A Layman's Guide to Health, Medication Use, Breeding, and Responsible Care of Pet Rats. Krakauer, T., & Buckley, M. (2003). Does not attack, Bacteriostatic, broad-spectrum antibiotic that penetrates tissues other antibiotics cannot (e.g., central nervous system and eyes). In addition include dexamethasone in the treatment regimen. 9) Having forgotten how many capsules you used for this batch, sort through disgusting kitchen trash until you’ve counted up empty capsule shells. GI: diarrhea Make enough for two weeks when you make them so you aren’t having to whip up a batch any more often than necessary. Posted by dovey in Bluebell the Poubelle, Henslowe, Mycoplasma, Rat Physiology, Uncategorized, doxycycline, Medicine Ball Recipe, mycoplasma, Peanut butter, pet care, Pet Rat, pet rats, Pneumonia, Ratties, treating sick pets. Please seek advice and treatment from a qualified Veterinarian if your rat is ill. Otitis Media, Otitis Interna / Labyrinthitis Figure 1, Otitis Media, Otitis Interna / Labyrinthitis, Tablets/Capsules (hyclate/hydrochloride and monohydrate): 50 mg, 100 mg, Suspension (monohydrate): 5 mg/mL in 60mL bottles. 10) Note: there are two points in the process of making medi-balls that involve a certain amount of “fudging,” and this is one of them. Useful in treating infections caused by Mycoplasma pulmonis, spirochetes, chlamydia and rickettsia; doxycycline is the antibiotic of choice in the treatment of both acute and chronic upper and lower respiratory infection, in rats, involving susceptible organisms.

13) Put floured balls into a ziplock bag (the smaller the better–too many balls create too much weight and press together into a floury mess).

Take care that all of the medication has completely dissolved in the water.

If you’re OCD, you can use a gram scale to compare sizes of dough balls, but I just go with a visual check and how they feel in my hand. It is advisable to mix fresh daily, although new 2002 literature indicates that it remains stable for 14 days if refrigerated.

1/2 to 1 tablet in 2oz. Rat Medication Guide: The Layman's Guide to Medication Use in Pet Rats is an in-depth companion to the RMCA's Drug Usage Chart for Rats. The longer half-life, and better central nervous system penetration of both doxycycline and minocycline, compared with other tetracyclines, tend to make them a preferred drug choice, of the tetracyclines, in small animals. Quick-acting anti-inflammatory corticosteroid which can be used as supportive therapy in inflammatory conditions such as pneumonia, inner-ear infections (wry neck/head-tilt), and injury. Use only for short periods in most cases as it depresses the immune system. My girl was very upset that it wasn’t the sugary metacam or chicken flavored baytril she is already on. It is bacteriostatic. Doxycycline is a bacteriostatic, semi-synthetic tetracycline derived from oxytetracycline. I wonder how coconut flakes would go over? However, it can be used long-term for chronic or advanced cases of respiratory disease (reduces inflammation of lungs making breathing easier). Can be expensive if purchased as single injections in veterinary clinics. Use in combination with Doxycycline for better results in these cases. Has been shown to have excellent results on younger rats, but is less effective on chronic, older rats. Although the manufacturer states that it does not affect the GI flora it is recommended that a probiotic containing, In treating suspected polymicrobial infections, where a broader coverage may be needed, synergistic or combination drugs may be used. doxycycline. Slice the log into the correct number of evenly sized chunks. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Good for respiratory infections. Please feel free to let me know if I have any of this incorrect as I would be grateful (and the boys would too!). How many ml do I give PO. It has not failed to register that my recent loss came at the end of a week in which I had run out of medication and was not diligent about replacing it quickly. Hello there! Does not attack, Bacteriostatic, broad-spectrum antibiotic. Prescription needed. The dose of the doxy is 50mg/ml. I’m nearly as tall a Julia Child and will, for the amusement of my dogs, cat, and rats, all of whom are looking on, use my “Julia” voice whenever it seems appropriate. How much is a “big glop?” Well, that depends upon the strength of your medication. If you use 50 mg capsules, you need less; 100 mg capsules, which will make twice the number of balls, require more so that the balls are not too tiny to easily work with.

4) Use the fork to mix any separated oils back into the peanut butter in the jar and lift a big glop into the bowl of medicine.

The prognosis for rats with pneumonia is very grave, and will require long term antibiotic therapy. Conversely, don’t purchase more doxy than you can use in a year, and be sure to check the expiration date carefully on your drugs. How about oatmeal? I will be mixing up a batch as we go along to make sure I don’t forget a step, such as “mix in medicine.” Forgive the stream of consciousness style of my instruction.

Remember, we’re shooting for garbanzo-sized balls. That vanilla-nut extract can be hard to find. Mine get yogurt in the morning and doxy at night. Doxycycline may be given with food or dairy.

Bactericidal, broad-spectrum antibiotic. For moderate to serious and advanced lung infection: Doxycycline at 10 mg/kg38, q12hr, along with enrofloxacin at 15 mg/kg  34, 35, q12hrs, and add nebulized treatments with gentocin and albuterol. My other comment would be when I made this the first time I used vanilla alone because I didn’t have the vanilla nut butter (everything else was the same, even the brand of peanut butter), and my boys wouldn’t touch the stuff.

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