Linda and Koko go after him. Shortly afterward, Koko becomes tired and falls asleep at the wheel. Mitsuo then discovers that Linda will also be gone like Banri will be, and then sees her train tickets going to the same place as Banri, but when he presses her a bit about it and tries to playfully flirt, Linda storms off. On his way home Banri checks his phone and is shocked to discover that Koko has been texting him all day. He reflects on how his summer activities have so far been cancelled or interrupted. Chinami finds the two and invites them to a party, but Koko declines out of dislike for Chinami, but this does not dissuade Chinami, who explains to Banri that she likes Koko. Going back into the house, Banri finds Koko's unbroken mirror and realizes it isn't his, and his memories of Koko come flooding back. Back at his apartment, Banri considers when he can give the ring to Koko and wonders who he can talk to about it. Koko arrives for them to go to Festival Club practice. She wonders if Banri is trying to find himself and if he does so if will he leave her. Add the first question.

While he sympathizes with their wishes, he does not want to lose his current self. Koko suddenly falls ill and does not come to school for several days. After asking for directions to the bridge where Banri fell, Koko leaves. He returns to being "new" Banri, and sees in the mirror Koko gave him that he has cut his chin. They meet up with the rest of the Festival Club, and discuss the preparations needed before the festival. Mitsuo resists the idea until the Tea Club tries to recruit them for questionable employment. Finding out that Mitsuo may have a girlfriend, she formulates a plan to determine her identity and enlists Banri's and 2D-kun's help. He offers to hang out, but Banri already has plans with Koko.

However, after meeting their friends, Koko nonchalantly declares that she and Banri are broken up, much to the shock and bewilderment of Banri and the others. At the school, 2D, Koko and Banri talk about Mitsuo's strategy to keep filming the festival club. He meets a new friend Takaya Satō, nicknamed Nijigen.

She admits that she questions whether Banri really loves her and is afraid he will disappear someday. The next morning, Koko refuses to accept the ring Banri had presented to her and breaks up with him. Banri gets to his feet and tells her to pretend that they are just strangers, as he wants to cut ties with the past. After Banri thanks Koko for all they'd shared together, the two agree to become friends, and Koko will revoke her resignation from the club. When Banri returns to Tokyo, he recalls how his mother gave him her ring from her youth to give to his girlfriend, but Koko and the others meet him before he can think more on it. Koko tells Banri about a dream she had where she was riding in a car with Banri and at a place where they are told to stop the car, Koko gets off and the car drives away, which makes her believe that if Banri should regain his memories that he would fall in love with Linda instead of her. Banri arrives at the Golden Time restaurant where the Festival Club is setting up for a gathering at the Fireworks Extravaganza and the club members are strangely welcoming and eerily nice, which sets Banri on edge. As the others leave, Koko decides to stay with Banri, and the two ultimately escape and hide in the woods.

He realizes she isn't in the mood to talk about anything and then she falls asleep on Banri. Later that night, Banri awakens and finds Koko still there and watching over him. Another student overhears them and invites the two to a café to tell them about her club, which lasts until dark.

Koko asks Mitsuo if their time together meant nothing to him, and Mitsuo replies that while he treasures their time together, he only sees her as a childhood friend.

When Mitsuo asks Koko about it she deflects the question and focuses on other things, leaving Mitsuo to brood on this new-found knowledge. One day, Banri is called back to his apartment because of a plumbing leak, but when he arrives he meets Nana again, who reveals that she is his neighbor, and that she faked the leak to get him to meet with Linda.

Meanwhile, Chinami had invited Koko to help her unpack, and invites Koko to stay overnight, but while Koko denies that she was there to help and will not stay, she relents. With Nijigen feeling exhausted, Koko instead drives the car back home. Due to a tragic accident, Banri Tada is struck with amnesia, dissolving the memories of his hometown and past. After class, Banri meets Koko. After returning to school, Banri meets Koko, who gives him a mirror that matches hers to commemorate their friendship. Sam and Dean are visited by an old friend; Castiel investigates the disappearance of a … The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Sam and Dean are visited by an old friend; Castiel investigates the disappearance of a … Chinami is the first suspect so they wait outside her house. Koko notices Banri's unusual behavior around Linda, but when she questions him, he denies that anything is wrong. Banri wonders why Linda has not mentioned any of this to him, and the spirit of Banri laments that he cannot tell the current Banri how important Linda was to him. From episode 13 onwards, the opening theme is "The♡World's♡End" and the ending theme is "Love Me Temporarily♡" (半永久的に愛してよ♡, Han'eikyūteki ni Aishite yo♡), in which all four songs are sung by Yui Horie. Later Banri encounters Nana. But several things get in the way, and nothing ends up happening. Nana catches her in the act, then suggest that Koko do that during Nana's next show, but Koko refuses. He vows to become an evil spirit and curse Banri with unhappiness. Banri is devastated when Koko suddenly dumps him out of nowhere.

Due to a tragic accident, Banri Tada is struck with amnesia, dissolving the memories of his hometown and past. As they discuss their wish to hang out with Mitsuo (who has been too busy lately), Koko arrives and overhears the conversation. The next day Banri is on a train home. She invites them on her club's overnight trip to see if they would be willing to join.

After Koko makes the decision for him, Koko and Banri talk about how Banri is ready to face his past after their frank fight earlier, and Koko admits that her love for Banri has grown more after that fight, and encourages him to return home. She tries to run to the restroom, but Linda points out that she's been there about thirty times, and that her urge to urinate is a result of her nervous condition. She assures him that she couldn't have come and seen him if that were the case. Stunned by Koko's words, Banri waits for Koko where she had rejected him, hoping Koko would come back. This page was last edited on 13 March 2020, at 16:24. Koko arrives at Banri's home.

The club then reveals itself as a cult recruiting Banri's group to join them. While lost, he encounters Yanagisawa Mitsuo in a similar situation, and they head to campus together when a car stops in front of them and out steps the beautiful Kaga Koko with a bouquet of roses. When Banri shows he does not remember she had a brother, a saddened Linda leaves, but not before she uses the words he used to comfort her in the past to encourage him to be there for Koko. Banri and Koko discuss their breakup and make a promise to eachother.

Oka-chan walks up and says hello, then announces that she is on her way to her part time job.

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