The ID of the court member you wish to change the religion of. The ID of any option for the specified event (where applicable). change_religion_court [court member id] [religion id]. Specify 'open' here to open the specified window, 'close' to close it (no quote marks). The country you wish to start the event within. The tag of the country you wish to add manpower to. imperial_authority [amount] [country tag]. The value you wish to set the specified province's base tax to. Use the tag command to resume playing again. This command sets the culture of the specified court member. The amount of money you wish to add to the Curia Treasury. The ID of the trait you wish to set for your country's military leader. This cheat command starts the imperial incident with the specified ID. The tag of the country you wish to be the aggressor (start the war). If specified, this command will apply to the absolutism of the country with the specified tag. This command toggles (enables and disables) the games self-learning AI (artificial intelligence). This command spawns Jan Mayen in the specified province. The amount of mandate you wish to add. The amount of administrative power you wish to add. 2 would add 2000 manpower). If not specified, the heir will be added to the country you are currently playing as. It will be saved in your game's installation folder.

Specify a negative number to remove doom. Optional. Powers are administrative, military, diplomatic, etc. Note that this number will be multiplied by 1000, so a value of 2 here would add 2,000 manpower. This cheat sets the age of your country's consort to the specified amount of years.

power [stability key / idea group key / tech key] [country tag].

The language tag of the localisation file you wish to reload (e.g. Otherwise, this command will apply to the country you are playing as. This command sets the isolation level (0 - 4) of the country you are playing as to the specified number. If not specified, this will default to the country you are currently playing as. If specified, the army professionalism of the country with this tag will be affected. The admiral's Fire rating, a number from 0-6.

Base production efficiency is the multiplier used in the calculation for province production income, trade value, and goods produced.

Optional. add_opinion [source country tag] [target country tag]. remove_trait [ruler trait id] DLC: Rights of Man.

This console command sets the age of your ruler to the specified amount of years. This command ends the cooldown that limits how soon a country can start another mission after cancelling a previous mission. This command can be used to make a province progress further towards prosperity. Names: Optional. May crash the game. If you do not specify an amount, the default (500) will be added. Otherwise, it will disable it.

The name of the file containing the commands you wish to run. We actively maintain and update this site. You can get under 100% overextension by selling a single province. The country tag of the country you wish to spawn the leader for. This page includes help on how to use the command, argument explanation and examples. This command will change the corruption of a specified country to the specified amount. The amount of fervor you wish to add. country_modifier [country tag] [modifier id]. The name of the texture file you wish to reload. incident [shinto incident id] [country tag], insult [country tag] [country tag] [insult id], religious_school [religious school id] [country tag]. This command claims the province with the specified ID for either your current country, or the country with the specified country tag (if you specify a country tag). This debug command crashes the game. This command restarts the debug timer. The name of the faction you wish to add. This command spawns the unit with the specified ID within the province with the specified ID. church_power [amount] [country tag] DLC: Common Sense. The tag of the country you wish to change the amount of corruption within.

If not specified, a list of commands will be printed. The tag of the country you wish to add a consort to.

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