Creating and launching the first Grime music awards show ‘The Rated Awards’ with GRM Daily and KA drinks which was televised on Channel 4 just 3 years later. A lot of people ask me about GRM Daily, how it grew to become the powerhouse it is now and what happened in the early days. We grew the agency into an award-winning, leading marketing agency specialising in content, social and influencer marketing. ‍Our unique ability to influence and strengthen brands relationships with audiences lead to us winning a roster of global brand clients such as Absolut Vodka, House of Marley and Clarks. GRM Daily (stands for "Grime and Rap Music"), formerly Grime Daily, is a British urban music outlet and entertainment platform. In the early 2000s, pirate radio stations such as Rinse FM and DvDs such as Risky Roadz and Lord of the Mics were the only major platforms that grime and UK rap artists could promote themselves through. And Reboxed was born.Leveraging my experience in customer marketing, building audiences and influencing culture - we’re on a mission to change the world of recommerce in the tech industry through Reboxed. [2], In 2015, GRM created the Rated Awards, an awards show dedicated to UK urban music. Follow our journey as we go through the ups, down's in's and outs of building our business. If you’d like to know more about the ‘Marketing with Attitude’ workshop head over to brandt to learn more about influencer marketing and branding. As a huge consumer of technology, and a self-confessed technophile - I realised the next obvious move for me was into the tech market. Working with Ghetts, one of the UK’s finest music artists, on the ‘Rebel without a cause album’ from concept to independent release and the subsequent chart success. I'm Matt Thorne, full-stack designer, digital strategist and brand builder. GRM has grown into the UK's leading youth culture website and gets over half a million visitors daily. A full-stack designer, award-winning digital marketer and startup builder helping brands and businesses to communicate their mission through design and earn attention online, My mission is to add value and make a difference, by creating impactful products and brands for customers and businesses. The "Daily" is a reference to the fact that the outlet originally intended to release grime related content every single day.

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We signed Ghetts, and helped to creatively mould, direct and market his seminal album ‘Rebel with a Cause’ - a hugely successful top 40 album.Rebel With a Cause was a huge success, achieving a Top 40 position in the UK album charts, at a time when grime really had very little mainstream coverage. Book me to speak at your event.

Something went wrong while submitting the form. The platform was created in order to create a space for UK urban artists to showcase themselves and release music. Well, the secrets out.

Well, the secrets out. One-to-one calls or sessions, brand positioning and strategy. Coffee fuelled conversation about business, starting out and building brands‍Join us on The Grind, the weekly series behind the scenes of our start up Reboxed. [25][26][27][28] Donatella Panayiotou, the presenter of the event, quit working for GRM Daily as a result of the shooting, and criticised them for their handling of the event.

“I wanted to do this everyday. This was followed by the founding of Link Up TVa year later, and final…

Agency, now taking responsibility for the commercial operations of GRM Daily's website, and Silver Bullet Digital (SBD). Associated With. Once Koby Hagan (also known as Posty) had ran out of things to upload, he decided to buy a camera and film his own unique content.

He and his marketing agency had a hand in launching the Rated Awards, a UK-based urban music awards show. How we started the UK's biggest Music website and hit 3 Million YouTube subscribers. [4][30][5], "GRM Daily | Grime, Rap music, and Culture - The UK's leading Urban Entertainment website", "Urban entertainment brand Grime daily re-launches brand and website as GRM Daily", "Urban entertainment site Grime Daily re-brands | News | Music Week", "UK Rapper "Young Spray" Stabbed At GRM Daily Awards In London", "Rapper do Reino Unido é esfaqueado gravemente durante premiação", "OverYourHead | Mixtape Madness – 'The Beginning, "Wiley: 'If I was trying to act like I was 20, trying to sell records to teenagers, that would be stupid, "How A DVD Series Helped Shape A Decade Of Grime Culture", "Grime watch: how SBTV, Link Up and GRM Daily propped up black British music", "Why Scottish arts and media must reflect working-class culture", "How The Grime And UK Rap Scene Is Finally Getting The Recognition It Deserves", "10 of the best football bars from UK rappers and grime MCs", "KA Drinks and Grime Daily present the Rated Awards", "Rated Awards 2016: Meet the guys taking UK rap global", "In Focus: Why do we need 'urban' award shows in the first place?

[4][5], GRM Daily is the largest media outlet platform in the UK, followed by Link Up TV and Mixtape Madness. [2][3][15], In 2012 Grime Daily joined together with The BiG! Police claimed they were not informed the event was happening. [11][12], Grime Daily was formed in 2009 by founders Matt 'Sketchy' Thorne, Pierre Godson-Amamoo and Koby 'Posty' Hagan.

In 2014, I co-founded Disrupt marketing, starting out as a record label which later morphed into a leading youth marketing agency. The platform has been credited for bringing fame to artists such as Stormzy, Dave, J Hus[20], B Young, Amelia Monét, Kojo Funds, Steel Banglez, Not3s, Mabel, and many others. ", "why this is such an exciting time for the afrobeats scene in the uk", "How independent artists have changed the music industry", "Grime DJ one of three injured in shooting", "TV girl escapes death as man opens fire with machine-gun at party", "Organisers say warehouse shooting was 'isolated incident, "THE GRIME REPORT: DONATELLA QUITS GRIME DAILY OVER SHOOTING INCIDENT", "Rapper stabbed at star-studded music awards poses in hospital bed",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 00:24. Your submission has been received! ... 2009, Co-founder at GRM Daily which has grown on to amass over 3.5 million subscribers and 2.5 Billion views on YouTube.

... A lot of people ask me about GRM Daily, how it grew to become the powerhouse it is now and what happened in the early days.

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