Obama Clones Dispatched for Gulf Clean Up.

We also have image generation, memes, and mini-games! My republican friend and blogvesary is on a “strengthen your immunity system” kick, presumably to stay healthy during COVID long enough to vote for the Trumpocalypse. Original After a long in-depth process, steeped in an esoteric wonkish mysticism, I read my tea leaves, summoned my magic, and tapped into this country’s ever-shifting political scheissgiest for the sole purpose of honing my theories and algorithms to become the very first to endorse the Biden/Harris combo, last May. But it doesn’t change the fact he’s still knee-deep in Foxal matter, oblivious to what’s coming in November. Roblox Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. White House Staffer Leaks The Actual Cognitive Test Administered To The President, Vatican Sets up Special Child Abuse Committee, Gingrich Vows to Campaign on Future Moon Base, Somehow This Captures the Essence of the Midterms. Tweet Tower—The President is pleased to announce the next round of stimulus checks have passed Congress and most Americans are eligible for this phase of the pandemic bailouts.

72 talking about this. It’s not just the president, his entire extended family uses this place like a cheap motel. Sure Trump Is An Impeached Felon, But Can We Add Traitor To His Resume? DenisDaily's Community. He is very popular on Roblox and many users will often replicate his avatar's look, as it is simplistic and easy to copy.

roblox Travel Plans An Uphill Battle For Man Named Zika Ebola, Janet Napolitano Confirmation Hearing for Head of Homeland Security, Zano You Ignorant Slut
(Remember SNL, Kids?). What are we going to do with you folks? While my friend is napping, what the rest of us have learned is twofold: first off, those of a certain tax bracket seem above the law entirely, especially with regard to the tax code. Global currency game with over 10m users, stealing, pets, unique items, and more! Second, there’s also a significant executive cushion that is further protecting our commander and chief from legal consequences. Robloxians claim that Denis has ruined Roblox by bringing lots of kids into the game and overall ruining the community. Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité.

The latest garbage involves Brennan-gate, which is a lousy scandal even by the standard Pizza-gate rating system (PRS). No retraction, apology, or further explanation necessary. And for the few of you who still have insurance, that’s a preexisting condition #MedicalBankruptcy.”, Ranked 35th Best Satire News Site By FeedSpot, The Daily Discord is a proud member of Humorfeed, Hutts Float “Kiddie Carbonite” For When It’s Safe To Go Back To School, Trump Draws Record Crowds In Mordor’s Mt. In October 2017, Denis' Twitter account was suspended for seemingly no reason. So we at HUD are doing our part by extending our moratorium on all real estate removals from the White House until 2028. Talk about a trade hat trick. So we at HUD are doing our part by extending our moratorium on all real estate removals from the White House until 2028. Trump Extends Moratorium On White House Evictions Until 2028, How About We Take A Knee Every Time A Republican Speaks, Republicans Must Defend Their 1st Amendment Right To Lie, Next Stimulus Check Must Be Exchanged For Smaller, Less Suspicious Amounts Or Cashed In At Local Casino. I was in there for about 48-hours, but it felt like 48-years …the shit that guy eats could kill Al Bundy. And amidst that busy schedule, they found the time to dismantle our 1st Amendment. Palin was believed to have cheated herself in a similar manner during her own Vice Presidential debate back in 2008 …with the same person. On October 19, 2017, Denis' Twitter account was deleted for an unknown reason, possibly due to his free Robux site, but was reactivated sometime later. Tweet Tower—In an exclusive interview, a coronavirus spokesvirus sat down with that Two Ferns guy today to discuss his recent stint inside the President. What? Many users assume it was probably because of the Growbux situation but his Twitter account was later restored. Join Server Vote. Caveat emperor? 0 emotes A lot of Roblox developers and YouTubers have called out Denis for advertising his site for money, and for being a sellout. Half the country is against fascism and the rest can’t spell fascism. The cause of death for most was a crushed spirit.

But just how homegrown extremism is this bunch going to get? My friend and blogvesary, the Pokester, is pointing to the liberal attacks on our first amendment and, as usual, ignoring the elephant in the room. Please Add Burisma, Spygate & Unmasking To The List Of ‘Dumb Shit Republicans Say’, During Exclusive Interview Coronavirus Admits To “Wanting To Vacate POTUS Quickly”, Welcome To The US Where The Water’s Brown But Your Neighbors Better Not Be. That’s like intentionally fasting on the lead up to a famine. And, of course, there are some more Sleepy Joe tweets, and who could resist a few Pocahontas quips? Republicans don’t give a damn about free speech; they only want to defend their own bullshit. Barr found no wrongdoing by Obama officials on unmasking, and per the latest Burisma report, courtesy of the republican senate, Hunter Biden’s appointment on the Ukrainian energy company during his father’s veep gig was “awkward” and “problematic,” yet it never influenced policy. My friend is still a little out of the loophole with regard to Trump’s ongoing crime spree, therefore, I must, as duty dictates, return to the trenches in an attempt to enlighten the floundering republican brain. And who gets elected to the backdrop of these populist delusions? MEE6. The website was exclusive to the mobile version of Roblox and was originally created so that users can get free Robux by downloading apps. Fine.

18 members They all owned a YouTube channel called "The Pals" and posted 3 or 4 YouTube videos a week, but the channel has since gone inactive following Corl's removal from The Pals. Daily videos of Roblox games and cat jokes My cartoon show "DENIS & ME" coming November! Maybe the Keystone pipeline can be used for water and oil? Follow your blissful ignorance?

You may not be aware of these conclusions, because Fox News will repeat this crap for years on end before making a smooth transition to the scroller—the moving ticker just underneath the blonde newscaster—for those inconvenient court findings. Could you imagine if Eric and Don Jr. were left to their own devices? We just have to clear it with Trudeau …and Putin. Even more exciting, new Twitter technologies made possible the creation of a Trump Tweet Generator that pieces together a hodgepodge of insults and capitalized words from existing tweets. And Flint, Michigan residents still can’t drink their water, but it’s a buyer’s real estate market now, right? They’re simply not ready. DenisDaily, simply known as Denis, is a Canadian Roblox YouTuber that joined YouTube on March 10, 2016 and Roblox on April 19, 2016. Anyway, eventually I’m like, you know, I think I’m gonna go visit my aunt over in Hope Hicks.

Activity The president believes Hutts Storage, Inc represents “a great way to get the economy going again while keeping those namby-pamby liberals happy.” The Hutts, a shell-less species of giant gastropod, are longtime friends of the Trump family. And maybe some Molson, eh?

DenisDaily community Report. Doom District, Discord Travel Offering Cheap ‘Extended’ Cruises To Wuhan, China, My friend and blogvesary started his own version of Cult 45 over on FB. No, really, if you’re supporting a Trump-redo you’ve obviously sustained a serious head injury and if you fall asleep you could suffer a cerebral hemorrhage. However, it instead would download potentially harmful applications onto any mobile device no matter what brand it came from. We’re thinking of getting a vacation home over there.”. Twitter Green Lights ‘Trump Tweet Generator’ Should President Become Incapacitated By COVID. Do you want to write for the discord? And amidst that busy schedule, they found the time to dismantle our 1st Amendment.

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