—, He shaded his eyes with his hand and looked east, where the sun was rising over a sycamore, its leaves hanging like bats. "Aren't you listening? Martin should respect his history and culture that he has but doesn’t by saying “So when grandpa came to visit I was so ashamed and embarrassed I could have died. When Martin's Grandpa comes to this house Martin doesn't feel how you would expect someone to feel when they get to see their relatives. It was a pleasant evening as we sat next to the campfire. One of the hyperboles can be found when Martin’s friends are talking about going to visit Martin’s grandpa and exclaim, “We’re going to see the great indian of Bell View Drive.” This can be considered a hyperbole because his friends have never met him before and they don't really know anything about him, other than what Martin has told them. If I am attacked by renegades or bushwhacked by outlaws, I'm going to pull out this little book and read to 'em?" Secondly, Martin’s relationship to his grandpa allows us to clearly see the theme. Like the Bobcat.". Now I may not have much, but I have everything I need and a pardner to go it with me. Thus, Martin is trying to cover up his real culture with stories to impress his friends.Next, as mentioned earlier, the author tells Martin’s thoughts when his grandpa is coming,”So when grandpa came to visit us I was so ashamed and embarrassed I could’ve died.” This is hyperbole and it shows just how much Martin wants to separate himself from his family's culture. "What's in them boxes on that animal? I don't reckon' I understand it all.

It's all confidential. The author shows that although a family member may have a different cultural background, they are still family and deserve to be loved. —, He believed in hard work, believed that his strength was as ancient as a rock’s.

So Martin becomes embarassed of his grandpa for no good reasons.

Indian.” However, as the story progresses, it is clear that it is because Martin is worried that his friends will laugh at him and make fun of him for his culture.

Which contributes to the theme, don’t let what others think or even might think change your views on something you love. even in this situation Martin continues to shun his culture. Martin sees his grandpa as someone to be embarrassed of. Every summer, they went to visit their grandpa.

The author notes that others may be understanding of your culture, just and Martin and Cheryl’s friends were of them. She even invited her friends over almost right away. At first, Martin isn’t so sure about Grandpa visiting in front of all of his friends, and keeps his friends away from Grandpa. Furthermore, Martin’s younger sister Cheryl has a very different reaction to their grandpa coming to see them. I watched as he turned the little cross over and over in his hand as he gazed upon it.

I asked. "Hey, take it easy there with that water. We got to a place where we made camp. Objectives: To be able to interpret a symbol & distinguish between flat and round & dynamic and static characters. “The Medicine Bag” is a short story by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve that takes place in a small town in Iowa. Martin and his sister, Cheryl, lived in the city and had their whole lives. "You never know when you might find yourself running low on supplies and no posts around for miles. "I ain't never heard of that." And I would be beholding to you if you would be so kind as to forgive my persistent nature. Types of Characters. Martin says,” I was so ashamed and embarrassed I could of died.” This use of hyperbole shows us that he is embarrassed of his ancestry, and in this case it would be his grandpa. For example, Sneve uses imagery when Martin first saw Grandpa walking down the street. << /Type /Page /Parent 5 0 R /Resources 6 0 R /Contents 2 0 R /MediaBox White men have pills and liniment and potions or snake oil.

My curiosity was aroused. Another example of others’ actions revealing this theme is one of Martin’s friend’s comments on Grandpa to Martin. 4 0 obj You may even have one. He has a Sioux grandpa who live on a reservation, and he loves to tell many stories of him. But I never saw a mean side of him and he never shirked lending a helping hand. Tips to keep in mind for World Mental Health Day After that he rolled over and went to sleep. x��WMo�6��WrXt[����街` �e/�D�\�+�d���;�eK��ؑ�"����ޛ7C� ^� \\b� |�BHc;�@r�<>+�����vl���zd��a������x�WB)�,rx���X,��'p��+��7/R.UY�������Mυ�̲�Rr~x����g����+;)���'��@&��Oۉ�'��xv��Ħ�B։�r�!�R'��^p DO���+�˧�47���7�=[��`r$�92����Ax�}�̵뀬^s�y*Qpxe�'�DI0̇,� �WB4)�9h����SF��a�GF3n�\�B0H�؊bk�ۀ*��w�&�_�~��G`@ߏ1��&j�+X�WB�����V��BP5+R&S��2a�M��~��d)��N������e�:���� R��%f��-��S�S�|0��#���O���::�� ��[�'r�{�|�+qxTbˬ�E�d�%P{�:�Z$= Efe�#�]�1�F�� �d ���&�:E�{6{+ �:�uh�[#��Mlݜv r<3�sYӲ���w����NM���I� WQ��u�K4��K�2���|j �mC_�r�t;�y���(�_O�墨D5�1a�.ޓ �d3��)6�Zd�s�'*��ɿ�\��\Z��1�n�xK��e�qحKHtc�{��ٖ+H٦��)���SBCJ�TJ��)I��J3��F;��y.V�zםq� ��$�6wk����>���6}�KVrUa��& ��wO+#A0�e�/�n��=>�a]��(�~7p荶�Z��jݖ�� ښ�Y5�{�{�ϲ���^-Lyk�2k�x���|`�ժH�{VA;tH�]��5ެ�_L[�.Q���X��U�!黖x�8u�9#�jYg���O���G���XS����v\�M����Fx��0����>�f�;n�/`��Dza���x �����c[Ô�r�J���-�c���U�j��]�>^�[>�29�P~}4m؊�7�g��UF^w�~�}�>O1�E��;�:��0�/�V7��&۸�+���ҐF�>Q�n�6|?�b��(~!DD�q�d�����mB���#����oG "But what about El camino de Cristo?" As a result, Cheryl helps make people more aware of the Sioux and their culture from hearing her grandpa’s stories. I drifted off soon after that myself. Figurative Language The story of the medicine bag in told by Joe through a flashback of his father finding it. "The Medicine Bag" is an inspirational message. This shows how Martin sees Grandpa, what really sticks out to him, and what he fears people will make fun of him for. I broke camp, packed up and headed on my way.

She said it helped balance out nature and would be good for me. Not wanting his friends to see that his grandpa was not as good as he told, Martin pretends his grandpa isn’t at his house and doesn’t treat his with respect. I highly doubt that that the entire neighborhood was watching the exchange between Martin and his grandpa. Students that have finished are taking some time to read a book in the reading area. They really like these here beads. He didn't leave any tracks to follow. They are dragon-seekers, bent on / improbable rescues. Further on in the story, Martin again demonstrates his extreme embarrassment about his Grandpa's culture and looks. "Iron Shell became a blacksmith and worked at the trade when he returned to the reservation." At the beginning although Martin is rude to his grandpa, he is also very ashamed and embarrassed, and he doesn't seem to purposely be mean to his grandpa. For this reason, Martin believes that he must also stand out for being associated with him. We can make camp in a few hours and I will gather wood, draw fresh water and whatever else I can do to be of help. << /Length 1 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> He said no.

All in all, Sneve uses figurative language in the story in a way that conveys the theme.In conclusion, the theme of “The Medicine Bag” is obviously to not let what others think affect what you love. He was generally quiet and seemed as though he didn't have a care in the world. The readers are left with a sense of closure and begin to realize that staying connected to your family can help you to accept your own culture without being embarrassed by it. He handed me some kind of bread that he had. Data Protection.

While I was starting the fire I noticed the fellow pouring water out of the canteen into his hat for the animals. The author used a lot of figurative language throughout the story to bring the overall theme of the story to life. I ain't got room for carrying anything that I don't need to survive. “The Medicine Bag” by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve follows the story of a kid name Martin. endobj At the beginning when Grandpa arrives, Martin describes his feelings of embarrassment by saying that he wants to “sink through the pavement.” Although he can’t really sink through the pavement, it conveys how embarrassed Martin fely.The author most likely used this to better show the change in Martin’s mindset from the beginning of the story to the end.

I had noticed on a couple of occasions that he wore a small leather pouch that was usually concealed under his shirt.

Which was completely uncalled for. But when he talked about it, it made sense good enuff. The Medicine Bag“The Medicine Bag” is a short story by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. Part 1“The Medicine Bag” is a short story by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve about Martin, a teenage boy, and his grandfather, a Sioux native. What's more, there was no sign of where he had gone. You may feel free to inspect them if you wish. Just think, someone I never even met gave his life for me. After a time he slowly removed the pouch from around his neck and opened it. One of the major elements that Sneve used to show that Grandpa and his culture were out of place was imagery. Martin also describes Grandpa with vivid imagery and similes. However, they come over anyway. The cattle could be heard rustling around drawn by curiosity of the glow from the small fire. It was a night a lot like tonight. She allows her friends to come and visit Grandpa all of the time. ‘The Medicine Bag’ is a story about a boy who is ashamed of his grandfather and heritage however, he doesn’t fully appreciate his Native American family’s past until his grandfather, Joe Iron Shell, comes to visit and pass on the medicine bag. I was hoping I might catch that Gideon and find out how he made away so clean. "Say," I said. Martin’s Grandpa passes on the Medicine Bag, this bag grants protection to whoever wears it and Grandpa is giving the bag to Martin. "It's gonna take you a spell to get there. As you’re nearing the end Martin becomes more accepting of his friend’s views. He talked about this boy of God's and how he grew up and about his life. There hasn't been anyone along for quite some time and I would enjoy your company. A few examples of figurative language are hyperboles, imagery, and repetition. The reader is then left to wonder if Martin will begin to accept his culture, or continue to resent it. As a result, she does not allow the opinions or thoughts of others to come between her and her grandpa. Here, take one, please.

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