That's where hopefully we don't over-commit to the pressure and take more of an approach of letting up and trying to bat down balls or preventing a big run from Mahomes. The suburbs, like anywhere else, are more family oriented and clicky. Is Kansas City a fun place to live? You'll find it hard to meet people if you move to the suburbs. I think our food is legitimately better.

Glad to see them really shine after the huge blow. The music scene here isn't bad, though a lot of bands still pass us over. There's a lot to do and it seems like there's becoming more to do. Much appreciated. On defense we like to keep opposing WRs in front of us, however that goes out the window when Mahomes can scramble and get a throw off like 5 seconds later than any other QB. In Colorado you can't fart without someone on a hiking trail or a mountain tell you they can smell it. Primarily it's high quality job creation. Well, unless you just really hate the weather. Kansas City is in my opinion, a safer city as well despite crime rates. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,,, Just want to get a better idea of what the people are like. Wont happen. People in KC aren't used to having attention when it comes to their city, so we're generally pretty excited to have new people. I know you guys have a couple 1up arcades for adults and we have an UpDown that's about as nice (although not capable of hosting a live band like the one on Colfax). Please check back throughout the week as I’ll update the news/injury report daily. Michael Ojemudia forced a pair of fumbles to go along with seven solo tackles and one pass defensed last week. Again, I'm 34 so want somewhere that caters to the 30 something young professionals crowed. But I’m glad we won. Screen or reverse, we have the speed! What the dating scene is like. The food scene here is very good. etc. Mahomes pushing his right leg pain there to Andy so he can heal faster ... Good move pat. Under Vic Fangio, the Broncos are 4-0 in games in which they force three or more takeaways and 5-2 in games when winning the turnover margin. I'm originally from Omaha and love the Midwest vibe.The people are more down to earth. The Broncos forced three turnovers in their 18-12 victory against New England. You might factor in your drinking habits in terms of where you want to live because this town is a DUI factory. I expect we'll be there in another 5-10 years. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You'll hear a lot about how KC is one of the worst cities in the USA for dating, and while there is some truth to that, it's not as bleak as you might be led to believe. Is there a lot to do? Dealing with Kelce, Hill, or even Hardman is way different because they can actually get open downfield, or take a slant to the house, etc.

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