[citation needed] Thus, "a Chinese person" is used rather than "a Chinese". The following is a list of adjectival forms of cities in English and their demonymic equivalents, which denote the people or the inhabitants of these cities. Notable examples are cheeses, cat breeds, dog breeds, and horse breeds. Note: Many of these adjectivals and demonyms are not used in English as frequently as their counterparts in other languages. Used to identify those bi- or multilingual citizens merely belonging to Brussels. Demonyms ending in -ese are the same in the singular and plural forms. Many demonyms come easy, but many are way tougher to fathom than that. If that’s the case, a Sikh is not from a particular country, per se, as they are someone who follows the religion of Sikhism.

The internet makes it a breeze to figure out demonyms.

In other countries the origins are often disputed.

Note: Demonyms are given in plural forms. Some demonyms may have several meanings.

Allemanni, Helvetii). [2] Demonyms are usually derived from the name of the place (village, city, region, province, state, continent). an Irishman and a Scotswoman). A demonym (/ˈdɛmənɪm/; from Ancient Greek δῆμος, dêmos, "people, tribe" and ὄνυμα, ónuma, "name") or gentilic (from Latin gentilis, "of a clan, or gens")[1] is a word that identifies a group of people (inhabitants, residents, natives) in relation to a particular place. Adjetivos Gentilicios", "What makes a Coventrian ? The French terminations -ois / ais serve as both the singular and plural masculine; adding 'e' (-oise / aise) makes them singular feminine; 'es' (-oises / aises) makes them plural feminine. "-ese" is usually considered proper only as an adjective, or to refer to the entirety. For example, the demonym Macedonians may refer to population of North Macedonia, or more generally to the entire population of the region of Macedonia, a significant portion of which is in Greece. Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email LinkedIn. A bit tough to guess that one, were you not familiar with naming conventions of the Spanish language. [3] Demonyms are used to designate all people (general population) of a particular place, regardless of ethnic, linguistic, religious or other cultural differences that may exist within the population of that place. [4] Often, they are the same as the adjectival form of the place, e.g. A demonym or gentilic (from Latin gentilis, "of a clan, or gens") is a word that identifies a group of people (inhabitants, residents, natives) in relation to a particular place. Many place-name adjectives and many demonyms also refer to various other things, sometimes with and sometimes without one or more additional words. It was subsequently popularized in this sense in 1997 by Dickson in his book Labels for Locals.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_language_regulators Adjectives ending -ish can be used as collective demonyms (e.g. Don't forget about our trail renaming contest", "Massachusetts: General Laws, Section 35", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Demonym&oldid=986970336, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2013, Articles needing examples from December 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 01:45.

Here, we go over demonyms and give you a list of demonyms by country. These demonyms are usually more informal and colloquial. A native of New York City, when he is not traveling, he can find an abundance of cultural influences right in his own city, enough to keep him satisfied until the next country's beckon cannot be ignored any longer.

See note below list. Often used for Italian and French locations. Wow, that makes complete sense, and is actually quite apparent, if you think about it. Mostly they are from Africa and the Pacific, and are not generally known or used outside the country concerned. That being said, it did originate in the Punjab area of the northern Indian subcontinent, where it is still the predominant religion there. © 2010–2020 Dauntless Jaunter & Pardeaplex, Demonym Explanation & List of Demonyms for Different Cities & Countries, Explore • Educate • Experience • Enlighten, Stories: Legends, Mythology, Tales & More, World Countries Demonyms Quiz Intermediate », https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_language_regulators, All About Onyms: Ethnonym, Autonym, Endonym, Toponym & More, Why is New York Called the “Big Apple” Nickname. [9] However, in What Do You Call a Person From...?

Examples include Martian for hypothetical people of Mars (credited to scientist Percival Lowell) or Gondorian for the people of Tolkien's fictional land of Gondor or Atlantean for Plato's island Atlantis. A common practice is to use a city's name as if it were an adjective, as in "Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra", "Melbourne suburbs", etc. As you tell your friends and family about this upcoming trip, you get caught when you start to describe the people of La Paz. The following is a list of adjectival forms of cities in English and their demonymic equivalents, which denote the people or the inhabitants of these cities. Examples include Lilliputians and Brobdingnagians, from the islands of Lilliput and Brobdingnag in the satire Gulliver's Travels.

"Attic" is usually used only in reference to. World Cities Demonyms Quiz Beginner »World Countries Demonyms Quiz Intermediate »World Cities Demonyms Quiz Expert ». The following is a partial list of adjectival forms of place names in English … A demonym is the adjectival word that describes the people of the place in question.

the adjective Czech does not qualify as its -ch is pronounced /k/). Christian Eilers is a travel and career advice writer who constantly loves to learn about the world through traveling, cultural stories, reading, and education. So can those ending in -ch / -tch (e.g. Conversely, some groups of people may be associated with multiple demonyms. The word “paceño” for those from La Paz makes sense, because “La Paz” means (the) peace, and -eño is a common Spanish demonym ending, therefore: paceño is derived from “Paz”. Think you understand these various country demonyms? The term for the people of La Paz, Bolivia, is a Paceño. We believe that traveling to lands, distant or otherwise, can only better a person, particularly when there is a level of immersion into the local people and their cultures, traditions, cuisine, history, and language.

Dauntless Jaunter is a travel website committed to promoting socially-conscious, culturally-aware, educational, and enlightening sort of travel, as well as the importance and lifelong value of such travel. In a few cases, where a linguistic background has been created, non-standard gentilics are formed (or the eponyms back-formed). 12 May 2019 by Christian Eilers 3 min read. [5][6][7] Often, in practice, the demonym for states, provinces or cities is simply the name of the place, treated as an adjective; for instance, Kennewick Man. Egyptian, Japanese, or Greek, though a few exceptions exist, generally for places in Europe; for instance, the adjectival form of Spain is "Spanish", but the demonym is "Spaniards ". For example, word Thai may be used as a demonym, designating any inhabitant of Thailand, while the same word may also be used as an ethnonym, designating members of the Thai people.

While derived from French, these are also official demonyms in English. The ending -men has feminine equivalent -women (e.g. The ending -man has feminine equivalent -woman (e.g. English commonly uses national demonyms such as "Ethiopian" or "Guatemalan", while the usage of local demonyms such as "Chicagoan", "Okie", or "Parisian", is more rare. Here, we go over demonyms and give you a list of demonyms by country. Since names of places, regions and countries (toponyms) are morphologically often related to names of ethnic groups (ethnonyms), various ethnonyms may have similar, but not always identical forms as terms for general population of those places, regions or countries (demonyms). -i is encountered also in Latinate names for the various people that ancient Romans encountered (e.g.

In the United States such informal demonyms frequently become associated with mascots of the intercollegiate sports teams of the state university system.

Wikipedia is a good source; simply go to the city or country of which demonym you are wondering about, and they should have it on the right-hand side, within the shaded info box (if one exists). Backformation from Cypriot, itself based in Greek -ώτης.

For example, a native of the United Kingdom may be called a British person, a Briton or, informally, a Brit. the French, the Dutch) provided they are pronounced with a 'ch' /tʃ/ sound (e.g. The ending -man has feminine equivalent -woman (e.g. The use in demonyms for Francophone locations is motivated by the similar-sounding French suffix -ais(e), which is at least in part a relative (< lat. The term may have been fashioned after demonymic, which the Oxford English Dictionary defines as the name of an Athenian citizen according to the deme to which the citizen belongs, with its first use traced to 1893.[11][12]. Many local demonyms are rarely used and many places, especially smaller towns and cities, lack a commonly used and accepted demonym altogether. Mostly for Middle Eastern and South Asian locales. National Geographic attributes the term "demonym" to Merriam-Webster editor Paul Dickson in a recent work from 1990. In some languages, a demonym may be borrowed from another language as a nickname or descriptive adjective for a group of people: for example, "Québécois(e)" is commonly used in English for a native of Quebec (though "Quebecker" is also available). Where an adjective is a link, the link is to the language or dialect of the same name. The Spanish termination "-o" usually denotes the masculine and is normally changed to feminine by dropping the "-o" and adding "-a".

Fictional aliens refer to the inhabitants of Earth as Earthling (from the diminutive -ling, ultimately from Old English -ing meaning "descendant"), as well as "Terran", "Terrene", "Tellurian", "Earther", "Earthican", "Terrestrial", and "Solarian" (from Sol, the sun).

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