CSGOConsole Home Commands View all commands » ... # Mute chat and radio bind. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We assume (untested) that the account number is the 3 ID of the caster without the STEAM_0:1 part of the ID. Set to 0 to disable your microphone. "hotkey" "1" "cmd" "takingfire" In Condition Zero, Tour of Duty missions, the bots have been modified according to the given teamwork. With that entered, the game will start displaying your framerate. }.

This command mutes the user with the specified ID.

In older games, bots may follow the "You take the point" command, the effect is similar to "Storm the front! "timeout" "5" "title" "#SFUI_ReportRadio" Use the links below to quickly jump to the help you need: The voice_enable command allows you to very easily toggle whether or not voice communications are enabled. } I'll sure use it :) Thank you. Set to 1 to hear your microphone output be played through your speakers. This command, if enabled (1), will mute communication from all enemy players. In CSGO,you can see that the radio command panel are not include some old radio commands,like "Taking Fire, Need Assistanc" and "Get out of there, it's gonna blow!" Privacy Contact Cookie & Privacy Settings, cl_mute_all_but_friends_and_party Command, voice_positional_seconds_after_death Command. They normally follow the player's command. Default is disabled (0). This command sets the amount of seconds that players will have positional voices for after death - i.e. "hotkey" "6" } If there are other roles for the command value, we specify this in the list.

Set to 0 to disable positional voices (normal voice chat).

This command, if enabled (1), will mute communication from all players that aren't your friend on Steam, or in your party. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. "cmd" "report" a player can speak from their dead body for this amount of seconds after being killed/dying. Time for an awp to pistol to melee to awp switch when I press z1. "label" "#SFUI_Radio_Negative" Sometimes when you play CS:GO, another team player may be spamming radio messages making it hard to hear the enemy coming. Our CS:GO best radar settings guide contains a list of console commands to get the most useful radar in the game. } "inposition"

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes, https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/Radio_Commands?oldid=153882. { This command makes you perform the "Sector clear!" Simply specify a number between 0 and 1 after the command to specify how quiet or loud voices should be in relation to other sounds. Displays the text chat and voice message "get out of there, it's gonna blow". Radio commands in CS:GO are a preset of commands that can be used in-game to notify the team with tactical information.

The player # of the user you wish to mute, find player numbers by typing "voice_show_mute" (without quotes) into the console. You can not get a VAC ban for using CS:GO radio commands. } } Remember, "1" toggles the FPS meter on and "0" toggles it off. "hotkey" "3" "cmd" "go" 0.5 would be 50% volume. { Displays commands for faster use on the left side of your screen.


A number between 0 and 1 to represent the scale of the caster's voice. Here’s how to spin in CS:GO with a bind or a command.

"label" "#SFUI_Radio_Take_Point"

This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines.

Cheering. Displays the text chat and voice message"thanks". Like in code, when player will write TEST_COMMAND, he will hear PICKUP SOUND from CS:GO (ofc.

"label" "#SFUI_Radio_Regroup"

The three default CS:GO radio commands are seperated into standard, report and command. mp_autoteambalance <0-1> Enables blood thickening on or off.

"hotkey" "3"

"hotkey" "7" 0 would be muted, 1 would be loudest, 0.2 would be 20% volume. Total CS:GO is not affiliated with Valve Corporation, or Counter-Strike. "Commands" But those radio commands is still in the game,Valve just didn't add them into the radio command panel. "label" "#SFUI_Radio_Reporting_Int" } You can use radio commands on all official Valve servers and on the following game modes: To add the hidden radio commands to the default CS:GO radio menus, follow these steps: If you don’t want to see CS:GO radio commands, for example because team mates are spamming or annyoing, then use the following console command: ignorerad. The file you will be needing to edit is here: Thanks for this man. We have divided all the CS:GO commands into logical groups for your convenience.

Set to 0 to disable. This command, if enabled (1), will record microphone data and voice data to the files 'voice_micdata.wav' and 'voice_decompressed.wav'. "thanks" Bind "toggle potato 1 2 4 8 999999" to toggle variable "potato" between 1,2,4,8 and 999999 pants [author] Apr 12, 2015 @ 5:43pm

} { Check the examples for a bind to toggle between transmitting voice and not doing so. in chat. "getout" "cmd" "followme" { { } This command would set voice volumes to max: voice_scale 1 Copy. Set to 1 to enable (default).

"hotkey" "2"


All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Copy the new code into your “radiopanel.txt” text file: Your new CS:GO radio box menus will look like this. Displays the text chat and voice message "regroup". "hotkey" "5" Set to 1 to use default operating system microphone (default, recommended setting).

© Valve Corporation. "sticktog"

on CSGO server) Thanks in advance Last edited by Austinbots; 07-31-2015 at 01:45 . 1 = On. "hotkey" "2" }

radio command in voice and team chat.

"cmd" "cheer" "go" "hotkey" "1" In addition, many actions, such as throwing a grenade, will cause an automatic radio response, announcing the action to the player's team.

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