@ Sore eye, aragon, ML, thisgirl, dramawatcher.

He didn't have friends to hang out with, except Chang-yi, that's why he is comfortable with Dr Oh. I'm not convincing on her character. I'm so glad it ended well for the two of them after all they have been through, sasian truong Nov 12 2018 6:46 pm

Just think that the writers so stupid to maKe her have the same fate as her previous dramas. This is my first drama for all the cast. It's not really important if you're a spy or Jae-Hee, in both cases you're doing very well. OMG!!!! i think this drama is great in its own time, but because of todays age and specia effects, there are other medical dramas that is much better.

:(, raineal Jun 04 2014 5:51 am I hope the end of the drama of the story early this suit, because Love, Park hoon is Song Jae Hee, I hope Park Hoon and Song Jae Hee Together , because I really like this couple from the beginning of the story to the present.

Oh Soo Hyun is so dense, selfish, and inconsiderate on so many levels, it literally hurts me. You can see previous jongsuk drama or film. The ending sucks... Quack Fan Jul 09 2014 7:56 am @LUNA /tsktsktsk. We can't live in the past & not moving on with our lives. I want Hoon and Jae-Hee together...Pls Don't tear them apart again. Lol.I don't care about this typical drama, medical or political or spy or romance or whatever. I'm still for HoonHyun couple.... Fighthing :D Really whats up with you guys?Whats up with you Ally? Hope they can be together at the end. Though I may be the oldest fan of Jin SE Yeon but I really love this actress acting so natural and so sweet. jonsuk oppa pairing sore oenni will be great ^^. . I give Doctor Stranger 4/5 stars.

kyuvita Jun 02 2014 1:35 am ?? second she is jae hee but she was always the bad person helping the north koreans and she used joon since the very beginning( which will make me very sad if true). riona94 Apr 29 2014 9:14 pm

gaaja May 26 2014 11:37 am MaMa Feb 13 2016 9:43 pm It was funny for reading some comments in Doctor stranger forum about the changing of the storyline because of the insane fans !!

you see? Koukou Jun 03 2014 6:52 am The bridge scene??? :(

We keep asking if Seung-Hee is Jae-Hee !!!

Hahaha... Im not a gay. But i think that it was really cute when jong suk talks to se yeon in the kbs drama awards two years ago.

The last episode sucks so much, there was no feeling in there reunion, just look at how Park hugged Jae. Also the regulations in police stations. Lisa Sep 04 2014 9:47 am He deeply fell in love with Jae Hee (Jin Se-yeon) in his high school. Rose May 30 2014 2:29 pm

Ally May 27 2014 3:54 am Lol jae hee would never do that not under any circumstances so I'm pretty sure that Seung-Hee and Song Jae-Hee are not the same person . I watched it from the beginning, thinking that they would at least adapt and change, but guess that isn't the case. The ratings was increased a bit, but not no.1 anymore. Bada Mar 07 2014 1:22 pm Ueeeee Apr 26 2016 5:32 am Also stupid people who said that the rating is dropped because of this couple should shut up right now !! Very selfish too. huhu quack couple i just love them, the writer didn't change the story, that is just how it is, well some, it would be like those typical dramas, first love never dies, in real life we all know first loves's will sometimes don't stay until the very end, i don't hate Jae Hee, its just that Soo Hyun has bigger impact. mimi May 10 2014 4:22 pm Sarangheo oppa. #doctorstranger #youreallsurrounded #sbsdaebak.

MissKing May 27 2014 1:39 pm I mean she has no right to barge in someone's house n look trough their computer. LOL. Who make you believe being a good doctor is worthy than any?

Lee Jong-Suk is good looking (his nose is little weird) --> he's not looking like a real doctor but his role is good (warm heart, loyal and sincere). Should I stop watching it? He treat her like an important friend. L. Ang Jul 13 2014 4:19 am I usually dont like the weak n sad characters but in inspiring generation i like jin se yeons character more cuz she was more of a cheerful second lead, unlike quack (i dont hate her, just dislikes her. Please don't disappoint us with the bad ending director-nim. On the other hand, There must be a reason why quack is involved. What? helomekinvegas Jun 29 2014 5:00 pm I wish Park Hoon and Jae hee will have a happy ending!!

Im saying this not because I dont like her its because what happen is so unrealistic.

Me too !! Leah Mar 18 2017 3:13 pm In his life he only have jae hee, his father and his mother. But ifJee Hee was the lead why waist much time of the story whith Dr Oh. thumbs up! ahh anw if lee jongsuk really cast in this drama, it'll be good to see him and park haejin in one drama. I hope to see you in many many many other dramas. aww from ep 16 it looks like jsy wont b with hoon.....im like so sad now. they popular. just because your favorite OTP doens't end up you're gonna blame the whole story.. atleast everyone's happy, nands Jul 14 2014 4:56 pm i hope PD-nim and writer-nim will change their plot story about Lee Jong Suk and Kang Sora after saw there are so many Doctor Stranger's fan hoping that they are will end up together. its not like they will make him fall for her in one episode and replace the person he loved for years for someone he fell for in days. TT Jun 04 2014 1:26 pm everyone has precious lives, but why in this drama sometimes the patient is only used as a tool? reject the role but i guess not.instead they cast someone

All in all, I'd give it 4.5 stars out of 5. Jin Se Yeon fighting! ... 1 of 1 people found this review helpful. I really hope that all K-drama fans please be reasonable. (or may be I'm just supporting Sora too much). on the other hand, drama who have actor and actress as their lead have high ratings... ann Apr 19 2014 8:35 am Janey Mar 06 2014 6:30 pm Anything can happen since we are in drama land, right? (copyright for the original author, muizzupr) W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); It really hurts me. The best actor is Cheon Ho-Jin as Prime Minister. .

Park hoon and jae hee deserve their happily ever after, they been seperated for too long and experience torturing hell for different reasons and the only way for them to live is to see each other again. Martins Mar 15 2015 9:37 pm It shows their humanity and professionalism as doctors. Because she's pretty n hv the potential to act. The Korean ratings in this case is about right considering it is one drama where you can see the wide range of acting from its lead, Lee Jong Suk. I'm not saying the recent director of JaeHee were perfectly but I think they not favoritism like director hyuk . Sorry... snowy2 Feb 22 2016 9:07 am (Not thinking how much this guy or girl have sacrificed for me so i should love her back) You know that's not true love. :)))), @secret Jun 30 2014 10:42 pm ParkLeeRa Jul 02 2014 9:18 am Believe me it's the first and the last time for me watching this actress !! to the person Anne Jan 22 2018 11:00 am I Love Lee Jong-Suk, and I want to watch this drama. One is a whiny little girl. The envy haters said our seyeon and jongsuk doesn't have chemistry sorry, they were wrong, they cannot understand, the main problem from the start is the unreasonable role of the leads and the miserable flow of the story if jongsuk and seyeon giving a great drama they have chance to portray the best expression, actually they overcome their part but in the story had having nuisance that's the one point of ruined the story, curious is PDnim has concerned for Doctor Stranger or it's only self-centered in his mind and his feeling? maybe someday hoonhye couple will gather up together, SooHoon Jun 01 2014 4:51 am TT Jun 10 2014 8:38 pm Guessing Hyun-Hoon or Hyun-Hee or whatever is a fun part of this drama, it keeps you're all going with the lovelines, relationship, chemistry, etc.....and finally who is gonna end up with who is a part of this also. Does that mean only first place for dramas? Michelle f Mar 01 2014 6:03 am Dont hurt her anymore. I love the way they communicate by eye contact and I think that JH try to protect Hoon in her own way by being spy.

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