growth of your grandchild, but the growth of your [son/daughter] as [he/she] gets used to being a [father/mother]. Being a grandparent is definitely a promotion from being a parent. Congratulations on your first baby! You are going to be a great help to them, and I know they will need you! Now that your grandchild is coming, make a bigger effort and use you experience to educate them.” When you raise your own children, life goes by quickly and time moves fast. Grandmothers open the doors to the future.” Helen Ketchum, “Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day, and now the day was complete.” Marcy DeMaree. Your highest calling as a grandma is to be patient, kind, and love your new little one like there is no tomorrow. Now that you are a grandma, your [daughter/daughter-in-law] is very lucky to have a confidant in you to listen to her and pick her up when she feels low.

Women like you are the rarest flower in bloom.

You rose up your child with values and love. Congratulations, grandma! Original digital art by Cherie - Cherie's Art Card Store ©2005 – 2011. To lovely grandparents, congratulations on the birth of the grandson. You are now a grandma – a momentous occasion! Tiny clothes, chubby cheeks, the way a new baby snuggles into your chest when you hold them – just some of the incredible things you can look forward to. By staying on our website you agree to our use of cookies . There are so many amazing things that will happen in the coming months like a first smile or word, and their first steps. Best birthday messages for someone who is far away

A background is swirls and various colors of green and teal highlights a swaddled baby hanging from a star. There’s nothing like that new baby smell!

8. 13. You rose up your child with values and love. She will love this darling card, as it arrives to congratulate her and to welcome the new baby boy. Use these general tips for a great baby congratulations: A new child can be almost as exciting for grandparents as it is for parents. Artist: Simply Put by Robin Artist Notes: "It's a Girl", "Welcome to the World" congratulations card to grandparents on the birth of a granddaughter. We’re so happy for you. Enjoy meeting your new arrival and sharing many years of treasured moments with your grandchild. Are searching for new baby best wishes & quotes ? Congratulations on the new little ray of sunshine that has found its way into your hearts. Download best birthday messages


In this article you will find some greetings for the birth or a grandchild. A grandparent’s job is to pamper, spoil and cuddle. Your first daughter is a beautiful extension of you. They are holding a pacifier and a rattle, as they huddle together among the toys. Your gentle ways will help them grow in confidence as parents. 2). Jun 7, 2017 - "Congratulations on the birth of your Granddaughter!"

A sweet, new little miracle has arrived. I know you always wanted to hold your child’s baby in your arms. We are much happy with the news and expect lovely gifts from your side to all. Or "Double your worries, double your fun!". While the parents are fumbling around trying to figure things out, your parenting tips are going to be just what the doctor ordered. You grandparents will have an important role in their lives. What a beautiful part of life to be able to spend time with a [grandson/granddaughter]. This darling card has a toy chest, with a heart and square motif quilt, filled with a brown teddy bear and his friend, a floppy eared white bunny.

Congratulations. 37. I hope you take a ton of pictures to look at with your grandchild when [he/she] is older. I know your relationship with your [grandson/granddaughter], [daughter/daughter-in-law], and [son-in-law/son] will thrive as you provide the support the parents will so desperately need. 12. Wow, you hit the baby jackpot and became a grandma! —Author Unknown, "Just about the time a woman thinks her work is done, she becomes a grandmother." I can think of no one better than you to offer support, kindness, and lots of hugs as you help the parents adapt to the greatest mission of their lives. We were so excited to hear that you have become a grandmother! I hope you get the chance to take lots of pictures and videos to capture each precious second as time flies by. Category : New baby congratulations wishes, – “I know you are very happy on such a special day. Heartfelt warm wishes to you on becoming a grandmother. This will be like being parents again; it will be like feeling the joy of having someone with our blood living in this world again. The arrival of a baby brings indescribable joy to a family. Sending you all my love and warm wishes in this transformational time for your family. 50. We've all been blessed with your sweet new little baby.". Congratulations (NAME)! Becoming a grandmother is an impressive milestone. Romantic birthday wishes for my boyfriend What a Blessing you have brought into our lives! These are some common and famous quotes about grandparents or grandchildren that can spice up your message and take it beyond a simple congratulations: These are original sayings and clever phrases to write in a card to a grandparent: Nice Birthday Wishes For Granddaughter thanks for sharing with us. Grandparenthood changes the way we look at life. Always a mother and now a grandma – how truly special this time of your life is. A grandma’s love is such a beautiful thing, and the bond between a grandmother and a [grandson/granddaughter] is closer than any other. Congratulations! Greeting Card Universe Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter! You all must be walking on clouds now that this sweet little baby has come into your lives. Your first great grandchild is extra special! Romantic birthday letter for my girlfriend

14. Happy Sharad Purnima Messages A grandma celebrates every achievement and overlooks any mistake. 28. Wishing you every happiness. Every second is more exciting than the last, and I hope that you can enjoy each moment as it quickly passes. Karwa Chauth Whatsapp Status A new baby is a momentous occasion, but not without its challenges, as you well know. What joyous news this is. – “Perhaps you feel your lives are routine now, but from the moment your grandchild arrives there will be quiet no more; instead you will be double as happy. You must be so excited about the new little person in your life. Mostly, you’ll just become nicer than you were as a parent.

May every moment be a memory maker. That's why we use cookies to enhance your experience. You will be the best grandmother ever. 19. I know that is another reason for you to get up early every morning. You are going to have so much fun!

To congratulate Grandparents or Grandparent on the birth of their Granddaughter, this cute Baby Girl card is soft and sweet. Isn’t it fantastic that, unlike parenthood, you have the luxury of giving them your undivided attention? The inside wording is "Congratulations!". Barbara from Stepping past clutter on November 25, 2013: Blake, as a new grandmama, I couldn't pass up this hub! You will be the most adored grandma. Your grandchild … You will forever be grateful for the time you get to babysit them, and so will the parents so they can run errands or keep that spark alive in their marriage!

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