The term “manufacturing” is defined as producing, preparing, packing, labeling, propagating, relabeling, cultivating,  propagating, compounding, converting, processing or growing marijuana either indirectly or directly. Florida Department of Health Office of Compassionate Use The process of manufacturing could be due to the extraction of substances from their natural origin, by carrying out the chemical synthesis, or by combining both methods. Campaign manager Michael Minardi said, “We had an uphill battle, honestly with getting a million signatures realistically from the end of August until December. Typically in Florida, cultivation is viewed as a 3rd-degree felony. In 2018, a court in the state rules that a single medicinal cannabis patient was permitted to grow his own cannabis for use in the plant-juicing regime his doctor recommended. It does not allow patients to ingest marijuana through smoking, but does allow physicians to order vaporizers for patients through approved dispensaries. Copyright © 2020, (All Rights Reserved) | Website Design and Hosting by: ... continuing to employ someone who uses, How To Make Cannabis Infused Artichoke Dip, Florida Medical Marijuana Statistics And Facts, Cultivation and Possession of Medical Marijuana in Florida, Amendment 2 on the November Ballot in Florida,, Marion County School Board Terminates Administrator For, The Trump coalition that smashed Democrats in, Trump supporters who voted for $15 minimum wage? How Long to Get Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card, A Guide to Renewing your Florida Medical Marijuana Card. More than 9000 arrests in the state for marijuana cultivation were solely because of this program.

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The Act authorized specified physicians to order low-THC cannabis for qualified patients beginning on January 1, 2015. The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act only allows approved physicians to order low-THC or medical cannabis for qualified patients.

A physician is limited to ordering no more than a 45-day supply and must update the Compassionate Use Registry to reflect the amount ordered. Regulate Florida announced in December 2015 that it would not be able to collect enough valid signatures to place the initiative on the 2016 ballot. Cultivating marijuana plants and leasing, operating or owning a grow house in the state is illegal. Although medicinal marijuana is now legal in Florida, the rules remain very strict around the control, sale, possession and use of the drug. Amendment 2 Ballot Summary: Allows medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating medical conditions as determined by a licensed Florida physician. The doctor should record your data in the State’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use registry.

We did believe with the movement and the momentum that we had that we could get this done, but unfortunately, we don’t think we’re going to at this point.”. Many medicinal cannabis products contain high THC levels and can have psychoactive effects. A patient who has been approved for the use of low-THC or medical cannabis may not use or administer cannabis: Florida’s Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act (Chapter 381.986, Florida Statutes) was originally passed on June 16, 2014 and amended on March 25, 2016. Florida law allows caregivers to operate on a patient’s behalf. The penalties for being caught growing your own cannabis plants in Florida can be very harsh, especially if you live close to a school, so cultivating marijuana in the state is a risky business. As some communities in Florida have delayed or ban the opening of medicinal cannabis dispensaries, the producers and retailers are using deliveries to meet the highly increasing demand. Therefore, in most areas, patients take at least one hour to reach the nearest cannabis dispensary. It doesn’t matter whether the plants are being grown for personal use or for a commercial purpose.

There are currently 6 dispensaries* authorized by the Florida Department of Health to cultivate, process, and dispense low-THC and medical cannabis: Click here to see a map of Florida’s 6 approved dispensing organizations and the various state regions that they represent. A list of state-approved physicians who are eligible to recommend that a patient be placed on the Compassionate Use Registry can be found here. Applies only to Florida law. These include: Once the law enforcement authorities believe they’ve got sufficient information to secure a warranty they will come to search the property. Judge Gievers decided that the state’s health department was violating Redner’s rights by preventing him from growing the form of cannabis he needed. The doctor can make medical suggestions if you are new to the world of medical cannabis. Does not immunize violations of federal law or any non-medical use, possession or production of marijuana. The Florida Cannabis Act would have also allowed residents to grow up to 6 marijuana plants per household and sought to regulate marijuana like alcohol. In Florida, the law enforcement authorities and established several efforts and programs to pursue the cultivation of marijuana cases. Apart from the two orders, a medical cannabis physician can order two delivery methods per order. We've made it easy for you.

In cases where minors are residing in the same place as the plants are being cultivated, the offense may be classed as a 1st-degree felony. Home grows are still forbidden for MMJ patients in Florida, however, Judge Gievers who was presiding over the case ruled that Joe Redner, a 77-year-old resident of Tampa and cancer sufferer was personally exempt from the restriction. The following information is for the non-medical/recreational use of marijuana. The Act also requires all cannabis delivery devices to be ordered by a qualified physician and the ordering of such devices must be entered into the Registry. Email: Tallahassee, FL 32399 Dispensaries cannot dispense low-THC or medical cannabis or cannabis delivery devices from their premises between the hours of 9pm and 7am, but may perform all other operations and deliver low-THC cannabis and medical cannabis to qualified patients 24 hours each day. The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act required the Department of Health to establish and maintain a tracking system that traces low-THC cannabis and medical cannabis from seed to sale. Registered medical marijuana user may grow up to 12 plants provided they live 25 miles from the nearest marijuana dispensary or if the person is unable to travel to a medical marijuana dispensary due … As some communities in Florida have delayed or ban the opening of medicinal cannabis dispensaries, the producers and retailers are using deliveries to meet the highly increasing demand.

Current Florida State law does not allow low-THC and medical marijuana patients to grow their own marijuana plants. Florida law enforcement are prepared to spend a lot of resources and money in seeking outgrowing operations in the state. With some rigorous legislation in place, it’s no wonder that many people in Florida wonder whether they should try to grow their own cannabis at home. To benefit from medicinal cannabis, you must visit a registered medical cannabis doctor. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As for Redner himself, he also isn’t legally permitted to cultivate cannabis himself at home until the DoH’s appeal has been heard and resolved in court. This even includes registered marijuana patients. Patients may not grow their own marijuana plants and must have a physician register them on the Compassionate Use Registry and order their low-THC or medical marijuana for them. Sadly, Florida law prohibits the possession of cannabis plants for personal use. We cannot stress this enough. A patient cannot order low-THC or medical cannabis for themselves. It is accessible by law enforcement, physicians, and medical cannabis dispensaries to verify the legitimacy of one’s right to access, possess, and ingest medical cannabis and its derivatives within the State of Florida. The doctor should also recommend the dose amount. Florida currently has 6 medical marijuana dispensaries that are approved by the Department of Health. Florida law enforcement are prepared to spend a lot of resources and money in seeking outgrowing operations in the state. Amendment 2 was placed on the ballot by United for Care, a group that placed a similar failed measure (also called Amendment 2) on the 2014 ballot. Information is often garnered from confidential informants who could be neighbors, friends or relatives who suspect you’re growing cannabis illegally. However, We can help you as the grower grow more than this limit without even breaking the law. Although voters in Florida voted to approve Amendment 2 to expand the state’s medicinal cannabis program in 2016, legislators in the state rapidly passed restrictive regulations which were imposed on the burgeoning new industry. Please Check Your Inbox To Confirm Your Email First Before You Login! The commercial grower’s license allows you to grow medical marijuana for distribution for those who have marijuana dispensaries.If a qualified doctor recommends you to legally purchase medical marijuana, then you can go for the license to grow. So far, more than 200,000 patients have qualified for a medical marijuana card in Florida. This means that the maximum penalty could be a 15-year jail sentence. You cannot grow cannabis outside the state and then bring it for personal use or distribution. This ruling may only apply to a single individual in Florida, however, the case appears to set an interesting precedent for any resident of the state to challenge the law that prohibits cannabis grows in the home. The Florida DoH has made an appeal and it’s expected to take several years to resolve the issue in court. Regardless of registration or not, you will be charged with possession if found with any marijuana plants. Refer to FLORIDA MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAWS  for information about medical marijuana laws in Florida.

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