11 0 obj In the heat of summer or hot locations generally it is possible for a germanium Fuzz Face built in the temperate (i.e. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Someone in Aron's Stompbox Forum said that placing a 100pF capacitor … 8 0 obj 9 0 obj Other 1966 Original Electronic Components Peculiarities: The parts used back in the 60s keep part of the character of the pedal, these are the most important facts: Thanks for reading, all feedback is appreciated This email address is being protected from spambots. 2 multi-turn Burns trimmer resistors to set the collector voltages on the input and output transistors: Allowing to set the perfect bias for the circuit. I read somewhere that he has low hfe nkt275 in his vintage ones, but I don't know if it's true, they're not the ones he has in his signature model for sure. The usual recommended range for the "classic" Fuzz Face is 70-85 for Q1 and 120-140 for Q2. In the image below you can check how the Germanium Fuzz reacts to a sinusoidal input signal. It sounded pretty nice on the breadboard. The 1K linear "Fuzz" pot that was standard issue for the original Fuzz Face. <<

P�����k���LWPlH0jC}E%c0Z���+����@Ճ!H���ʙKզ,� �+�E�r�j̰5/��|1��e�����"/���e7�j�u��4��Iz���?�n*2��UA�504(����̪��-L~��������'��m����H1����Ed�Լ /BM/Normal 1 0 obj I have started testing the various components on my pedal build, and I had acquired a Ge AC128 pairing that was supposed to have hfe 70-85 for Q1 and 120-140 for Q2. /AIS false Silicon transistors sound much harsher when distorted. /OP false They were manufactured back in the old USSR Soviet days, they are under military specifications that make them good, with a consistent gain and not leaky in current. For this project, we are going to use Germanium PNP transistors. var addy6549dbb6511107e1a7730b7fcc304057 = 'info' + '@'; There isn't any low pass filter in the circuit: in the treble side of the frequency response, the line extends flat to the limits of the measuring system. /ca 1 In this project, we are going to build the perfect Fuzz with all the knowledge and experience that we have nowadays while keeping the tweaks and old character that make this vintage pedal to sound warm, round, and harmonically pleasant. OP, do you mean the hfe (current gain) of the transistors, or the overall voltage gain (essentially volume gain) of the pedal as a whole?
Do we need another fuzz face derivative? /AIS false endobj However, if you like a sound that's more "squishy" and "compressed," I have found that a high gain device for Q2 (150-190) gives a good result with a Q1 in the range of 90-120. When playing with two Si transistors there are noticeable noise artifacts when note decays. I used the method described here to measure the hfe's of the circuit, and I got about 25 for Q1 and about 50 for Q2. the fuzzface ccct really doesn't seem to care for high gain transistors, it becomes a run of the mill fuzz instead of the classic sounding face. Arbiter Fuzz Face The Fuzz Legend Welcome to a legend. Thanks in advance! /BM/Normal /OP false The circuit layout in a pedal with a huge gain like this is critical and the component selection will leave its footprint on the sound. �k�7�W�

/CA 1 Leakage wasn’t particularly low in these transistors.

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