Even though this man has a better chance of reconnecting with his family than Zits's father does, he does offer a reminder that everyone has the potential to ruin his life.

Zits feels both disgusted and elated at once - he wants to kill the body he inhabits, but has waited his entire life to meet his father. Interestingly, Pam deduces his race from his t-shirt and hair, not from his skin tone or physical features. Both Zits and his own father have been corrupted by the behavior of their fathers. He accuses them - as representatives of white people in general - of being responsible for his condition: “White people did this to Indians.

Finally fed up, Paul punches him in the face.

The moment reminds us of Zits's preoccupation with appearance, but it also up-ends his expectations. Pam and Paul show an unsolicited concern, but nevertheless serve as a scapegoat for the father's anger. Terms of Service They decided to buy fuchsia dye, perfect for Operation Royal Flush. There, the man laughed at the absurdity of the situation, to the horror of his wife and child. Pam suggests he wait there until the ambulance arrives, but he spurns her kindness, doubting that any help will actually arrive. They would buy food dye because it wouldn't be harmful to the animals.

And because they cannot have those things, they resent those who do.

Over the years, he became a homeless, alcoholic. You make us like this” (136). This Study Guide consists of approximately 38 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - He vomits again, and then hears someone calling out to him. Study 7 Flush Chapter 18 flashcards from Caterina Z. on StudyBlue. She has to pacify Paul, who grows progressively angrier as Zits continues to insult her. But this virtue angers Zits even more, and he questions Paul about his sex life with Pam.

He passes through garbage and dog excrement before painfully striking a dumpster, after which he vomits undigested food and liquor.

Zits can feel that this new body does not want help, since it shambles away despite Pam and Paul’s protests. A young white couple approaches to ask if he is okay. Unsurprisingly, this is his final lesson. Pam and Paul are an unwelcome reminder of all that he has lost, a potentially happy family life. As Pam refuses to be baited by his lewd aggression, he grows even angrier.

LEGAL. I really can't see any here. When the man questions how to show Zits respect, Zits asks for a story, something personal and secret. As the man with a cell phone leaves, Zits looks at himself in the mirror of a nearby truck to realize that he is in the body of his father.

It was this memory that was in Zits's father's mind as he ran from the waiting room.

Not affiliated with Harvard College. She said that Dusty should be stopped and that someday the authorities will catch up with him. Zits shares his condolences, but the man tells him to keep his “sorrow to himself“ (149). His story about the parrot reveals how all humans can cause themselves trouble through moments of cruelty. He now has a chance to learn why his father left him, but is quite confused to see that his father carries a picture of him. After a while, a Coast Guard helicopter was circling over the area. When the father repeats "I want some respect" over and over, it evokes Zits's phrase "I want attention" from Chapter 1. Zits feels both disgusted and elated at once - he wants to kill the body he inhabits, but has waited his entire life to meet his father. Clearly, Zits's father blames his misfortunes on white society. He wants them to pay attention to him. Paul tells Zits he is in Tacoma, near Seattle, and that the year is 2007 - the same year that the novel began. He is shocked to find a picture of himself as a five-year-old in the wallet. As the man complies, he asks whether Zits has children, and Zits, interested, takes out his new body's wallet to check. Privacy Policy.

But where Zits's father allowed those fears to control him - leading him out of the hospital room - Zits has been blessed with this journey which has offered him perspective, teaching him that does not have to be controlled by his fears and resentments. Noah and Abbey combined all their money and came up with fifty-seven dollars and sixteen cents which they would spend all on dye. Both want to be respected, and believe that improving their appearances might help. In his memory, he closes his eyes. When he sees blood in the vomit, he knows he is “certainly a street drunk, a loser whose belly is torn apart by booze” (132).

everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Flush.

In the present, Zits too closes his own. Throughout the novel, Zits has faced the fact that all humans are capable of hatred, resentments, violence, and confusion, in the process slowly coming to forgive himself and others. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Flight by Sherman Alexie. In this way, he feels similarly to how Zits feels at the beginning of the novel, although his hatred has been strengthened by additional years of alcoholism and despair. Angered, Zits follows the man, repeating, "I want some respect." To empathize with and forgive his father are his final obstacles towards achieving serenity. GradeSaver, 3 June 2013 Web. One was Billy Babcock who she got drunk and brought home so he wouldn't warn Dusty and the other man on the... (read more from the Chapters 18 and 19 Summary).

Miss O Reads 19,695 views. To build dramatic pacing, Alexie allows the situation to unfold at a leisurely pace. In many ways, what is happening is that his anger is being reflected back onto himself; he is unable to take responsibility for his own pain, and so pushes the envelope until Paul's violence ends the situation. Literary Devices. When they left the store, Bull was standing outside.

A Brief History of "Assimilation through Education" for Native American children, The Function of Humor in Sherman Alexie’s Flight. The parrot proved to be a beloved family pet, who often sat on the man's shoulder while he cooked. One day, he was boiling water when the bird jumped into the pot, scalding itself. Suggest a Title. Plot Summaries. RESOURCES. She can tell he is Indian by his braids and by his t-shirt, which has a picture of Geronimo with the caption “Fighting Terrorism Since 1492” (133). Flush - Chapters 18 and 19 Summary & Analysis Carl Hiaasen This Study Guide consists of approximately 38 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Flush. He vomits again, and then hears someone calling out to him.

Zits acknowledges that he feels respected, but asks to see a picture of the man's daughter. He is verbally and sexually abusive. Zits then discovers a different memory, of his eight-year-old father lying in bed while his father (Zits's grandfather) aggressively asked whether the boy had brought meat home. Eventually, his father realized he was sick and damaged, and left.

As he imagines them describing this incident to friends, Zits grows angry and starts cursing them for their kindness. The woman, Pam, tells him he is an Indian in his fifties. The kids went to see Shelly to firm up final plans for that night.

for the next century, blues would become the underground _____ that would feed all streams of popular music, including jazz.

Like a doppelganger, Zits’s father represents what could happen to him if he continues living a destructive, hateful life. He admits to Zits that he did love that bird, and that his family is not speaking to him. Zits wakes to see a rat, from which he rolls away in disgust.

The man with a cell phone tells Zits about his daughter’s parrot, which is named Harry Potter. Rather than face the possibility that he is responsible for his own attitude, he forces the man to strike him. They decided to buy fuchsia dye, perfect for Operation Royal Flush. The family rushed the bird to the veterinary hospital, where it was soon hooked up to an oxygen machine. She warned them that the squeeze bottles would take quite a bit of time to empty into the toilets... (read more from the Chapters 14 and 15 Summary). Ultimately, this episode suggests the import of father figures in our lives. Zits's father was nervous because he had not brought meat, and because his father was a bully. Once he collects his pride, he struts back out into the street, his head held high. People there scurry away from him, frightened by his bloodied appearance. Zits is struck by the way Paul listens to her, the way they respect one another, while he is all the while attempting to destroy her with his rage. Donna was upset with the evidence of the sewage dump. What redeeming action(s) did Zits perform as his father? Chapters 14 and 15 Summary. Flight study guide contains a biography of Sherman Alexie, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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