The idea is to make brilliant egg carton centerpieces that will definitely boost your interior decors! Go handmade with the cardboard tube and egg carton cups and make beautiful train toys for kids, also put together the painted egg carton cups to make great looking caterpillars that may come with googly eyes and pipe cleaner antenna! Egg Carton Snowman Craft from I Heart Arts N Crafts. A final step would be to paint the copter for a custom look and appeal!

Complete project instructions here ezebreezy, Thread also the custom cut out egg cups onto a piece of string along with other wooden beads and accents and make gorgeous looking chimes! You'll need: Egg carton Small piece of cereal box card Lid from a large tub of ice-cream PVA/craft glue Ruler Paint (black, white, yellow) Fine black felt-tip or gel pen Scissors Nail scissors (straight-edged or similar) (Adult…, Egg cartons are so versatile. Don’t forget to write custom letters and shapes in the center of the plate, get inspired of the given sample! Find the instructions for making this project at Crafts By Amanda. Make outstanding kids toys also for the kids using cut out egg carton cups, Check out the given below egg carton penguins, helicopter, trucks, dragonflies, mini whales, alligators and the mini monsters to get inspired! Next you can put together a bundle of these flowers to make good looking flower bouquets and also accent vase jars! Make a bouquet of lollipop flowers to give as a gift. Complete project instructions here consumercrafts, Cut out the cups from an egg carton and just give custom cuts to their sides to gain them in to a flower shape! These beautiful flowers are made of an egg carton and come with green painted popsicle sticks that make the perfect flower stems!

Complete project tutorial and instructions here craftymorning, It is just super easy to cut the egg carton cups out and then to turn them into charming looking flowers just making creative use of your paint!

This is a fun arts and crafts project that's perfect for a unit on community careers. I love this idea for egg carton jellyfish from The Art Kit Blog using egg cartons, paint and yarn for the jellyfish tentacles, with googly eyes for some character! These little Christmas elves are just too cute for words. Make projects for all holidays and seasons, from Halloween and Christmas to spring and winter.

Just Check out these bird masks that come with flat cube like base and can stand alone any flat surface!

Happy Crafting .

Aug 21, 2017 - Explore Patricia Dickerson's board "PAPER EGG CARTON CRAFTS", followed by 818 people on Pinterest. 10 Impressive DIY Dinosaur Crafts Your Kids Will Love, 10 Cute and Crawly Insect Crafts for Kids, 25 Spooktacular Halloween Crafts for Kids. Get inspired of this brilliant dragonfly sample that is looking beautiful and enticing and will surely make a great gift for all fun loving kids! Complete project tutorial and instructions here thecrafttrain, If you are looking forward to gain a flower vase for home décor or just intending to get a flower bouquet to give on Memorial Day this egg carton tulip vase would make a great gift! We’re protected and monitored by DMCA, Don’t copy any content without our permission and other respected owners. Although the tutorial for this egg carton rooster is written in a foreign language, the photos are self-explanatory. Decorate your cups with paint, glitter and then add custom bead and pearl accent to their center! Make the interesting looking spy glasses with the egg carton and gift them to your fun-loving kids! Be sure to put newspaper over your work area to help with the clean-up process. Another great kids craft project to do with egg carton! They are all super simple and so much fun to make with your children!

Complete project tutorial and instructions here allparenting, You will definitely fall in love with the colors of this handmade wreath! Egg Carton Spider Craft from Kid Friendly Things To Do. The complete tutorial and visual guides here letsdosomethingcrafty, Another excellent craft project to do with the egg carton! We go through a couple extra dozen eggs each Easter so I thought it would be fun to make a craft out of the extra egg cartons instead of just tossing them into the recycling bag. These creepy crawlers are made from egg cartons that are painted black, but there is nothing scary about these cute and crafty spiders. Here all you need is to install a egg carton cone on an egg carton cup and then you can add some moss inside of it for a natural looking birdhouse! It’s such a friendly little whale! Kids can gift them to grandparents for a fun little treat. You don't have to worry about getting stung by these bees. Complete your animal who’s who with another simple and super cute craft from The Spruce Crafts. Cancel anytime. Complete project tutorial and instructions here thecrafttrain, Here is another interesting kids craft to make with the egg carton! Just hang the egg carton dishes in your garden using rope and just fill them up with bird food and seeds and make amazing bird feeder! Turning Egg Cartons into Stools.

This little train is an example of the ingenuity of crafters. Complete visual tutorial here artsycraftsymom, Look at this another fantastic and lovely egg carton creation that will help to win the heart of a little girl! Marie LeBaron is an expert on crafts and home DIY.

Check out here this sample bird feeder that will also make an epic present for a garden lover and would also be a way to give a call to your favorite birds to visit your green space! Use the glue for adhesive demands then add faux eggs to chicken backs! This is such a sweet idea from I Heart Arts n Crafts to make some pretty flowers – they could even be part of a Mother’s Day craft project. These have got to be about the cutest little fairies that the kids can make for their fairy gardens. Although the site is in a foreign language, the pictures are easy to follow. Look at your empty carton – what could it be? Cut the egg carton cups out and then paint them to look like a flower, given some sharp and smart cuts for near to real flower look!

Have fun making some egg carton crabs with these step-by-step instructions from The Spruce Crafts. Next you can fill the each cup with any kind of 4 objects to play the game! Here the outstanding paper rose escort cards have been made using the egg carton, wire, floral paper, cardstock and raffia! Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Get inspired of the given sample fairy lights! Get inspired of these sample egg carton fairy houses that come with flag made of toothpicks and washi tape! Find the instructions at Red Ted Art’s Blog. Here the custom layered flower die cuts have been used to cut the flowers and petals out of a kraft-core cardstock papers which has then been pasted on the floral wire stems! Interested in guest blogging? If you’re stuck for ideas for things to make with your empty egg cartons, here are 15 egg carton crafts the kids will be eager to make – plus, they’re super cute!

Materials: old headband, two pompoms, string/wool/ribbon, one cup from an egg carton, paint and paintbrush, hot glue.

A flower petal, fish scales, an adorable bumble bee, a robot…or more egg carton crafts of your own creation?

Add an accent button in the center of each flower and add a magnet to backside of each flower so you will get the brilliant looking flower magnets!

FEN Learning is part of Sandbox Networks, a digital learning company that operates education services and products for the 21st century. For a fun springtime project, try this egg carton flower craft!

Another smart crafting project to do with egg carton! People who are on a mission to keep their planet clean and the living spaces green do take part in the recycling of things! Make dozens of such butterflies and then just add them to a piece of rope or string to make great looking butterfly garlands! Make this Halloween decoration by following the instructions given at ZingZingTree. Here all you need is to cut out two cups out of egg carton that can be painted in red and then put together in face-to-face arrangements to make an interesting apple gift!

Next just cut the bottoms out to see through and paste your glasses onto the popsicle sticks! Here the cut out egg carton part has also been painted with the acrylic paint to look amazingly colorful! This will be fun to make and also fun to play make believe. Complete project instructions here iheartcraftythings, You would definitely love to praise this super cute egg carton creation! You can find the tutorial for making the cherry blossom branches at Crafts By Amanda. Here 2 egg carton cups have been stacked in face-to-face arrangement and then has been painted in different colors to make the chicks! The cutout cups have been put together in face-to-face to arrangement and then have been painted in yellow!

Find the directions at The Craft Train, and make a fleet of copters for the kids to play with. This cute craft is not a working stethoscope, but it's so fun to make and a great toy for kids to play with! Imagine how your little princess or prince will love making and wearing a colorful tiara like this. It doesn't get much sweeter than these egg carton ice cream cones.

You'll find the instructions for making this inexpensive fairy crown using an egg carton. Students follow the directions in this printable to make a simple stethoscope. Make the flower stems using the pipe cleaners and finally the button accents have been placed in the center of egg carton flowers! I guess I'd call this a garland, but bunting works, too.

Paste the egg carton flowers on a canvas to make a wall art frame, and just put them together in a jar to create a perfect vase and also make flower bouquets out of them! Complete project tutorial and instructions here typicallysimple, Cut out the cone-shaped parts out of a egg carton and do amazing crafting and home décor projects with them! Check out this project to find out more. Here you need to cut out an egg carton section with 4 cups that will make the whole body of the butterfly and next you can just make use of pipe cleaner lengths to make the antenna of the butterfly! The tentacles are made out of different colored pony beads. It would be fun to make a big batch of these ladybugs to crawl around a houseplant or plants. Many of these ideas are suitable for preschool-aged or older children. Next just past the crumpled brown tissue paper squares in the center and you will gain a charming sunflower, don’t forget to paint the flower first in yellow! Glue also the feathers and parts that can made with cardstock and finish the masks with an elastic ribbon at the back! Make the entire body of the truck with custom cut egg carton parts and just reclaim the plastic bottle caps to make the wheels and install them using the wooden skewers! She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials. Save all of your egg cartons and instead of throwing them away, recycle them to use for one or more of these egg carton kids' crafts.

Final step would be to glue a mini stick over the egg carton apple that may come with some glued green petals! You can simply cut out the beak and beck out of cardstock paper!

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