The ginger haired witch's mouth dropped open as she read through the papers. It was long ago decided the two would be moving in together, so no one understood the 'big' news. Please consider turning it on! ", Hand freezing halfway to her mouth, she looked at the redhead, "I can't help it. Her brow furrowed and she made her way out of the lavatory, deciding to go to the Quidditch pitch and seek out her boyfriend. That's the nicest thing she's ever said to me! I'd say you've got two healthy little ones in there Mrs. Hermione said cheerfully as they stepped into her office. --here's a spotify playlist for this sin of a fic lol. Her only hope of surviving is to become pregnant with a Death Eaters' baby. AU / Rated M! CAN'T YOU TELL?". Hermione smiled as she watched Remus' face. Oh and twins! And I have another surprise for both of you." It seemed to them that she was an exceptionally rational, exceptionally sweet pregnant woman. ", Lavender gasped. After all, he wants me to take over the business when I'm ready.". Hermione didn't ask them for much, and she was very gracious for everything that they did for her. Mia and I are going to shag in the woods. "Ron is!". She sighed, "I just want to try a different position. Remus went to Sirius and they sat down on the couch, holding each other.

Sirius' mouth trailed down her mouth and over her jaw before stopping at her neck. "I lost it," the brunette said hollowly, her whiskey eyes filling with tears as she looked down at her still-flat stomach. I had to do my nails, dye my hair, and try on 3 different skirts." "Let's go out to lunch, Mione's choice.". Sirius joined them just outside and he took Hermione's other arm, and together the three apparated home. She stumbled through the doors of the Hospital Wing, struggling to keep upright. Please don't hate me. "What do you have to do to get pregnant?

"I'm not pregnant! If they did, he would go home with his sister after all; if they didn't it would be a few more days. And of course we didn't just whimper!". ", Hermione smiled. Right there!" Sirius asked. SS/HG. At that moment, she felt like the luckiest mom in the world. ", Ron jumped and George shoved another cookie in his mouth. Sirius told her. "Exactly! What matters is that you're with me and we're together again. //AN// This is a sequel for those who wanted to see Hermione pregnant in my story Freedom. "Wait what does that mean? Browse through and read pregnant hermione fanfiction stories and books. Sirius and James smirked at Hermione, because for the first time, she looked worried. She lay back against him and smiled when he circled his arms around her protectively. What happens when she finally gets out? But in order to get pregnant you have to-". And you expect us to not whimper? This is a story about the choices we make, and how they make us. The gifts kept coming and coming. I’m a Muggleborn, and you’re a Pureblood.” She shrugged with nonchalance, but her hands twisted in her lap. "Are you calling me fat?" Hermione didn't floo home though; she landed with a thud in the living room of Potter Manor, the home of her best friends, Harry and Ginny Potter. Ginny said, giving Hermione a hug. Once they reached Minerva's office, they took the babies out of the stroller and left it at the bottom of the spiraling staircase. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Underage, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (20), Feathers and Leather, Fluff and other Predicaments, Ministry of Magic Employee Hermione Granger, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Hermione Granger & Harry Potter Friendship, Hermione Granger & Astoria Greengrass Friendship, Hermione Granger has to navigate between the two, Keep Taking My Breath Away: Inktober 2020, Canon Divergence - Post-Battle of Hogwarts, Harry and Hermione living in the Muggle World, Harry Potter Epilogue What Epilogue | EWE, References to Ancient Greek Religion & Lore, Lucius also loves him some Greek Mythology, Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy/Lucius Malfoy, Hermione Granger/Fred Weasley/George Weasley, Morning Sickess (Offscreen and Not Graphic), Draco Malfoy & Pansy Parkinson Friendship, Minor Scorpius Malfoy/Albus Severus Potter, if Draco doesn't get Hermione what she wants he's a dead man walking, she's pregnant and emotional she's allowed to yell into the void of her diary, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Order of the Phoenix Bashing (Harry Potter). "The blue one's manlier. Four hours later, Healer Smith woke up Sirius and Remus to tell them that the potions had worked, their son was off the oxygen and would be going home day after tomorrow with his mum and sister. If his cousin and best mate were happy, he wouldn't stand in their way. That, in eight months or so, I'll be holding your hand in St. Mungo's while you scream at me before we get to meet our child. They all laughed and Remus pulled Hermione down into his lap.

Congratulations." Between horrible cousins and being pregnant will she survive the first 3 days without Draco? Hermione looked over her shoulder and noticed how he was just staring at her. His mind clouded slightly at her submissive position and he had to shake his head to clear away his animal instincts to simply mount her and fill her with his seed. Godric help us all. Ron, George and Harry were upstairs, and were supposed to come down when Fred yelled, "Hermione's killing me!". Setting a hand on the girl's shoulder, she softly said, "I'll need to give you a potion to prevent infection, but you'll be as good as new by morning.". "Oh, Hermione, it can't be that bad," Remus said stroking her hair lightly as to sooth her uneasy nerves. Ginny pulled Harry away and up the stairs toward the maternity floor. Remus and Peter looked at them oddly while Hermione and Sirius were trying to contain their laughter. Her nights had been spent either studying for N.E.W.T.S or in the Room of Requirement with Sirius and it was starting to catch up with her. Hermione blushed, dropping the biscuit back into her bag and focusing on her homework instead. "That's nice dear- WHAT?" The weeks seemed to fly by as Hermione, Sirius and Remus cleaned, scraped, painted, carpeted and decorated the biggest room on the second floor of Grimmauld Place. "What are you doing here? ", Sirius pulled out a paper towel. After about an hour Sirius wheeled Hermione back to her room while Remus sat with the babies. No one takes the news well, and Hermione is thrust into a completely different life as a result. he yelled. When the Ministry passes the Marriage Law, Hermione doesn't leave her fate to chance. The next thing she knew, Sirius was helping her to her feet and smiling down at her.

", James backed up. "I was yelling at them, and it took a while.

", "Alright, congratulations to Ginny and Harry, and now we're ending off the game," said Hermione. "I don't get pregnant. She is cast back to the Marauder’s Era where she is Hermione Potter, the pureblood fraternal twin sister of James Potter. She couldn't deal with his disappointment too; she wouldn't be able to handle it. "5lbs 1oz," Sirius read from the card on their son's crib. Sirius Black (67) Hermione Granger (67) Remus Lupin (44) Harry Potter (34) James Potter (25) Ron Weasley (24) Albus Dumbledore (20) Lily Evans Potter (19) Severus Snape (18) Ginny Weasley (12) Include Relationships Sirius Black & Hermione Granger (69) Sirius Black/Hermione Granger (31) Hermione Granger & Remus Lupin (13)

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