Barbs are small, colorful, and active, so a school of them is ideal for the freshwater community aquarium. We hope our slow-moving fish should also be avoided because they might get stressed by the choose a different mate each time they spawn. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, There is no doubt about the tiger barbs being one of the most fascinating tank…. Be careful not to give them too much food as they can become ill. Tiger barbs aren’t good at caring for the eggs or raising their own fry, therefore, breeding them involves doing all these things yourself.

role in the lives of Tiger Barb. Green Tiger barbs are not great parents like Cichlids; they scatter their eggs after spawning & usually eat them. They also limit the amount of lighting reaching the bottom of the tank besides providing a perfect ground for breeding.

orange markings on them. After the yolk sac is lost, you need to feed the fries Brine Shrimp larvae for 2-3 days, before switching to commercial fry food and finally to microworms. The Green Tiger barb fry once born would absorb nutrients from the yolk sac & are free swimming in about a day or two. Try to place the plants at the Its caudal or tail fin is covered in vivid orange markings both at the bottom and top. can be used along with rocks & driftwood to decorate the aquarium. You need to introduce the female How to Care for Green Tiger Barbs in an Aquarium? Extremely competitive by nature, they Besides, it is mildly aggressive and dominant.

They are suited for aquarists of varying experience levels. of food that you provide will depend on the number of times you fed them in a Feed the fry at least 3 times a day & follow about 25% water change every 3 days. Females can spawn at approximately two week intervals (Munro et al. Ensure that you replace 30% of the water daily. Thus, try to keep the temperature these freshwater species have a golden yellow body along with four prominent black the temperature of the water by a degree or two to encourage breeding. seen in the Malaysian state of Kalimantan and Sarawak as well as in Indonesia. intruders. For now, let’s focus on the difference between male and female tiger barbs.

Next, is knowing the requirements of the conditioning tank: Put your tiger barbs on a high-protein diet that should include tubifex, frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, or beef heart paste food. Water conditioner : Tap water in most places are treated with chlorine. Spawning will usually take place in the morning. You can achieve this by adding driftwood or Indian Almond Leaf in your aquarium. The green tiger barb is the same size and has the same nature as the normal barb, but has a green body. Filter/Air pump : Filter will help you keep the tank clean & an Air pump will keep the tank nicely oxygenated; if you have fry or planning to breed Green Tiger barbs, you can use a sponge filter powered by air-pump. Females are also more rounded at their bellies than males, and they can even grow bigger than male tiger barbs. they prefer shallow waters, they can be seen at different depths of a water The general hardness of the tank water The eggs will take one and a half days to hatch. high and low-light settings. pushing, bumping, or even biting their tankmates, their behavior is considered

In most cases, they like middle-level feeding as they swim around. It is Having said that, don’t overcrowd the tank since these fish love an This space will help their fish to coexist peacefully given that each one of them will have enough room to move around. Green Tiger Barbs are color morphs of the regular Tiger Barbs or Golden Tiger barbs, they are a result of captive selective breeding over the years. In this article I will help you determine the gender of your tiger barbs and let you in on a few conditioning tips if you’re considering breeding them. I use the aquarium air pump pipe & remove the debris on the tank bottom. What appears to be Green Tiger barbs fighting among themselves is them picking a pecking order or hierarchy within the the group. When well cared for, tiger barbs have a lifespan of five to seven years. There are other types like the Tiger barbs with. They can also be found in Thailand, Cambodia and the island of Sumatra. Take a look at the rear at home? [2] does not intend to provide any kind of veterinary suggestion. The same tank should serve as a double for raising the fry. male and female separately before pairing them off. you need to add 3 gallons of space to the tank. Provided there is considerable space, one of the best tankmates for the tiger barb is the clown loach; it will even school with the tiger barbs and act as they do. colors, these glowing fish or GloFish which are genetically modified to get the florescent colors may not be legal in many countries, so do check if they are legal before getting these fish home. Even though they are middle dwellers, these fish will eat their food from the bottom as well as from the surface. For a striking display, set up a species-specific tank with a half dozen of each color variation of tiger barb, complemented by live plants. Here’s a short rundown of the conditioning process I use when breeding tiger barbs: The first step is knowing male and female tiger barb differences (this is where your newfound knowledge about determining their gender comes in!) personality to match with their striking appearance. Another common color morph of Tiger Barbs are the Albino Tiger Barbs.

Well, you have just landed yourself in the right place then. and provide them protein-rich food such as adult Brine Shrimp and Freeze-Dried Tiger Barb is a freshwater fish.

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