You’re running through the woods, a map in your hand. At its most basic a directional compass is just a magnetic needle held on some type of base plate. This is orienteering, a sport of quick thinking and backwoods navigation where a wrong move will get you seriously lost. The compass is your best friend when it comes to orienteering. For example, if you’re standing on a trail looking north, holding a map horizontally in your hands, the map can be held normally (all text and characters right side up). But the system of shapes and lines — developed in Scandinavia and honed over decades — becomes a streamlined system of information for experienced orienteers. Great blog! Next, find the location of the campsite on your map and connect the two places with an imaginary line. Compass, that’s right. Because Magnetic North lies somewhere to the South of True North, you’re going to have to either add or subtract a few degrees (shown on the azimuth ring of your compass housing). Compass can also help you navigate in unfamiliar territories. Compass will also make driving on a wet road a bit easier. The top of the page will still be facing north. It is not just a means of finding your way around, but a tool that can help you find your way around. This greater detail allows for extremely precise navigation. MyOpenCountry is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. The base plate is clear so you can see the map below it, and there’s always at least one straight edge that you’ll use later for taking bearings. These devices have a mirror that flips up over the compass which allows you to simultaneously follow your sight line while making sure you’re keeping your magnetic needle pointed at 0°. While this method can be useful if you are unable to triangulate from a landmark, it’s very, very difficult to keep the two arrows aligned as you walk.

In order to avoid any accidents that can happen in rainy weather, you must be prepared. Some compasses have a handy declination scale which makes it easier to adjust declination. A compass will help you navigate safely through slippery roads. If you don’t adjust your compass to account for the difference between magnetic north and true north, it can really mess up your navigation. It can be difficult to see exact numbers on the compass; if you want to get a closer view of the numbers, go into your inventory and click "Inspect" on the item.

If you’re lucky enough to see a multiple, nearly overlapping lines crossing a river, it’s definitely worth checking out (you may just find an impressive waterfall). The one with the color is usually north. So let’s go through that real quick. WNDR Alpine Shows Off New Winter Tech, Caught on Film: Avalanche Swallows Pro Skier Nick McNutt, Skier Moms Take Center Stage in Arc'teryx Film 'Motherload', Prodigies vs. Pros in This Wild Faction Ski Edit, Not Slowing Down: Triathlete Rach McBride on Sport, Training, and Career, On Sale Now: 45% Off Coleman 2-Burner Camping Stove, Today's Bargains: 4 Steals to Start Your Weekend. It has a clear rectangular, plastic base that lets you see the features of the map while using the compass. The baseplate of the compass will also have an arrow called the direction of travel arrow, which will generally be parallel to the longest edge of the base plate. Whether your maps are indoor or outdoor, they need to be able to handle most Read more…, Compass For Orienteering How to use a compass for orienteering is something that is taught in a course in a high school or university, but it’s not very common. Enter before February 7th for your chance to win.

If you’re using old maps, find your location on this site, and it will tell you your current declination. Test them out on your favorite Trail and for more

The needle in your compass will only point to magnetic north. how should the compass know where you want to go?

When you can’t see the ground, orienteering becomes an even more complex task. A compass with a sighting mirror makes it easy to take very accurate bearings. A liquid capsule that contains the magnetic needle is rotating  housing. The Orienteering Compass is a navigation item used to tell the orientation of the player. Learn how with our in-depth guide.

Repeat this with a second landmark (and third if you want to be very accurate).

To navigate correctly, you are going to have to account for the difference between the two Norths, a process that is known as adjusting for declination. No declination is needed along a line that stretches from roughly the center of Lake Superior down to around Jacksonville, Florida. Once you reach it, repeat the process and pick another object on your bearing. The big arrow called the orienting arrow which we’ll use to help you orient the bezel. Pull the compass in front of you with the direction of travel arrow pointing away from you. Blotchy yellows and greens portray vegetation boundaries. These maps tend to keep you on the beaten path. Even, if you possess a compass and understand how to use … A common orienteering map reveals a tangle of topographical lines and esoteric iconography representing everything from boulders and bogs to power lines, fences, hills, ravines, and depressions in the land. This page was last edited on 13 December 2019, at 09:29. A compass points direction as you race the clock, looking for hidden flags. Travelling long distances along a specific bearing can be difficult, and often downright impossible. You can always seek assistance from a GPS if you feel lost. If you’re using visual waypoints, as we mentioned above, just remember to take a new bearing every kilometer or three. Triangulation is done by determine the relative direction of several features you can see and using a map to see where these bearings converge. Compass will give you the direction to move forward and have fun! Stephen Regenold is Founder of GearJunkie, which he launched as a nationally-syndicated newspaper column in 2002. Next, lay the compass on your map so that the long edge/direction of travel arrow is aligned with the north-south meridian lines. Many national parks and reserves provide basic maps that show trails, natural features, canoe routes, etc. Lay your compass on the map and line up its edge with a known landmark. There are rulers that you can use along with your map scale to help you calculate distance. I mean why should a compass point into the direction that you want to go lol? Does the white side of the needle indicate what direction I'm heading? Now you’ve set your compass, you can simply head in the right direction by orientating yourself (and the compass) so that the magnetic needle points in the same direction as the orienteering arrow. dont feel bad about navigation in this game. Exploring City Orienteering The Orienteering, from the French for “Orient”, is a form of city planning in which one proposes a map that shows the route of a large number of people through a large Read more…, Oriented map covers for your orienteering maps are essential to seeing the beautiful places that you wish to travel to.

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