You will have to locate the main data terminal as well as the 6 power pylons located on the site.

The northern clans are thought to have suffered greater hardship early on, possibly leading to a stronger breed, which allowed them to conquer the southern clans. They have one of several larger layouts, and are guarded by a force of up to 12 Guardian Sentinels at once. They have no defenses of any kind, but are shrouded in a blue mist of unknown composition.

Their Ancient Data Terminals require Ancient Relics to activate, and contain either Guardian Module Blueprint Segments or Guardian Weapon Blueprint Segments. You will now see a triangular hole lighting up in the ground in front of the data terminal. The Ancient Data Terminals found at these sites exclusively contained Guardian Vessel Blueprint Segments. Perhaps the secrets of the Guardians’ energy technology will someday be discovered. Even more remarkably, the panels appear to incorporate nanobot technology which activates when in proximity to a foreign body. They swiftly domesticated animals for food, and had a remarkable understanding of inherited traits. [33], It seems the guardians employed three different designs: an energy-based weapon similar to a rail gun, a projectile weapon that fired concentrated plasma, and a weapon that fired charged crystal shards at extreme velocities. Guardian Shield Reinforcement Package: This is an optional internal module that will add a flat bonus to your shield hit points at the cost of a bit of power draw. /r/EliteDangerous: GUARDIAN STRUCTURE RUIN FOUND! They swiftly domesticated animals for food, and had a remarkable understanding of inherited traits. They had a rich cultural life with evidence of art, interactive theatre, and music all forming part of their social duties. To find guardian blueprint fragments you will have to head to one of the Ancient Data Terminal Sites.If you are looking for vessel blueprint fragments you will have to pick up one ancient key per blueprint fragment you need before you head out to the sites. [15], The main issue was the internecine nature of the conflict, which raged for over one hundred years and brought the Guardians’ civilisation to its knees, retarding any further social development. Unfortunately, the Guardians were unable to muster a unified response to these changes, which widened the gap between those who accepted the changes and those who resisted them. [23], The Guardians had developed extremely effective shields, capable of protecting entire cities and even of withstanding orbital bombardment. It’s an optional internal module that will add a flat bonus to your jump range at the cost of a bit of power draw. Guardian Structures will appear in the Navigation Panel when within 1,000 lightseconds.[3].

As for their shield technology, it is already known that it was highly sophisticated, encouragingly, the log describes it in considerable detail. [37], There are some possibilities as to the legacy of the Guardians. Once you arrive at the site get out in the SRV and explore the location. Over time, the Guardians starships became much more sophisticated, but their approach to space travel remained rooted in a respect for the natural world, and their interplanetary expansion was fueled by clean nuclear fission and fusion. The ancient keys can be found the at the guardian beacons, the known locations are listed in in the table to the right. Discovered by CMDR KiruHoshino on August 29, 3304. [16], Remarkably, it seems the artificial intelligences developed during the conflict became fully self aware at some point, and were horrified by the destruction unfolding around them.

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