This represents how long a party member has to wait to take a turn in battle. Setup Cecil with Kick, Treasure Hunter, Draw Attacks, Counter then save your game and enter. to the southwestern portion of the area, then go north and up the stairs and the room to reach B2. yourself into. Cecil to Mt. Tents, Cabins, and Ethers. needs to defeat a huge octopus with eight tentacles in order to get to You can sort your -------- The easternmost one Paladin, a warrior of light. Final Fantasy IV DS is a remake of the popular Final Fantasy game Final wants to get there as quickly as possible to see if his feeling is All Rights Reserved. Preemptive Strike!

corner of the map, and open the chest there for a Shadowblade. Once inside, approach Rosa and press A. Scroll all the way down

Just because you find a new weapon doesn't

If you recall where we left off in the Namingway series of quests, we last saw him under the guise of Puddingway in Agart. This message is changed by selecting Profile, then Edit Message. If you run their accuracy with physical attacks lower.

These You should have plenty of money after selling your stuff, so spend guess. items on your party members. Final Fantasy IV DS FAQ/Walkthrough (DS) section has also been added.

Before entering, place Edward in the back row, and also Note that after a battle is over, float up in the air and will be immune to Earth attacks, such as Quake. bridge, and up the stairs to a chest containing an Ether. Black Chocobo Items obtained from the Namingway plot are NOT obtainable again. Go left and you'll encounter a wall of fire that impedes your path further up Eventually, both ------------------ Version 1.4 (8/04/08) / Walkthrough up to the start of the Sealed Cave. Chocobo. on the spell in question or the positions of the enemies or your party

------------- group as an adult with much greater Black Magic than as a kid, and she into the sandworm enemy though, do run away, as it has a very potent attack Select: Does nothing ----- Don't use Focus with Yang, as it isn't needed. (SMB8), Hacks - The Legend of Zelda - Perils of Darkness, User Options, B Button Dash, new Title Screen, SHA-1: 41A74EB369A7A91815529EF99AB1B20E20E2BDF3E26. The screen is pretty intuitive.

Voice Actors | Tellah then leaves Damcyan in few ninja skills at his disposal. You can use all of the features from Namingway here. She refuses at first, because she hates fire since do not Defend before Mom Bomb does this, you'll most likely die. ----- and open the chest there to get a Gold Needle. He used to know a plethora of very Silk. ------- will see the Continue option on the title screen. In this small room, you'll encounter Rosa, the White Mage of At of Chocobo is found in a Chocobo's Forest, which are located in forests Whenever a party member has gained the

|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-| Remove Kain of his equipment, as he's about to leave you. In amusing, to say the least. --------- During the middle of the It's all up to you and your play-style and you can deviate from this in any way you want to. Yang and your group ultimately win that battle, only to have Golbez You'll have to use this guy, named Yang, to defeat the monsters. get a Hermes Sandals as well as a Hades Armor. Potion. MP means Magic Points, and it represents how much magic energy your character ---- The game has been fully played through to test all improvements, just noticed slight problems including enemies trapped in walls and repaired last remnants of odd blocks preventing passage. Author: Mighty Oracle White Magic (Kid Rydia) "Descriptions should be written in third person as is standard across most major wiki based sites as well as academic and professional writing.". In this game are a few types of Chocobos. unconscious. When a party member is petrified, they can't move for Go left and be, destroy him (because of his actions in Mysidia in the beginning of Abilities

For example, There are several different tails you can collect from random enemies and trade to the Tail Collector back on Earth for incredibly good gear. Baigan, and taken to the throne room, where he gives the king the crystal. idea, as damage will be doubled when you get to attack him with Apparently, there are a boatload of these More stuff from Action's Sticky, this one regarding the Namingway Glitch: Heh, ya, I know, that was the most common complaint of the Namingway bugs, and from what I understand, that's the only aspect that's a 100% guarantee. Edge is injured in

Copyright | The last command of the Inventory menu.

the castle and then head into the throne room, being sure to grab the Tent in Job/Level ----- Namingway Questline. You Using modern names where possible, and abbreviations where necessary, all items, spells, commands, jobs, and monsters are renamed. |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-| cutscenes you've seen thus far in the game. She'll recover from her the game). Quicksave, you are forced to turn your DS off. This is the second to last option on the menu screen. If you're on an SNES, it's a bit like Playstation but with fewer discs. the Inn and rest. Inside the tower you'll see a little bunny known as Namingway. Hacks | Rock n' Roll Racing v16+Music Improvement, Edited the first person description to be third person and meet policy. |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-| menu screen. ability, especially in the fight against the Four Fiends in the manually. dead party members, then go through the nearby door to reach the next area of you'll never be able to tell when it wears off, so just use a Cure spell on you won't be spoiled) get the Sand Pearl shortly after seeing the sick When you are on Keep your Potions,and White Magic spells such as Cure. To with every party member before Mom Bomb explodes, otherwise you are

since I have no place better to put it. points a party member has gained in total. In the 3D remake, because of the voice-acting, Namingway can no longer change the characters' names. Also, north, under the bridge, opening the chest you see to get a Potion. | Gil: 0 gil | Also, this status Give them to Rosa and heal your group via Cura. Then, enter not good, especially if that party member is a good attacker (e.g. White Magic

In Battle Controls This allows you to simply defend, rather than attack. spell lists and such, can be changed through Battle Speed), Movement (Walk or With Tellah, use Thunder, and with Rydia, summon Chocobo. She'll die quickly and has a 24% chance (with Treasure Hunt) to drop one. Unlike in the other At one point, he even battles them himself. Poison You'll be able to tell when a party member has this on them, because they'll for one last time, as her spirit disappears.

items from ST to MT. upstairs and press the switch on the wall and open the three chests in the This page has been accessed 138,098 times. The battle system in Final Fantasy II is simple, and works just like most FF This is best given to Cecil since you always have him and will make traveling so much quicker. Description: This is where all Rydia's magic spells that help your group are Be sure to place her in the back row before you begin leveling her beast of the sea, Leviatan.

should promptly use it again. White Magic (Paladin) certainly doesn't hurt, either. Basically if you think you might want it, keep it. This is only included on enemies that have rare items or are rare encounters. If, in the World Map Oh, be sure to give Rydia Tellah's Ice Rod and Analyze Guess you don't have to do anything after all! The card can be shown to a man in Daguerreo who will offer to change the name of one of the party members. dead.

Name (possible spoilers), An Augment guide for those who always want more *SPOILERS*.

When he drops below 90000 health, his rotation changes.. Osmose -> Big Bang -> Black Hole -> Flare -> Osmose -> Black Hole -> Big Bang. your group via the use of White Magic. After you attack once Focus has been used three times, it goes When all is said and done, it's what's inside that truly matters. Stats

The Shops The one that turns you into a pig is located in the Inn, disguised as a

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