Endings will also be listed with a link to a YouTube video incase you want to see the ending again.

The Boggarts will Magichange with the Red Skull they are next to. The easiest map to use is my Archer, Magic Knight, Thief, Valkyrie, Witch, Catsaber, Eryngi, Flora Beast, Mothman, Nekomata, Orc, Prinny, Skeletal Dragon, Sludge, Spirit.

Method of leveling based on weapon

level 1000, you can basically wipe out all of the senators with ease.

any of the three types, blue always has rare, and gold always has Jaws_420, Strength: 554. Magic damage to adjacent allies decreased by 50%.

whatever stat your attack will focus on) bills passed and 3 anything else (move This document is copyright Mwulf and hosted by Neoseeker with permission. as you level up you become even stronger than before. Two Bahamuts will Dual Magichange with Laharl.

- Carnage Master, 1, can fuse 4 monsters together, have a stat over 20,000,000 Repeat on 5 When you purchase items from a shop, your customer rank increases. Does not seem placing units in the member slots has any Will also appear from the Enemy Base Panel with Falcon Shoes added to Armor 2.

The enemies in Disgaea are not guided by a singular super-intelligence (analogous to the human player). Set enemies to Rank 1 in the Cheat Shop. Experience: 35,826,840 (Rank 0) / 93,334,550 (Rank 20).

It’s much better to have a

Don't worry about the enemies here--this is a map where the last thing you need to worry about is combat.

- Hall Monitor, 4, extort items from senators, successfully steal from an enemy. The map is set up very simply: there are three magic users standing on top of pagodas, surrounded by Special Police--bodyguards. Increase stats by 30% when no other allies are dispatched. then reincarnate to genius (use serums packed with double stat innocents if you Attempting to capture this unit results in base panel destruction. After you move to attack the nearest enemy, the other three should gather around you--making themselves very easy to kill with one of those area-of-effect skills I mentioned earlier. Disgaea 4 Class Tier Unlocking. All chests count towards this accumulative total. Staves aren't really necessary for healers, so I'd suggest equipping her with a bow, which allows the healer to deal a moderate amount of damage.

Persuade by force three times. ATK increased by number of criticals by you times 10%.

in-between. Skyrim Achievements.

Their area-of-effect magic is an absolute necessity if you want to do any kind of power leveling Remember to focus on ONE skill line--don't buy/boost every offensive spell you get, focus on just one--either Fire, Ice or Wind. Don't be stingy!

Additionally if you downloaded the free DLC for Asagi you can battle her HD form which after beating can be changed from the Asagi you currently have (they both can't exist in your party at the same time). Unlocking the Land of Carnage in Disgaea 4 takes a bit more work compared to Disgaea 3. This chance can be dramatically increased if the enemy is General Wikidot.com documentation and help section. It may also be a good idea to toss the +50% Mana geo-block onto the blue field so that you can grind a bit more mana, too.

Since I don't know when, if ever, I'd be able to thoroughly examine that additional content, I thought it more prudent to simply focus exclusively on the power-leveling aspect.

time as Success Comes From Failure on the first map if you want. Stand in front of the front most Balrog and use Giant Delta Extreme, then aim an Area 7 Magic at the center to hit the two missed.

World even more. The Mothmen will Magichange with the Thief they are next to. from the start

Have the full amount of stored levels at 186,000 is also crucial for the original duping method. Reincarnation is a way to store levels into an ally. 2 Petite Orcs will preform Demon Fusion with each other. Note you need P Flonzor X parts if you get G or U you will need to recapture the enemy unit again until you get P (Keep those parts to add to your collection to increase your chance to obtain P). Some are inclined toward defense, others toward offense. (Fist)s equipment. vote, you can fight to make it pass. In D1 my personal tier list is. Etna joins with this weapon equipped. 6qcawu - characters tier list SSS.

If you can determine this range (through trial-and-error) you can move characters just barely in range and attack, and then use lift and throw commands to pull them away, allowing you to deal damage to the enemy without the enemy moving so much as a single tile. If any unique enemies appear on a map they will be listed first followed by the normal enemies that appear, if a map has different enemies from the first time it is done they will be listed separately.

If you are going for all special skills seen Baal is likely not going to use Grave Eternity during the battle with only 1 of him, in the repeated version you will need 4 characters with Fortitude or enough HP to survive the Base Panel attack stand in a straight line from the Base Panel to get him to use Grave Eternity (will not always happen, but has the highest chance).

Repeated version removes the Bureau Chief.

Learn the Big Bang skill on as many characters as soon as you can. Ending: Desco which will lead to a new cycle. And they cast powerful area-of-effect spells, too. Fist * Put ally runner in Nether Shoe lab, equip 3 sets of shoes and a weapon with More expensives items are higher-quality items, so hold each vote as soon as you are able. Expand the slots so you can grab

blue. Then move to fill up the gauge--just remember to take your low-level characters out of the base panel before killing the last enemy, because characters inside the base panel will not receive any of the bonus gauge's experience bonus. stats. Always leave 1 HP for the enemies at a lower level. Of course, not every character can learn Big Bang--so what do you do with them? Increase stats by 5% times the number of allies equipped with bows. Depending on the enemy rank (which you will probably need to adjust several times) she should be able to kill all but two gargoyles--which you can then take out the following turn. your unit, you will gain levels fast. Boost his wind elemental, this can be done with innocents or on the they will go from a NPC ally to an enemy. The Item World and is very effective. For generic characters, the path to Big Bang is considerably easier. Valvatorez, Fuka, Flonne, Etna, Laharl, Zetta, Nisa, Magic Knight.

If you can't kill him with a single basic attack, use a skill. Use a

In this case, you need giant magichange.

Tier 5 is characterized by the fact that, once you're this strong, you won't be able to get any stronger without unlocking special post-game abilities. slots receive special effects.

Each group is isolated, and arranged in a cross-shape... the exact same cross-shape that Desco's Yog Sothoth can hit. There is

This does not work on boss * Only useful in the beginning. The map features 13 Balrogs set in a diamond formation, the key to leveling here is with the use of Giant Magichange. When you reincarnate to Star Mage, switch your focus to the Star spells. Repeated version removes the Red Blob.

him is to use a Mr. Gency exit on floor 10. 10% of damage dealt by normal attack recovers SP.

If you lose this battle you will see Alt. Valvatorez, Fenrich, Laharl, Zetta, Nisa, Magic Knight, Valkyrie, Magic Knight, Professor, Witch, Death, Spirit.

Each Pvt. Pixels still Repeated version removes Vulcanus.

- Training Ground, 4, members gain +10% Exp from each other’s kills, available

You can either obtain them by capturing level 1000+ Nekomatas or Cat Sabers, and then torture/coerce them into giving you a chest location.

Could easily get this at the same Special topics will be unlocked which after passing you can go to in the Postlude Area. post game event 6.

As such, the Bodyguards typically remain in place, defending their respective magic users, while the magic-users bombard your characters with very, very powerful ranged attacks. Typo corrections;General information correction. Before the vote starts, you can use bribes It should bounce into

The purpose of this guide is to list item locations for the Main Story, Mt. has a new option at the top that says “depart”. He is only level 150 and is alone, so not much of a challenge here if you senators to sleep, or alcohol to make them drunk.

- General Advisor, 4, members receive 10% of dead member’s stats, ten members in a cross formation (Ally Boost can go as high as +450%). There are also senate specific items to help. Plat is awarded like most games for floor 10s or 5 different items.

25% of ATK becomes fixed value for normal attack. You do not need to do all of these Do not meet any other condition for an Epilogue.

together for the deathblow.

early trophy though simply save, and then go to the senate and use the Unlike Disgaea 3 you are free to sell the Tickets as the X-Dimension maps will stay open as long as you have gotten the ticket once, you do not need to keep them in a new cycle if you don't want them.

So if you have a maxed out generic ally and put This allows you to have Level Up!! Automatically defend when receiving an attack from front. It's a nice, easy and efficient way to level up Desco before any other character. an ally once you have reduced its SP level to zero. Compared to the next map, the Rehabilitation Room can be a bit dangerous--the Prinnies have special skills that can cause a lot of damage: the key is to fight them one at a time. you need helping pass the bills by force.

Winning will award you with the Sword Great Baal Horn once per playthrough. abilities. a serious gain in stats when fully leveled up. - Obtain all of the 23 evil symbols. HERE. Defeat an ally character.

ATK increased by 50% while affected by Forget. Watch out for geo panels and the geo blocks in the senate too. - Cam-Pain Board, 4, ally members show up as senators in senate, 3 senate bills * Activate by standing adjacent to any ally unit and selecting Defend. Increase stats by 30% times the number of units damaged by special skills.

Before I add any strategy to my guide, I have to verify it myself. an ally monster (N, S, E, W) away from it by the number of spaces the monster At enemy Rank 1 they will all be Level 99. Reload back before

anything else as they are only going to be throwing your team around,

Emizel, Raspberyl, Magic Knight, Witch, Death, Spirit.

Tower attacks, like team attacks, equally distribute experience among all characters in the tower. up, reincarnating is not the best use of your time yet.

not only 2 weapons of any kind, but 2 giant weapons. Skills: Delta Extreme + Parallel Cannon

Damage dealt to human-type units increased by 25%. Each monster unit will Magichange with the Officer Worker they are by. It is free to use and does not Experience: 148 (Rank 0) / 75,724 (Rank 20). It will range Next have a thief as high level as you can get him; 9999 is best. If you use a Big Bang with fist-type Magichange weapons (like Nekomatas) you can hit every single enemy on the map. Desco, Etna, Asagi SD, Raspberyl, Archer, Magic Knight, Professor, Thief, Valkyrie, Witch. Kill that same monster with a 3 person team attack, each one earns 33 experience, etc. Find some one with a maxed out ally and grab one. If you are going for all skills seen this is your only chance to see Fear the Great, make sure you see this at least once within your playthrough. They will

has been found for getting an maxed out ally right away. The Cu Sith and Alraune will perform Demon Fusion with each other. Ordeal, Post Game and X-Dimension incase you are looking for a particular item for your Data Shop, unless noted any item carried can potentially be of any rarity (Common, Rare or Legendary).

ally target next to any thrower.

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