About the only time the sound is used in English is when you sort of grunt “Uh-huh” to mean “yes.”  So, in giving Cherokee sounds, when I write “v,” you can think of the pronunciation as being like the first syllable of “Uh-huh.”  By the way, “V” in Cherokee means “Yes”; it is a sort of nasalized sound. with her it is definately LATCHee or LATCH ah, i've never heard her say it with an N at the end. For example, “v-v” is one Cherokee word for “yes”; it is pronounced almost exactly the way we here in the mountains say “UH-huh” when we mean “yes,” too! Phone: 706-636-4500. ], This map which follows shows the original extent of the Cherokee lands [largest outline], the lands still held by them in 1791 [the next outline], and the lands that were left by the time of the removal [red outline.]. That is why the Roman Latin of Caesar gradually changed into Italian (and Spanish, and Portuguese, and French, and Romanian, and a dozen other dialects, depending upon where the Latin was being used).

SALACOA: It comes from “Sa-li-quo-yi,” which means “bear grass place.”  Salacoa Creek rises in Pickens County and makes its way through two other counties before emptying into the Coosawattee River in Gordon County, Georgia.

Local: (706) 635-7400. Some quick comments on Cherokee: It has no F, B, V, or P sounds; if a place name has those sounds, it probably did not come from Cherokee.Modern Cherokee has no R sound, either, but one old Cherokee dialect did, so now and then we will find a place name with the R sound. On a more mysterious level, medicine men sometimes referred to the sun, in ceremonies and rituals, as Sutalidihi; no one has any idea why. But we have found tons of links to this page from other pages on the net. We tend to take these names for granted, but, to European visitors, they are often unpronounceable and very puzzling.

Perhaps these articles will give you a glimpse of the ghosts of those who lived here long before the white people ever came.

Ellijay, GA 30540. Heritage apple orchards make the town known... View and download resources for planning a vacation in Ellijay, Georgia.

Or, think of how your oldest grandparents used to speak. [ I have heard the latter two pronounced as “Stooly.”]  But, without some very careful research–which I have not yet done on any of these names except Satolah–one must be very careful about such speculations. In Cherokee, the ending “-yi” on many words was what we call a locative; that is just a smart-alecky way of saying it means “place.”   The same word that is used for bear grass in Cherokee is also used for the green tree snake, maybe because it looks vaguely like a piece of the bear grass.

And, there have arisen all sorts of false “translations” and colorful and romantic “Indian legends” about some of the names.

At the time of the Removal, just 168 years ago, the Cherokee Nation’s territory was shaped roughly like a pig’s eye, with one corner near Guntersville, Alabama, and the other at Bryson City, North Carolina. Moriah) = Muh+RYE+uh (like Mariah Carey), Oconaluftee (indian village, river) + O+con+uh+LUFF+tee, Produce (as in cabbage, tomatoes) = PRO+duce (long O), Produce (as in to produce a commercial) = pruh+DUCE (short O), Project (I'm working on a project) = PRA+ject (short O), Project (To project your voice) = pro+JECT (long O), Suite (as in living room/bedroom suite) = soot (rhymes with root), Suite (as in office space Suite 101) = sweet, Wayah = WYE+yuh (other locals say "warrior") Wayah means "Wolf" in Cherokee.

No downloads required and easy to learn English words.

Pronunciation of ellijay.

Bring your best friend to lay tracks in the mountains or unwind in a cabin.

She was the last Beloved Woman of the Cherokee until Maggie Wachacha was given that special title in the 1980s. “E-la-i-tse-yi” became Ellijay here (and also at Franklin, NC); it became Ellejoy up in Tennessee [and Georgia’s Ellijay was sometimes Ellijoy on old maps], and, down in Hall County, it is now Elachee. Contact Us. “The meaning is “green ground place” or “green earth place.”  But, that may be subject to more than one interpretation. However, that is not the meaning behind Warwoman Dell and Creek.

B.J. So, we are not at all surprised [and most of us already know] that a lot of our place names came from the Cherokee language. This page was originally created for our production team (the nice voices you hear on our commercials) who we have stationed in various studios across North America.

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