A simple foot valve at the end of the water pipe prevents water from draining back into the well. If your existing electric submersible pump uses torque arresters, they may need to be modified or removed, depending on design, at your discretion. The design is amazingly simple: An inner pumping rod, fitted at the end with a coupler and cap, is slipped into an outer water pipe. https://www.facebook.com/harrowsmithmagazine, Pushing the Envelope – Home Insulation Options. The result is an invention I've dubbed the "Holopump," a PVC manual well pump capable of efficiently drawing water from as deep as 60 feet. International Subscribers - Click Here

That's why we want you to save money and trees by subscribing through our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan. • Hand saw (any saw that will cut a wood board will easily cut PVC pipe)

When you are living off grid getting fresh drinking water may sometimes require that you build a deep well. 3- Wind Powered DIY Water Pump. This PVC hand pump can change that by allowing you to hand pump water up and out of your well when the power goes off.

Darren believes his well is capable of pumping water from as deep as 500 feet. Get someone strong to help you. If, however, you don't already have a standard procedure for ridding your well of bacteria, ask a local pump technician for his or her best recommendation. He personally was able to achieve 5 gallons in 30 seconds in 10 strokes. Hi, thanks for stopping by. All of the parts are available from, or can be ordered through, most any hardware store . . One with a brass foot valve and one with a home made foot valve internal to the outer housing, and one "one way valve" internal to the pump shaft.....I really need to understand it to build it? Working together to create an arc with the pipe, allow the foot valve end to snake itself down the well casing, being careful not to bend it too sharply. April 25, 2020 August 27, 2012 by Kendra.

Join my free weekly newsletter & I'll email you this free gift! Is there some where I can get a complete set of plans. Poke the metal pipe section up through the well cap and thread the steel coupler (Item 8) on tight.

However he is in his 50s so a younger and fitter man could pump as much as 20 to 30 gallons per minute.

(To build an 80-foot-long pump, simply replace the last segment of both the rod and water pipe with 20-foot lengths of PVC, rather than the 10-foot lengths shown in the plans.). By pushing down slowly and steadily and pulling up quickly, using the appropriate force, you can expect to draw two to three gallons a minute from a well with a static water level of 60 feet — without breaking a sweat. Lightweight manual pitcher pumps sell for around $50, but unfortunately these only work to a depth of about 25 feet — some 20 feet short of what we needed. 6) Assemble the spout section in place.

It's best, in fact, to keep the downstroke slow and deliberate. • Medium or fine wood rasp 2in cap (not shown) b. You're set to begin pumping. ", Never miss a post! Before you begin, read through the instructions, gather tools and materials, then proceed as follows: 1) Examine your existing well cap configuration, then purchase a new one with an additional port for a 1 1/4 inch pipe. It is composed of, from bottom to top:[1] X Research source a.

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