Please refresh the page and try again. TJ deals with it. “Whoa, dude, he doesn’t have anything,” I call out in chat. I’m caught off guard when three zombies catch up to me outside another apartment building that’s connected to a shop. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors?

Axe guy breaches a fence into a fire station.

Visit our corporate site. Welcome to the DayZ Standalone! A few hundred thousand people are already playing the DayZ alpha, and I’m one of them.


Elektro is one of the most lucrative locations in DayZ. The fire stations will spawn military loot which will give the player a good chance of acquiring a high grade weapon early into the game. I "looted" Cherno, Novoselky, Vysota, Vysotovo, Prigorotki, Elektro, Berenzino, Gorka, Polana, Gvodzdno, Krasnostav and the 2 Dubravka towns and mostly found hats, pants, shorts, gloves, lightbulbs, jackets and other useless civilian stuff. He slashes the air a few times.

You cannot drink from the ocean. Don't cook your food near the shoreline, don't cook outside, the smoke plume is a dead giveaway, if you are starving try to do it in the woods. Pages in category "DayZ Standalone Environment" The following 151 pages are in this category, out of 151 total.

Still, I’m on the road. You will receive a verification email shortly. I decide to head west, hoping to reach Balota airfield to loot at least one piece of proper military gear. The name derives from "Electric/Industrial Factory" in Russian. Melee is still tricky in DayZ, at least with the short-handled hammer I have equipped, and I ultimately have to spend a bullet to headshot a zed.

I have a sense of what’s awaiting me in Cherno’s biggest city, but it’ll have to wait until the weekend.

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I’ve seen them demoed on livestreams by the DayZ dev team, and I know that they’re spiraling towers filled with enterable rooms and nooks. I’d forgotten to customize my character using DayZ’s new tool in the main menu, but whatever: I’m in on DayZ launch night without a hitch. “Hey world! Players should avoid loitering around after looting the city because it is a very high traffic area and the chances of dying are high if the player is not careful. He’s better-geared than I am, doubly so when he finds a pistol on the top of a fire station. Elektrozavodsk industrial and residential areas viewed from the south. This page was last modified on 18 January 2014, at 15:43. The color drains out of my screen, and I rush to bandage myself with cloth from a ripped shirt.

Elektrozavodsk industrial viewed from the south-east. I backpedal out of the tight quarters I’m in, and find this guy chasing after me. NY 10036.

Unfortunately, I get a little too stingy about rationing those rounds when a zombie attacks. Phew. My first player encounter is terrifying. Why is he attacking this survivor when he left me alone? Many building types are located in Elektrozavodsk, and it is a source of high activity. The night is oily, and I load a nine-volt into my flashlight, switch it on, point it forward, and wade forward into the dark. I follow. I decided to give DayZ another go because I heard it's left Early Access recently. Their “pristine” condition beats the “ruined” state of my default sneakers, so I swap ‘em. He fires off a round, giggling at both his and my first discovery of a firearm in DayZ. Elektrozavodsk (Cyrillic: ЭЛЕКТРОЗАВОДСК), or "Elektro" for short, is a large coastal city located on the southern coast of Chernarus, east of Chernogorsk. TJ had already found a pen in a house earlier, so he type-writes some text onto the page and leaves it in the church. Environmental features in DayZ SA (DZSA). Immediately, he’s swinging his Paul Bunyan blade at another survivor. LG UltraGear 27GN950 gaming monitor review, Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard (GMMK) review.

I’m only at the edge of Chernogorsk, and it’s already full of surprises.

Then it's a matter of navigating from water pump to water pump until you find a water bottle and mediocre gear to go for.

Sometimes that takes the form of a creepy-masked stranger who’s just willing to walk with you.

I feel immediately more secure, capable. These are new.

My biggest find inside is a map.

Boiled Water Bottles are generally safe. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors.

Elektrozavodsk (Cyrillic: ЭЛЕКТРОЗАВОДСК), or "Elektro" for short, is a large coastal city located on the southern coast of Chernarus, east of Chernogorsk. We stand in the grass.

It’s never happened to me, but… Read More Water At long last! I finally meet a friendly, talkative survivor who introduces himself as TJ. It’s a famously treacherous place, and I’m seeing four or five bodies in the streets in my first five minutes.

The name derives from "Electric/Industrial Factory" in Russian.

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