What Are the Medical Uses of Crataegus Monogyna? Spotted. It is the same thing as parents giving child vitamin candies today.

7. It would reduce calories and if it was made with sweetener, diabetics could have it too. Haw flakes are a type of fruit-based confection that is a popular treat in many Asian countries. Humm...I've always thought of them as candies myself but I suppose it is kinda like a really thin waferish cookie. ginagawa pa naming ostya minsan :-), I miss this one. I want to try one too. What a sweet trip through memory lane. Raw haw berries taste sour. Luckily the good folks who make Haw Flakes have not made the mistake of modernizing their packaging (like so many of their peers.) That would be great because you could control how much sugar is added. But the flavor, the color and packaging is basically the same. Hello Dear Readers! What Are the Best Tips for Growing Hawthorn Bushes. It would reduce calories and if it was made with sweetener, diabetics could have it too. Features: Chinese Traditional Candy: Haw Flakes. Good day! Learning something new again, at least alam ko na ang English ng ostiya, hehe.

We found this Strawberry Haw Flakes Layer Cake on wendyinkk.blogspot.ca that looks delicious and we may just need to invest in a case of the little treats to make several. Butter cookies: use your go-to recipe commonly known as ice-box cookies as you would roll the dough into a tube like form and keep it in the fridge to harden up before slicing and baking. ~ellen. These beloved treats look exactly like they have always looked, right down to the flimsy paper packing inside and the way that the individual Haw Flakes tend to stick together, needing your expert and practiced flip of the fingernail to separate. They are made from Hawthorn berries that are believed to be extremely beneficial in treating health problems. And the candy/ waffer itself was sweet enough and light. The candies are dark peach in color and have a mildly sweet yet tangy taste that some people liken to guava or apricot. All photos and text used in this blog are owned by foodamn.com, unless otherwise stated.

Never thought na eto pala ay yung ostiya.. hehe.. i have tasted ostiya i think thrice lang, im not much of a catholic kasi :D, Herbert this not literally the "ostiya", it's a chinese candy where kids used to play around and imitate the Catholics received their altar bread (communion) during the mass :), oh yeah!

I felt like a kid... happily ripping the paper off :). Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work.

Most of the blogs gives recipes that I’ve tried and all of them were absolutely tasty.

The bushy tree blooms with fragrant white or pink flowers that later yield batches of red berries known as haws.

haha is that a pinoy candy? Makers of the candy mash the berries with a generous amount of white sugar and mold them into a distinctive shape. This used to be our favorite when we were kids.

what's haw flakes in tagalog? And i have to agree the packing totally impressed me. :), if they are good combo with coffee, I am in, definitely :D. This blog is certainly admirable, I enjoyed reading it, because of its content that you’ll not get bored reading and also the piece is very helpful for us like the articles at www.blog.gourmandia.com .

Brings back memories. Promote services or products (non-commercial links that are relevant to the blog post or comment are acceptable)2. Some people do harvest the berries to make jams or preserves, but most people in the U.S. leave them for the birds to enjoy. All rights reserved. Although many people in the U.S. use the hawthorn tree primarily as an ornamental shrub, it produces sweet, edible berries.

of strawberries and a really low amount of calories for that feast. In addition, www.gourmandia.org.uk also has lot of great cooking recipes and that is for sure!

They are just as you said -- wonderfully sweet but also tart, not too sweet.

I had the delight of tasting these for the first time today ... they were left by my wife's Malaysian relatives (who had transited through Hong Kong en route). They are quite yum, yum, aren't they?

Hi Mike - So glad that you could finally try Haw Flakes! Mine used to whenever I had too many!

I learned the recipe for that cake and continue to make it for birthdays and special events. loved it too when i was a kid :). I still am to some degree! Generally, haw flakes have a pliable, grainy texture, very much like fruit roll-type snacks popular in the U.S. Still then I saw the flakes so I decided to try it! ~ellen, Copyright © 2011-2020 The Hong Kong Cookery. I wonder if haw flakes can be made at home, naturally? © Foodamn Philippines I HomeCookin' FoodTrippin' since 2011 I, Haw Flakes Brings Back Childhood Memories, There's something about Chinese and its culture that interests me more.

But here in dry California the disks did not stick together.

I also remember my grannies jokingly said to us, haw flakes were made from Chinese booger or Aetas booger LOL.

Let's check out some wonderful benefits of Haw Flakes with NutriNeat. It was a vanilla, berry cake with haw flakes placed between the slices! While the wafers themselves are not sticky to the touch, when eaten, haw flakes can become very gooey, almost like a caramel candy.

~ellen. I think you might be right on the humidity affecting them in the sticky department. sorry.. Hahaha!I was going to say that but cherrey beat me out of it.I thought it was brown ostiya when I was a kid. Due to their shape, easy-to-eat size, and unique packaging, they are often considered something of a novelty by the young ones. I used to love these treats as a child. Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, as you've probably noticed. We love White Rabbit candies too!

They are definitely still around in HK.

Yeah, I remember this when I was a kid and yes, we did played this as the ostiya XDThanks for the valuable information about the Chinese Hawthorn :D. Very nice font! While it is quite broad, it doesn’t typically grow over 30 feet (9 meters) in height. Oh! In addition to the haw flakes, I especially like the White Rabbit candies, and now my little girl does too. Any reproduction, be it for personal or commercial purposes without the author's permission is strictly prohibited.

Haw Flakes: één van de bekendste Chinese snacks. Sorry anonymous, I haven't found any Horlicks malties either. This site contains random content/articles and images about Philippines' interesting foodie, stuff, people, places & events. She first said no, but then ended up making one for me. Foodamn is a Philippine-based food-related blogs. Has anyone tried making homemade haw flakes before?

The thin, round candies are made from the berries produced by the hawthorn tree. I am living in China and I am obsessed with the Hawthorne berry itself. As a result of its short stature, wide width, and lush green foliage, it is a popular landscaping plant. So for parents and kids out there, Polland Hopia and Haw Flakes at Quezon City, Philippines, Oriental Mindoro: Merl's Suman sa Lihiya with Coco Jam from Calapan City, Foodamn Philippines: Foodgasm 4 at Mercato Centrale, UNIPAK Mackerel Sisig Recipe + Giveaway Giftpacks, Nestle's After Eight: Mint Chocolate Thins, What to eat in Tuguegarao and Nueva Vizcaya. I've also read that hawthorn berries are good for the heart and is recommended to people who have high blood pressure. Then they asked me how many haw flakes I had and I said "Oh. When you had a lot of haw flakes, would your urine turn reddish?

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