It’s not that the Demons are out of form, The Demonland Podcast Returns LIVE onin November after Trade Week, TRADE & DRAFT TALK But in typical Melbourne fashion, they threw away the opportunity to cement their spot in the eight with a clanger of a game. Part One: A very strange year Often heard sung, but never really analysed, the second oldest club in the AFL has probably the oldest sounding song.

Adelaide. What are they? HEY EAGLES!

Marty Hore has been given a 1 year deal whilst Charlie Spargo has signed on for 2 more years ... NATHAN JONES RE-SIGNS Composer Igor Stravinsky made an arrangement of the song for orchestra in 1917. The North Melbourne club song, ‘Join in the chorus,’ was adopted from the tune ‘Wee Doech ‘n Dorus’ in the 1920s. Lightning?

And for anyone who knows anything of the club’s history the lyric, “we’re the Eagles, we’re flying high” is retrospectively, a terrible line.

Richmond Committee member Alf Barnett asked Malcomson to pen the lyrics to the tune of “Row. Footy clubs always want to be the best. Meanwhile why did the Crows change from "we're the mighty Adelaide Crows" to "and we're known as the Adelaide Crows"? Risking head and shin (hey) When were behind well never mind we’ll fight and fight and win Oh were from Tigerland were never weak until the final sirens gone Like the tiger of old Were strong and were bold Oh were from tiger ... ... YELLOW AND BLACK! As most AFL fans would no doubt be aware, Port Adelaide Football Club had a cosmetic makeover/rebrand to be able to join the AFL in the late-90s, as they were (and still are in the SANFL competition) The Port Adelaide Magpies. Maybe it’s a mythical place with actual Tigers running around everywhere, frolicking gayly on the countryside? Things might have been somewhat hairy when the 1919 football season opened up in the wake of the ending of a world war and in the middle of a pandemic that took millions of lives but it’s difficult to imagine a more unusual football season than the one that ended a week or so ago ... HORE & SPARGO INK NEW DEALS Inaccurate kicking, particularly from set shots would have pu, The long awaited clash between Melbourne and Essendon is almost upon us. Demonland, So they had a re-birth as Port Adelaide “Power”… What that represents exactly, I’m not sure. Its bad enough listening to the original song they pinched but their supporters havent changed over the history of the club: You think if you're going to all the effort to type the lyrics you'd get them right.

Note — A ‘cakewalk’ was a dance developed from an African American contest in graceful walking, where a cake was offered as a prize, in the late 19th century.

We are the Suns of the Gold Coast sky; We’re the team who never say die! When the Crows’ faithful hear this, the well-heeled mob just wants to head up to a snug cabin in the Barossa, charge their crystal Chardonnay glasses and toast the original South Australian team in the AFL in merriment (before those cross-town ruffians the Power showed up). Not too bad. This theme song is an original tune written in 2010 by Melbourne composer Rosco Elliott. Club song: ‘Cheer, Cheer the red and the white’.


But you can’t beat the boys of the Bulldogs breed, We’re the team of the mighty West. How a season was ruined. Former Demon Captain Brad Green will join the Melbourne Football Club Board of Directors in November ... PETRACCA PLACES 3RD Shortest lyrics of any club song. Its such a catchy little number that no-one has recorded it. The “Shake down the thunder from the sky” line stands out, and gets Swans fans pumped to the core to watch their beloved “bloods” in action. The song was changed to be shorter and more upbeat than the original, the ‘Volga Boatmen’ section was dropped, leaving only the part written by Walther. Fight! Smith’s success was built on team, The last of this year’s indigenous games was played in the red heart of the country and could well have determined Melbourne’s finals aspirations but it was St Kilda that had its top four hopes dashed after a nail-biting finish in Alice Springs which saw them unceremoniously marched out of the position in football heaven occupied by them for much of this season.

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