I could go on, but I'll just give a TL;DR: Anyone who is a stickler for WPA rules, and who wants more control over the game, might be disappointed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ". My GamesPlay a Quick game against an online opponent, play a local P1 vs P2 opponent, practice against an opponent AI online, or play within a league. You can even gain 2 lives by potting the 8 ball and another ball in the same shot. Just hit the Options button and you will see what modes there are: My Games, Players, Career, Rankings, My Profile, Challenges, Extras, Help. There should be a game mode in which we can play with friends sitting right next to us. Couldn't agree more. However, there is a major twist. Thanks for suggesting this guys. BlackballSame rules as 8 ball except you are playing reds vs yellows with the object to pot all your red or yellow balls first before potting the black ball. Bleh!!! Or is it only on Xbox live. But I guess the good old days of playing with your friends face to face, shoulder to shoulder are gone. Pm me if u wanna play, ps4 version. Hitting the 8-ball in on the break is an automatic loss in this game, even though that is not the case in WPA regulation rules.

To take a shot (Player 1 or Player 2), aim your mouse cursor at the ball you wish to hit, and Left Click to shoot. I'm gonna give a slightly different opinion than most in this thread. 9-Ball (opponent: Rhys Morgan - Amateur)*Win the game*Win the game with no fouls*Snooker your opponent, 9-Ball (opponent: Felix Song - Amateur)*Win the game*Pot a ball further than 160cm from the cue ball*Win a game leaving 2 or 3 balls on the table, 9-Ball (opponent: Amber De Wit - Amateur)*Win the game*Pot a ball off the break*Pot 5 balls in the corner pockets consecutively. Not sure what happens on a tie. Lose all your lives and the game is over. If the 8-ball is potted on the break, the player is entitled to ask for a re-rack. The fifth and final tournament looks like this: Killer (opponent: Isabella Sanchez - Pro)*Win the game*Win with 2 lives remaining*Win with 3 lives remaining, CHALLENGE – Checkpoint: Pot as many balls before the time runs out*7 for one star*8 for two stars*9 for three stars CHALLENGE – Royal Rumble*1:40 for three stars*2:00 for two stars*2:20 for one star US 8-Ball (opponent: Tyler Holt - Pro)*Win the game*Clear the table in 90 seconds*Pot 2 or more balls in one shot Accumulator (opponent: Finn Kelly - Pro)*Win the game*Win with at least 70 points*Win with at least 80 points CHALLENGE – Speed Pot: Clear the table of balls in the fastest time possible *0:50 for three stars*1:00 for two*1:10 for one CHALLENGE – Perfect Potter: Pot as many balls consecutively without missing*8 for one star*10 for two stars12 for three stars US 8-Ball (opponent: Isabella Sanchez - Pro)*Win the game*Pot a ball further than 240cm from the cue ball*Win a game leaving 5 of your opponents balls. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... Can you play 2 people on 1 game? How does it compare to a game like Pool Nation (if you've played it)? Fouls result in either the opponent getting possession with ball in hand or automatic loss. The largest PlayStation 4 community on the internet. Jul 16, 2019 @ 3:42pm Yes #1 < > Showing 1-1 of 1 comments . In the menu select: Players>Local Players/All Players>Player 2 This will start a local 2 player game with 'player 2' vs your profile. Thanks for rating this game! This doesn't happen in the game but if you somehow knock the 8 ball off the table in real life, that is an automatic loss foul. 9.2/10 IMHO. For Pure Pool on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Anyway to play with two accounts at the same time instead of just player 2?

Has this been fixed? There are several cue sports games within this gem that ups the ante on pool competition and minigame challenges such as Perfect Potter, Royal Rumble, Speed Pot, and Checkpoint. Would be pretty basic. Some result in ball in hand situations, the other result in automatic lossScratch - Potting the cue ball or knocking it off the table.Spin - Known as applying English. *10 for one star*14 for two stars*18 for three stars Accumulator (opponent: Isabella Sanchez - Pro)*Win the game*Win with at least 70 points*Win with at least 80 points CHALLENGE – Speed Pot: Clear the table of balls in the fastest time possible *1:50 for three stars*2:10 for two stars*2:30 for one star US 8-Ball (opponent: Madison WIlliams - Master)*Win the game*Win a 7-frame match without losing a game*Pot 3 balls in the side pockets consecutively. Cross/A: Confirm option, Fine aim (use with left thumbstick to aim slowly) Circle/B: Back …

There is a 5 second penalty for each time you scratch. I would rather play my family members than folks online. However, pool matches are often played over a number of games, so for example, in a best of nine frame match, the first player to reach five frames would be declared the winner. Your set of balls solids (called spots in this games) or stripes will be the first matching ball you pot in or opposite of the first ball the opponent pot in. It's just pool. Mortal Kombat X I actually started working on but put on hold. There are 15 balls which you must pot and there is a 5 second penalty for each time you scratch. This is the best pool game I've ever played, hands down! Any fouls during a life gaining pot will nullify the life gain and result in a life lost. I wanna be able to play with the wife sitting in the same room... two controllers! L1 & R1/LB & RT: Shift through tournament options. The gameplay is pretty solid, though it's definitely missing some things, and as far as I can tell the 8-ball rules are not WPA regulation, which is almost ridiculously weird.

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