HAR provides ample opportunities for its members to come together and learn, meet contemporaries with similar business interests and reconnect with longtime friends. This site uses cookies. Add to cart House Shape Sign w/Wire Stand. 4. If yes is checked it will prompt you to print out the MLS Application. In other states, such policies have been passed, and real estate professionals forfeit a significant amount of their income to Uncle Sam.

Is this not my Public and Private ID? We also have access to Showing Time scheduling service and must schedule the inspection through Showing Time if we open the home with our Supra Key or risk a $500 fine. Managing keyboxes is simple with the eKEY app. One key per inspector you cannot share a key. Q: Can I join HAR Online if my Real Estate License is Inactive? Also, you may log on to the Education Yellow Pages at www-test.har.com/edu and register for courses as well as Orientation. Showing alerts, mobile productivity tools, and listing activity reports are advantages of the Supra system that create sales opportunities for real estate agents. 2.

Q: I joined HAR Online but why can’t I schedule my Mandatory Orientation Class? New keyholders obtain an authorizaton code. Also, HAR will soon make a greater investment in research by hiring another research assistant and plans to include aerial photographic images on CommericalGateway.com soon. A: NO, you must have an Active Real Estate License to become a Realtor Member to gain access to Matrix, MLS Services. Also, you may log on to the Education Yellow Pages at members.har.com/edu and register for courses as well as Orientation.

It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. ID & Signature w/pick up. Tip! Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Report Abuse. PICKUP ONLY! Supra Key Choices & Cost ActiveKey eKey Key Fob KeyBox (iBox) iPhone Adapter ActiveKey – Billed Annually Only – w/Ins. eKEY - $25 for the activation fee + Key service fee. Q: Can I join HAR Online if my Real Estate License is Inactive? Congratulations on your choice to become a member of the Houston Association of REALTORS®.

The CIE also is an excellent way for commercial brokers to monitor market conditions. To see HAR's latest governmental affairs projects. Find out, Only Supra eKEY Professional service allows agent, s the exclusive ability to invite their buyers to use the Supra Home Tour app. SupraNET is used by the association or MLS system administrator to manage keyholders in the system. Salem, OR 97302 This site uses cookies. All of these ladies are correct! Find out. A: YES, if you hold an Inspectors License. If yes is checked it will prompt you to print out the MLS Application. HAR Online Application FAQs Q: As an Affiliate Member can I gain access to MLS Services? With the eKEY ® app, get efficient access and powerful information. HAR Central 3693 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77027 | Map Office (713) 629-1900 | Fax (713) 961-4869 Q: How do I get a SUPRA Key? Robert, I'll break it down easy for you...call HAR at 713-629-1900 and ask for Member Services.

A: While completing my HAR Online Application it will ask if you want MLS Services. This site uses cookies. Agents brokers must sign their Applications before it can be completed. Also, you may log on to the Education Yellow Pages at www.har.com/edu and register for courses as well as Orientation. If the eKEY app is installed, you may also select the SupraWEB icon. 4. Obtain an authorization code from SupraWEB: The easiest way to enter the authorization code into the eKEY app is to open the email on your smartphone and click on link.

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