For a favorite type of dog, they are too expensive for dog-owners expect for those with lots of money. Call us about availability and pricing. In fact, their Exotic American Bullies physical characteristics like massive bone structure, compact wide-chest bodies, smashed heavy muzzles, and square blocky heads is more prominent compared to other Bullies.

Bullycamp is just a group of breeders that specialize in a particular breed and bloodline. For those who are knocking the breeding of this dog and glorifying the dogs they own and breed, didn’t the entire concept of dogs come from breeding a wolf with something that weakened the bloodline but I don’t hear you talking about that? . Written Health Guar.

The post even says these dogs are deformed, but the title says “exotic” because if we call them exotic we can sell them for more. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We strive to create a WOW factor dog with structure , heavy bone and compact frames. Why don’t you sell them with health warranties to all of these people that have lovingly and heartbreakingly cared for their Monthly meds $300. Who cares if your a physician! Yuck! Not to mention the ghastly expenses for people with limited incomes to be paying for extensive, chronic vet visits and medications life long for these poor beautiful creatures, which do not cure any of their maladies, only mitigates their suffering. Now we have converted to the Exotic Bully Breed. read our guide about the best affordable dog food for pit bulls. Why the hell are you on this page complaining and boasting? The breeding of Bolton’s Kingdom DNA-P who is the sire and Queen Lunatic 91 West End KNL produced this black and white Exotic American Bully who now possesses the title “Purple Ribbon.” Bully Puppy for sale. We get You Top Ranking on Google & All Major Search Engines, to ensure you get Relevant Traffic to Your Puppies & Dogs For Sale. upgrade your bully status! At 6 years old, he started losing his mobility, so I take him for walks in a stroller designed for dogs. These dogs are breed horribly deformed and sold at high prices to fatten the breeder’s pockets without regard to the dog’s health. Contact Tito 615-507-8388. Owner: Jorge Luis Soto Kennel: Bully Camp Line Location: California. The popularity of the American Exotic Bullies is due to its physical features making them a favorite for Bully dog-lovers.

Or will the dog languish in a backyard suffering. our friends have puppies also that are amazing for family pets. Contact Tito 615-507-8388. They are a great breed and great around kids. Most of those breeds are what they call the “pocket” size American Bully. There shouldn’t be any, “Oh, the right bitch will fix the flaws.” or “He’ll probably do good with such-n-such bloodline.”. And PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP BREEDING MORE!!!!

One of their dogs Bullseye who is black and white Micro Bully is a good example of the particular traits that you can see in Edge of Gottiline’s dog line up. They have been genetically breed to look that way, not for functionality, but for looks. Shame on you. Primo of Daxline is the quintessential Exotic Bully with big bone structures, compact body, wide-sized chest, thick muscles and square blocky heads along with a friendly disposition and affection Primo’s looks is a good combination of his sire and his dam.

Uso is very muscular even by American Bully Standards. Bulldogs for sale, you have come to the right place. However, he suffers daily. be sure to read and compare our reviews on google. I’ve never seen an American Bully in a dog shelter.Let me know the address and I will come get them. Ukc puppy papers ( customer can dual reg. Get a go fund me for god sake. What you have created is a monster most people cringe at. Google other micro bullies and see how defective they can be. What about Bassett hounds, what about Yorkies and tea cup poodles and sharpai or pugs. The leg bones on his front legs are larger than my wrist. Who cares about what you can afford! His body is broad; the nose is short in size and possesses short legs. Copyright © 2018 Exotic Bully Classified. We Get You the Most Hits & Traffic, so you can Sell Fast! 615 Bully Camp is the foundation club established in 2015 located Nashville, Tennessee. You’ll have no consistency and you’ll have a legacy of worsening health problems that will result in a mangled bastardization of a once proud breed – somewhere in that mess. But let’s worry about humans first.

Nevertheless, if you’re the type of dog owner who is looking for a pet and has money to burn the only thing left to do is get an Exotic Bully. There are 5 sizes. Joint and body structure issues result in immobility and handicap. As usual, you can see that Karate Kid’s big bone structure, a thick muzzle that looks smashed and blue/white coloring wide chest short body. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This American Bully dog variant is the Exotic American Bully dog breed that looks like an American Bully at first glance. He is truly the most wonderful dog ever. So what can you say about Exotic Bullies?

We List Your Stud Dogs Too!! I’ve the summer he developed “grass allergies”.

I have 2 pups. We do our best to screen all ads & posters prior to listing to insure your safety in conducting transactions. 2. every puppy and grown bully throughout our website has been produced by us. ? Traits like bigger head size, wider chest, shorter muzzles and very strong muscles are what set the dog from other Bully dog breeds. Bully Camp Line gives us a new Bully Dog Stud whose name is Mr. Swaggo. We have a Razer Edge Bully, this dog is so well mannered, obedient, and just perfect with kids , other dogs and cats. ? It’s just cruel! If you don’t like them, do be it! This requires medical assessments by qualified vets, not just eyeballing or a general vet check up. At $5000 once can see that the price is high and that just a starting price. Ed Shepherd, who is Dax’s owner, is the original Gottiline and is an established breeder who has gained recognition worldwide for his top-quality Extreme Pocket Exotic Bullies. Who’s up for taking their dog for a walk every evening, pushing them in what looks like a baby stroller (cost $225)? Bully Camp Line’s fame is due to its dedication and efforts to produce Exotic American Bully dogs whose quality is excellent.

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