The handling won't be great. I usually walk them on the sidewalks to be courteous to others because I expect the same. Never ride on the sidewalk. carry. .] Years after electric scooters launched in cities across the US, its largest city is finally joining the party. Electric Scooters are fun for all people big or small, young or old, fast or slow; There is a scooter out there for everyone! If you NEED a scoot for commuting in the dead of winter or very wet conditions maybe try a Nanrobot d5+ or a WideWheel Pro, they're HEFTY BOIS. Press J to jump to the feed. I'd say they aren't even safe to ride in normal conditions. I’ve never had issues with cops and ride past them all the time, including cops posted all over Brooklyn bridge and it’s entrances. How well do scooters hold up in slush and snow? I ride form Queens to 14th street and don't even break a loss of 25% battery. I fold up and charge mine at the office where I work. I usually subtract 20% of the total mileage. Hope this helps! Watch out world! If anyone has any experience with scooters in NYC I would love to hear your thoughts. Range for scooters vary. The wife commutes 16 miles a day on it and said it's a gamechanger vs a bike. what do you do when you reach your destination? One of my friends has a Fluidfreeride Horizon and frequently gets denied in stores/bars since it's heavier and needs to be carried (like most scooters). “We applaud the City and Commissioner Trottenberg for taking this crucial next step in making New York a global leader in micromobility, equitable transportation and street safety,” Maurice Henderson, Bird’s head of government partnerships, said in a statement. I looked at the law and didn’t see any mentions of motor sizes, simply the speed restriction. I don't own a lock for my scooter, they're too big of a target to leave outside unattended here. So just a heads up or your head's paste. Highly recommended.

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Another coincidence! Hello! How well do scooters hold up in slush and snow? On the brooklyn side of the manhattan bridge bike lane approach, my front tire got caught in a crack and I flipped over my bar. Press J to jump to the feed.

Clearly, there’s a need for change in both cities, but local and national regulations need to find a balance. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

You could see them zipping around in Hoboken, just across the Hudson River from NYC. Looking to purchase an electric scooter for my commute, preferably under $600. I use mine daily in Brooklyn and can't imagine covid-life without it, tbh. I live in Harlem and have been considering getting one but I am unsure how practical it is.

They need to be used in a bike lane or on the shoulder.

As for divots and such, I thought the Wolf's 11-inch tubeless pneumatic tires and motorcycle-like suspension would easily roll over them??

I have the wolf on the west coast, make sure you will never need to go up stairs. newsletter. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Are there places around nyc, queens, brooklyn, to charge your scooter when you’re on the go?

All very accurate information. Anyone here live in NYC and use an electric scooter regularly? Our machine doesn't have suspension and, with air tires, it's fine for 95% of surfaces. Faster, easier and you get to your destination without being all sweaty. gonna harass me just based on the scooter's apocalyptic looks?? I wish NYC had ride share scooters for this reason, you can just forget about them once you get to your destination. Anything else I should know as a would-be Big Wolf in the Big Apple? Taxis are idiots. -It weighs less than 30 pounds so I just carry it with me like luggage. One of my friends broke their leg on one. Spend any time in New York or London, and you’ll inevitably come across dozens of people whizzing along each city’s streets on electric scooters. Lock it if it is a short time, carry it with me if it is a long time. Meanwhile, in New York City, the legislation exists to legalize them at a state level, but the state governor has yet to sign the bill that would allow electric scooters to officially move in. I'd be toast in a car collision either way.

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