The HHS1 features an EXPS3-4 optic and G33 Magnifier and is night vision (NV) compatible. Again, this is just my preference. Side buttons and an adjustable, quick-detach locking lever for easy installation and removal.

Eotech vs Aimpoint the former is significantly less expensive although somewhat larger than the latter’s compact models. The EXPS3 (read full reviews) ... Eotech XPS2 vs EXPS2 Conclusion. Besides that, EOTech XPS3 has better water resistance than EOTech XPS2. * Front Window Material: 1/8″ solid glass The company was established in 1995 and its holographic weapon sights (HWS) have been game-changing. The company was established in 1995 and its holographic weapon sights (HWS) have been game-changing. It is submersible down to 33 feet, while EOTech XPS2 is limited to 10 feet. ARCHIVED; AR-15 » AR Discussions. The firstly mentioned is nice, but if you haven’t seen the latter res, then you have no idea what you are missing. The 2-dot reticle pattern can be distinguished with or without magnification.

However, one big difference is the reticles. Do your research and you won't get burned. * Length/Width/Height: 3.5″x2.4″x2.8″ (91.4X 60.9x71mm) The lithium 123 battery has a long life that will give you a competitive but not incredible 600 hours of battery life is used on the average setting, this will still mean you should not have to charge it after every trip. The HHS1 includes 4 aiming dots for target distances of 300/400/500/600 meters. - The XPS2 is not Night Vision compatible The hybrid sight is tactical EOTech gear that’s optimized for precision in tactical situations. However, one big difference is the reticles. Maybe you are happy with your choice of gun, but now you need a sight that gives you the clear scope that is comfortable to fix to your weapon and does not disrupt your accuracy, instead enhances it. This offers more flexibility since you can use a wide range of devices for shooting different lighting environments. The use of a single battery enables a much smaller red dot sight taking up a mere 2.75 inches of rail space. This provides 2 aiming points.

You can use the optic with 1-3 generation NV devices. * Average battery life at brightness level 12 is roughly 600 hours, 3X battery life of N cell sights The G33 Magnifier offers several benefits. Both models feature fog proof sealing, auto shut down, and up to 600 hours of battery life. As with many EOTech sights the battery life is around 600 hours on the standard setting, this is ok and should be enough for most users, but there are a lot of other sights with longer battery life should this be important to you. Our two-dot reticle pattern can be easily distinguished with or without magnification and offers the benefit of an additional long-range, aiming dot.

The HHS1 features an EXPS3-4 optic and G33 Magnifier and is night vision (NV) compatible. This allows you to quickly disengage the attached magnifier to allow close range scope in an instant. Used best for close range shooting due to the holographic transmission from a laser that comes back into your lens. It offers more flexibility in different situations.

The two hybrid models have many similar features since they’re in the same series.

Both units are covered by EOTech’s 10-year limited warranty. The EXPS3-2 is fine, but only really shines if using a magnifier, currently I have a XPS-3-2 on a 7.62X39 rifle which ballistics is spot on for 200 , 300, 400 and 650. This allows you to easily remove/attach the sight to your firearm. The design gets rid of blind spots, lowers tunnel vision, and boosts the shooter’s overall FOV. * Night Vision Compatibility: 10 brightness setting (generation I-III+), * Optical Surfaces: Anti-glare coating Only registered users can write reviews.

This sight offers accuracy as high as high as iron sights up to 300 meters. You can mount this unit quickly and easily via the quick detach lever. You could have all the shooting ability in the world, but not have the right equipment. Both will provide you with a great little optic, but their specific differences do narrow it down to your purposes. This allows you to easily remove/attach the EOTech optic. FASTER SPEED TO TARGET WITH ROOM TO WORK WITH IRON SIGHTS AND NIGHT VISION. Remember to turn on the magnifier when using the aiming dots, as otherwise you may not be able to distinguish them, remember to do this and your experience should be the same as the 1000s of satisfied customers.

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