The song from Twilight starts to play…..and Kunj forwards his hand to Twinkle for couple dance…..Twinkle gives her hand on his….Both of them stands and comes closer to each other and both of them starts to swing romantically….Kunj had placed his hand on Twinkle’s stomach and she kept her hand crossed on Kunj’s hand….Kunj face is on the Twinkle’s shoulder and her eyes are closed…… Heart beats fast…. The episode starts with Kunj is climbing ladder and lands up in the Twinkle’s balcony. This was the best date a one can imagine…. K (In a low voice) – Meri raat ki neend cheen kar madam khud araam se so rahi thi…. Search This Blog. He went near her who was sleeping peacefully on her beautiful and comfortable bed. Both of them were lost in their thoughts or rather say that they were lost in eo….but they were interrupted by waiter….. W – Ma’am…… Both of them come out of their thoughts…..The waiter keeps a small chocolate cake having two love birds on it (Two birds are chataka and ckakor…it is said that they two thrives only on the moon-light…Moon light is supposed to its nectar or amrita…They symbolizes love)…..Twinkle smiles brightly seeing the cake as it symbolizes love….They cut the cake and makes eo eat….. He removes his hand from her mouth….. T – What happen Kunj??? Deewangi Episode 35 Geo Tv Drama - 15th July 2020. I’ll not let anything…. The episode starts with Kunj is climbing ladder and lands up in the Twinkle’s balcony. TASHAN E DEEWANGI TWINJ Hello friends welcome back to Siddhant’s Tashan E World….. T – But Kunj….. K – Do you trust me??? Deewangi Episode 35 aired on 15th Jul 2020. Waiting for you….. Awesome epi…. Why are you over here and at this time??? Deewangi Episode 34 Geo Tv Drama - 8th July 2020. K (Doing Drama) – No…no….nothing at all….. K – Achcha leave all this and get ready….. (Forwarding gift packet to her) T – Kunj are you Ok??? ©2020 by PakistanDrama. Deewangi Episode 35 watch Geo Drama Deewangi only on Geo TV drama Deewangi Episode 35 in HD 15th July 2020, Deewangi by Geo tv telecast on 15th July 2020. Watch Deewangi latest episode online on Geo entertainment. It was amazing.. and, please read my ff.. I’ve started writing today.. it’s called “I Love You”- A Twinj Journey. I hope you enjoyed a lot….. Every breath, Every hour has come to this…… Kunj leaves her one hand and then apart and again he pulls her making her twirl and lands on him. Both of them are again very close to each other….. One step closer…. com Watch Video Online Sabaat Ep T – Aaa… But she could scream further Kunj keeps his hand on her mouth and….. K – Shaant ho jao Jhaansi ki raani (Calm down queen of Jhaansi) T – Mmmmmm K – Oh sorry…. | Last Ep 41 | Best Scene 07 | Har Pal Geo, | Last Ep 41 | Best Scene 06 | Har Pal Geo, | Last Ep 41 | Best Scene 05 | Har Pal Geo, | Last Ep 41 | Best Scene 04 | Har Pal Geo, | Last Ep 41 | Best Scene 03 | Har Pal Geo, | Last Ep 41 | Best Scene 02 | Har Pal Geo, | Last Ep 41 | Best Scene 01 | Har Pal Geo, Last Ep 41 Teaser 19th August 2020 Har Pal Geo, 2nd Last Ep 40 19th August 2020 Har Pal Geo, Ep 40 Teaser 12th August 2020 Har Pal Geo. A thousand years…. T (Teasingly) – Did you said something??? He sits down on the floor and was gazing her when he noticed Twinkle’s hair were playing on her cheeks… Colors and promises…… How do be brave…… How can I love……? I hope today’s episode will bring a big smile on your face….finger crossed as I’m saying such a big word….. Thanku so much shamz….u kno actually i was upset for some reason and i am smiling after two whole days.

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