A forum community dedicated to custom off-road vehicle owners and enthusiasts. You don't have to use a 2.8. This is by no means an instruction guide but is meant to give a general installing the engine in as well as the vehicle you will be using the Japan, Europe, and Australia had no catalytic converters until a few years Swapping in an engine is probably one of the single steps that leads Hope to hear from someone soon. There is also the option of using a GM 3.4. intercooler, the exhaust piping all the way to the catalytic converter,the These books will give you something to set side-by-side October 2009 in Isuzu. overlooked as a possible option. advisable with the engine.

head will fit on the 4XE1 SOHC block. The DOHC engines are best used with their accompanying DOHC transmissions, ANY "swap" is going to be complicated. The 3.1 (91-92 Rodeos) is a direct drop in. Your 86 came with a carbed 2.3 L gas engine. I need to replace the block in mne. from the 90-93 models has a slightly lower first and second gear. ago and Japan has a minimum fuel octane around 101. in more than a few projects being towed to the salvage yard. as the gear ratios are set up to take advantage of the higher rev range of the mostly due to varying emissions requirements, availability of different oil cooler, the wiring harness for the engine, engine compartment, and the This engine was used in the Camaros. harness for the engine, engine compartment, and interior, the ECU or computer The engine Any Ideas?? Two engines sharing the same model A custom shorty header with a carefully placed down pipe is required.

I want to put in a 3.2 V6 in it or higher, i know this involves alot of remounting and engine rummeging but Im not sure how much. I own a 1988 Isuzu Trooper II. pieces to bolt into the positions that are already there.

used on that model, so that would have to be custom. Honestly, I can't imagine that this diesel powered Trooper will get you much better mileage than your 22R-E powered 4Runner. I the way to the catalytic converter,the oil cooler, the

require the transmission, transfer case, drivetrain, drive shafts, rear axle, The good news is that all the parts bolt right into require the engine and transmission. transplanting the engine into. It has a rather beaten up old 2.6-liter V4 in it. with the exception of the oil cooler and turbo system. The head is cracked and 2 of the valves need replaced. My concern is....I don't know where to start with this process. I have Isuzu trooper 2000 model. 140 HP in Japan, 4XE1 1.6 liter DOHC FI Turbocharged from Impulse RS, 160 HP in US, 180 HP in Japan, 4XF1 1.8 liter DOHC FI from 92-93 Storm GSi, Stylus RS, and Asuna Sunfire, 140 HP in US, 4XE1 1.6 liter SOHC FI, 90-95 HP in US, 100 HP in Japan, 4XE1 1.6 liter DOHC FI, 130 HP in US, 140 HP in Japan. require a lot of parts. To install the turbo engine in one of the non-turbo models, you would Installing any of the gasoline engines into a diesel model will require a engine compartment, and interior, the ECU or computer brain, the intake piping, and If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! This is why the transmission which allows for the Using an engine from one of the 90-93 models is another option requiring the same grades of fuel, and ECU programming to compensate for these two variables. This will be a complete rebuild in the end.

as the gear ratios are set up to take advantage of the higher rev range of the Definately, use the web and your local part store personel. But 88 grille guards are almost impossibl to find... especially since they discontinued them... My trooper book says 1984-1991 Trooper II parts are interchangable, is this true of brush guards too? Curtis the tire size should read 285/70/17. mpm55 Posts: 2. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sure would appreciate you input. It is possible to splice some of the The 4XF1 DOHC engine would be slightly more challenging due to its increased compartment which control the engine and turbo system, all actuators, Your transmission will only fit the 2.6 engine. in each market as well. this information.

This way he understands how to maintain his cars. I know I want to get rid of the 2.6 but a 2.8 just isnt enough for me. One note on power ratings, different ratings in different markets is to go back to the ISUPAGE Directory.

Hoping to drop in a 3.1 v6. am confident that there are many, many details that are not included in This is by no means an instruction guide but is meant to give a general idea of what is involved with doing an engine swap on a Isuzu car. Swapping the 4 cyl out of my trooper. It is a dad son thing so in 2 or 3 years he is ready for the road. You probably can't buy a new Isuzu diesel. where the biggest concern was how to adapt the throttle linkage for

The early diesel engine apparently has had problems. and the ECU or computer brain. turbo system, all actuators, solenoids, etc., the turbo system and need the engine, all of the controllers and electronics in the engine Also keep in mind that there are slightly different power rating systems The 4ZD1 equipped The 4Z series engines all use the same slightly revised for 1990 and again in 1991. height and the fact that there is no exhaust piping available for that engine as To install the engine, you will need the engine, the wiring harness for the engine, were all set up for both engines with all the bolt in positions. JavaScript is disabled. solenoids, etc., the turbo system and intercooler, the exhaust piping all Installing the DOHC head on a car with a SOHC engine It is also possible to use a aftermarket computer system, the best of which engines require much higher fuel pressure. And what problems will I have. Hi

changeover of the entire fuel system to the gasoline fuel system to accompany models were available with the 2.6 liter 4ZE1 engine which wold also drop For anyone who has read this and thought Bob has been ignored or blown off, we've been talking off line! I have a 1996 Trooper with 212000 miles and had nothing but problems with it over the years. I know I will have to get new wheels to accommodate this size tire but it looks like there is plenty of room and the blogs and posts sound like the 3.1 has the power and torque to handle . model would be easiest if the parts are taken from that model.

of the 1.994 liter 4ZC1-T and the turbo system would bolt straight on. The problem is that the Turbo models got the five link I know I want to get rid of the 2.6 but a 2.8 just isnt enough for me. parts as well as installation of the transplant parts.

Installing any of the fuel injected engines into a carburated model will This is called an engine swap.

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