In case you want to get him into bed, you have to make him work for it. This is very akin to his personality, because he takes special care of his reputation. Just thinking of you and hope you’re doing well” will go a long way. To seduce a Capricorn man, a soft and gentle approach generally works best. Anticipate here to figure out if his feelings turn on a green light: He won’t contact with people he doesn’t have any interest in. When finding the way to attract this guy, remember to remain your mystery and play hard to get. If you know what type of cologne he likes; maybe you can buy him a small bottle or if he’s turned on by a certain scent you wear; you can send him a card that says something sweet but not too intimate.

Moderation is the key. Log in, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Make a Capricorn man rediscover himself in his virtues to win his heart. Capricorn man is not good at admitting that he misses you directly. He’ll eat that up!

It’s easier for him to follow without feeling overwhelmed or smothered. She must be physically attractive but in a “girl next door” kind of way. So provide them the opportunity and leave them alone. He would be really grateful and thankful if you listen to what he says attentively and sincerely. How to make a Capricorn man miss you? Be sure that he will see life differently during those moments he shares with you. You are the key ingredient to this plan working well.

It is very exciting when going out with his best companies, but later he will realize that he needs you more. Capricorn man is not an exception: he will feel bored with what he has and want to get what he does not.

A Capricorn man seeks relationships that are mutually beneficial. You keep his tummy happy; you have the keys to his heart. He doesn’t say much, just wants to hear your voice actually. This means that if you try to get a Capricorn man to miss you by trying to make him jealous, you are unlikely to get the result that you are looking for. It’s hard to tell if a Capricorn man misses you or not because they tend to build protective walls around themselves. It will be hard to get his trust back if he feels like you have betrayed it. This guy is known for his love for finer things; thus, why don’t you give yourself a makeover from head to toe? Although Capricorn men seem to have a preference for slender and elegant women, they are not so given to put looks before character. See also: How to use text messages to seduce a Capricorn guy. Just make sure not to put too much makeup on your face, or to use a perfume that is too strong. If you spend any time with him at his home; you can spray some of your perfume on his pillow when he’s not paying attention.

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