Hi, my dads family name is O’TOOLE and KENNY both from Wicklow. The other was Labradh Longseach (mariner), who in the 6th century B.C. We became various forms of McTiernan (Tiernan O’Rourke) at the inception of surnames. My grandmother’s maiden name was MacDonagh. My aunt has traced our family roots back to Cork County & that is as far as she can get. McCarthy/MacCarthy/McCarty all tend to be the same. Thank you, There is a red hand on our coat of arms that supposedly came from when two clans were on board a boat racing for a land grab and whoever touched the land first became the owner. My ancestors were Abner & as you can tell my married name is Cadwallader & as we found out recently my husbands family is Irish. Sarah McDonald. I’ve have searched through my family tree and found that I’m descended from the James Butler, 1st Earl of Ormonde and King Edward I, some generations later I found the tree to branch off and following that back I found the MacCarthy’s as well as FitzMaurice and FitzGeralds all cross marrying to maintain power. Hi Patricia – I can’t help with the specifics – but I do know that the “Ireland Reaching Out” people (google them) offer a great free resource. As a result Irish nobility titles are incredibly varied in name, origin and distinction. Sailed on the Mary Ann with my g,g, grandmother, Elizabeth (Reid) Kennedy.

Was my dad telling me the truth? Im 4th generation born in USA (Los Angeles, Ca) but family came from Ireland in the 1800’s Im told we were from Mayo and Galway. The McDonalds in Ireland were typically a branch of a Gallowglass (Mercenary soldiers) from Scotland.

My Grandmother was Martin. Xx.

My grandda used to say we where descendants of the first queens of Ireland. I have been to Wicklow (lovely and deserves the name-Garden of Ireland) many times and been up into the mountains and seen the tiny wooden shack/cottage/house where my nana was born, amazing. Also O’Cahan (Kane) I have a Great Grandmother who left Ireland and moved to Scotland with her parents Robert Kane and Mary (Cooper) Kane. For a whole range of other indexes to various groups of people on this web-site, please see the Custom Index(es) page. Mike. This is an incomplete index of the current and historical principle family seats of clans, peers and landed gentry families in Ireland.

My U.S.-born grandmother’s name was Viola Plunkett and my family seems to have descended from the Hon. I saw my family name O’Rourke, listed under Ulster rather than Connaught, where my ancestors resided in what is now known as Parkes Castle in Leitrim.

Wishlist To Cart Details. The family story says that his parents or grandparents wanted him to be a Catholic priest, but he had other intentions and ran away. O'Connor family history O'Neill family history Murphy family history Walsh family history Kelly family history. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ed9729e2e9af3bb There was also a Porter in there somewhere, but I’m not sure where that name fits into the line. You’re welcome Joann – Higgins were a famous Bardic family from Mayo. I have DNA evidence that links us to the Ormondes. I was trying to find information out on my last name Irwin. He was born about 1725 and was transported from County Sligo to America in 1742 after being arrested as a vagrant. These are listed in the Place Search of the catalog under the following headings: Pedigrees or other genealogical information on nobility are found in the following sources: Ⓒ 2020 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

Back to Irish surnames. The Surnames of Scotland Their Origin, Meaning and History. Lots of good stories in all our families McCollonough. I was told that the family originally came from County Down, but will probably never know because of the lack of records. Family histories available at the Family History Library are listed in the Surname Search of the catalog under the major surnames mentioned in them.

Is there a particular place where most Kane’s came from. I’m starting a family tree for my kids their fathers side is done but mine is still alittle blurry so I’m just staring. I believe Bridget Durkin to be the eldest daughter of Martin and Anne Durkan of Tallavbaun. I have found my great and great great grandfather on the various lists available and the name Magennis is also used. Sheila. I know I have a lot of family from Cork and I have heard that at some point of time we had castles but I am not sure which ones. Hi Jim – if you are looking for specific records and research for an individual, I recommend that you contact Noreen at http://www.facebook.com/hiberniaroots in the first instance. It comes from the Irish Caomhánach (pronounced “kwave-awn-och”). Hi Nichole on the Ryan side of things – I have put up an explanation at http://www.youririshheritage.com/the-surname-ryan/ – all the best, Mike. Irish Surnames Origin Irish names have a number of derivations, including those of native Gaelic, Norman and Anglo origin. How does that sound? Do you think they changed their name when the went to Scotland? Thanks for sharing Sandra!Is it possible that Thomas Kennedys ancestry came from the Scottich Kennedys? I find this fascinating and will be suggesting your page to my mother. I remember my dad telling me that we came from Royality but i didnt believe him. Love your blog . If this is your first time here you’re very welcome, I hope you enjoy reading this Letters from Ireland (if you would like to start receiving a FREE Letter from Ireland  straight to your inbox every week click here).

Can it be traced forward.

So, who were the royal families of Ireland around 1515?

Karen. All the best – Mike. Well my Great Great Grandmother was Bridget JOYCE she married Anthony Dixon. The Ri surnames I am connected with are McMahon and O’Loughlin and going back in time O’Brien when he was Brian Boru and his brother was Mahon I believe…. [citation needed], Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, "Terence of Belfast - The Kingdom of Desmond Association", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Irish_nobility&oldid=983639858, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 11:24. I would like to know about my heritage. my grandmother researched the McManus family tree and insists we are descended from the First Lord of Fermanagh, don’t see any McManus’s in your list! Miscellaneous Indexes to Irish Records. Hi my name is Brooks Dennehy. Originally Connaught John – later split into Connaught/Ulster. My great-grandmother Mary O’Rourke was also born in the USA and her maiden name was Divine…I am still checking to see which county she might have been from. To them I say thank you. We (my family on my fathers side) have been able to retrace our family history back to my great grandfather 6 times removed who was named Alexander McDonald (born Abt. • As a result Irish nobility titles are incredibly varied in name, origin and distinction. In Ireland there are no laws that state you can call yourself Squire, Squireen (coming from the diminutive 'Scuibhéirín', 'Little Squire') or Squiress – Just as there are no laws that state you can call yourself Mr or Mrs. A service provided by, book 941.5 D22bu 1904; film 0101763 and 0990160 item 2, https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/index.php?title=Ireland_Nobility&oldid=3671947, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Royal Families of Ireland – Does your Irish surname make the list? I don’t really have a history of the Roche family myself. In Ireland, the spelling is usually Kavanagh – sometimes Cavanagh. You’re welcome Colleen – Kealy comes from the Irish Ó Caolaidhe. Lots of Kielys/Keilys on our list Susan – just no specific articles yet! Hi.. I’m going to Ireland for 6 weeks next year and have traced my family to a John Moore who left Ireland with his wife (I suspect on a prison ship) in the early 1600’s (wound up in Nova Scotia, Canada). Hi John – Irwin is normally of English planter stock and normally found in Roscommon and Ulster. Mike. They were a Norman family that established a strong foothold in Munster. Peerage of Ireland titles are those that have been granted and created directly by English and British monarchs during their time as Lord or King of Ireland. Wexford. My great grandfather immigrated to America around 1850. This last April we traveled to Ireland and traveled through West Cork. Irish Surnames Home » Names. This is so interesting!!! Hi! I married a Mahoney. Your question – have a look in the 1911 Irish census online for county Tyrone – search for MacDonagh. You know – in my book they do count as Chieftains – so I guess we will have to add them our list! How do I get the history of the Roches from you ? Mike. Thank you providing such an interesting article. I seem to have Irish, English and Norman Royal blood running through my veins…. I must say, I love your newsletters and your posts! ... A famous bearer of this surname is the fictional character Rhett Butler, created by Margaret Mitchell for her novel Gone with the Wind (1936). Have you ever been to Kilkenny Castle? My Grandfather John changed the spelling of his name from Kavanagh to Cavanaugh when he came to to States in the early 1900’s. But i can find no passenger records for any of them. Why? Hi Dusty – Garrett is usually an English name that came to Ireland and sometimes it can be a version of the Norman surname Fitzgerald. But for sure, I stem from Sutton and Duggan on my Irish family. Family histories available at the Family History Library are listed in the Surname Search of the catalog under the major surnames mentioned in them. Yep – your Dad was spot on about the O’Tooles (in fact we have put them into our shop with a crown on them – have a look at http://youririshheritage.spreadshirt.com/). I did note in old records a James Mealey in Galway. Thats right Peggie – Langan is that in Irish and is normally found in County mayo. My fifth great grandfather was Patrick Jordan. Guess that was just joshing talk not the truth. i love reading your posts! I’m afraid I don’t know the surname Abner at all BUT if it is from Cork, it may be worth looking at the east Cork name of Abernethy (originally a Scottish name now found in Cork). Mike. I believe you are better off working with a Genealogist or the Ireland Reaching Out folks to dig out some more details. The surname Troy belongs to the large category of Anglo-Norman habitation names, which are derived from pre-existing names for towns, villages, parishes, or farmsteads. Mike. Mike. PS also my mother is an O’Neill . They would have been a sept of the MacMurrough family at the time I am writing of. Here at Your Irish Heritage we deal with the bigger picture. [1] Existing holders of aristocratic titles may continue to use them.

These 90 or so “captains” – (by this time also known as “lords” rather than Kings) – were the autonomous royal families of Ireland. Mike. The top 20 most common surnames in Dublin. But I haven’t seen any thing about the Gallivan clan.. My Great great Grandfather Timothy Gallivan , (and the name is spelled many different ways) married Ellen Sullivan in Kerry Co, Killarney in 1815, they had 5 children, one of whom was my Great grandfather Timothy ( they seem to use the same names over and over) married Ann Lynch in 1860 in Michigan.. That puts most of my family into Connaught. The name derives from the old Gaelic name O’Cuana.

Early Origins of the Troy family. Hello!!!! the son of William and Bridget O’Malley, James Joseph O’Malley went to live with his uncle Patrick Alfred Durkin in Liverpool sometime before his 8th birthday according to the 1901 census of Liverpool. My great-grandfather James Butler immigrated from Clonmel, Tipperary, by way of deserting from the British Army in India after serving in the Crimean War, and seeing the Charge of the Light brigade as an artilleryman on the cliffs. He was my great grandfather.

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