These aren’t the kind that has a needle. You should think long and hard about whether this is the right course of action for your pet. This can result in potentially serious and even fatal injuries. This can result in potentially serious and even fatal injuries. Your pet continually rubs its nose which stimulates the production of this fluid. While they are fine for other animals, even other small rodents, they aren’t for gerbils.

But because it can’t, it won’t.

This is worrying because losing weight can be a sign of poor health in gerbils.

It could be hidden underneath your pet’s fur. A pet may bite it with its teeth.

Identify the source of the blood, e.g.

We receive no government or lottery funding, so your generosity is vital. Using disinfectant is easy.

This requires the same actions no matter what the reason for your pet’s condition.

It’s a shade darker than the rest of your pet’s skin.

Your pet is put under anesthetic, which will prevent it from feeling any pain. Upon noticing that a tumor is present, your vet will recommend surgery. If your gerbils are showing any of these symptoms of a parasite infestation, contact your vet: When gerbils start to mature they can sometimes fight with each other. The vet will also prescribe medication where necessary. The only clue for its location will be dried and matted blood around the wound. Make sure you find a vet who has chosen to specialise in small mammals to get the best possible care for your gerbils. And if your pet is sick, then quarantine may be necessary.

In any case, clean all wounds with clean, warm water, and apply an antibiotic cream recommended by your vet. Separating the warriors into a split cage and switching sides frequently may be enough to re-familiarize them with their shared scent. Declanning is where the gerbil’s social group falls apart. If you notice your gerbils drawing blood when they fight, the cause is declanning. Is there any strong "background smell" in your home, like a fresh Christmas tree, painting smells or a brand-new carpet? There is no one answer to this question. The pus is composed of white blood cells, which attack and destroy bacteria.

You must clean the wound as soon as possible to prevent this from occurring.

If your gerbil’s stomach looks bloody, your gerbil has an issue with its scent gland. It’s vital to recognize the signs of strokes in gerbils so that you can seek appropriate treatment. You must then ensure that nothing around your pet can infect the wound. You can…. But eventually, they will use their teeth to attack each other. It should be healthy, and of an appropriate age…, There are many reasons why you may notice your gerbil getting skinny. Did one gerbil get loose for a time, picking up strange smells from his explorations. There are even vets who specialize in small pets like rodents. Do you ever scratch an open patch of skin too much?

In the wild, the rejected gerbil would run off to live in its own burrow.

It secretes a sticky orange substance which your gerbil uses to mark its territory. I’ve always found gerbils to be adorable pets, and am fascinated by their behavior. Gerbils are generally quite healthy animals – most of their illnesses come with age. However, a wound could be anywhere on your pet’s body.

If your gerbil is bleeding, this is always a negative symptom that requires treatment. Gerbils do this to conserve water in the wild. This will cause the pus to flow out, and may cause a small amount of blood too. Keep injured gerbils safe, warm and on clean, dry, soft bedding until they heal. An infection can spread from a wound to your pet’s bloodstream. Health check your gerbils regularly, paying attention to their legs and face – these are common areas for fight wounds. Occasionally, however, a fight will break out among them.

Sometimes, though, gerbils fight for real. You may also notice that your gerbil has a bloody eye. Bedding made from anything dusty is bad for gerbils.

Check its wound and whether its symptoms are improving. If you suspect your gerbil has a wound, change the bedding to towels to prevent infection.

Their advice can be invaluable, for both the recovery period and your overall care. The reason for most gerbils fighting is because they have gone through a process called declanning. Behavior Research Methods & Instrumentation, Gerbil Scent Gland Tumor Bleeding (Treatment & Removal Cost), How to Tell If Your Gerbil is Depressed (And What to Do About It), Gerbil Health Monitoring: How to Check for Problems + Illnesses.

If you’re at all concerned about lumps on your gerbils, take them to the vet. This is a serious issue. As much as your instinct is to punish the aggressor, it will be much easier to find a new friend for the passive and gentler victim than for the gerbil that started the ruckus. If the wound is bad, you should treat it.

This is like what your gerbil is doing, but all the time. These fights progressively get worse over time. Parasites such as fur mites can be fairly common in gerbils who are housed on wood shavings or sawdust. It turns red and becomes even itchier.

It is sometimes the case that a previously dominant gerbil’s health is declining, changing the dominance relationship between the two as the previously submissive gerbil is now the stronger one. If they get worse, you may need to take your pet to the vet again.

The first thing a vet will do is identify the location of the tumor and its severity. At this point, putting your pet to sleep may be the best option.

The dust gets in their eyes and causes this allergic reaction.

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