[5] In 2010, he appeared in the NCIS episode "Worst Nightmare" as a grandfather, who is not what he appears to be and is actually a former U.S. deep cover special operations agent, of a child kidnapped from Marine Corps Base Quantico. After Finn restored her sight, Alex hinted that she may have lied about the false memory Anna had. Eventually, the two grew close.

Has a disease called Polycythemia Vera (PV), Prematurely exited the hospital against the advice of medical personnel [Mar 7, 2017], Held at gunpoint and almost shot by Olivia [Mar 7-8, 2017], Fainted after over exertion [Mar 9, 2017], Was injected with the addictive drug Zen-Zen by, Held hostage in London [Mar 29-May 2017; revealed May 12, 2017], Held at gunpoint and got in a struggle for the gun with, Tied to a chair and held captive, along with, Infected by a latent virus and rendered temporarily blind [Jan 10-15, 2019]. The friendship of the two grows as Luke asks Anna to move in with him, much to jealousy of Luke's ex-wife Tracy Quartermaine, in his suite at the Metro Court Hotel. Tristan Rogers Returns to General Hospital. Pinned Julian to a table when he threatened to beat a confession out of Dr. Assaulted one of Cassandra's henchmen in self-defense [Nov 12, 2019], Attacked Cassandra while trying to rescue, Tampered with a police file to prevent the PCPD from finding the evidence needed to link, Pointed a gun at Alex in Valentin's defense [Nov 4, 2020], Hospitalized for severe frostbite after being held captive by. After a romance with David Hayward and the death of their daughter Leora, Anna moves to London and later again joins the WSB as an agent. Robin and Patrick set another date for their wedding and this time, Robin asked Anna to be her maid of honor at her wedding. Robin's funeral took place from March 14 until March 19. She is the identical twin of Dr. Alex Marick. Leora did not make it through and David blamed the Martins, who he thought where trying to claim revenge for his past acts against them, for Leora's death. Stated March 8, 2018, while she was pregnant with Henrik.

BREAKING NEWS: Finola Hughes Put On-Contract At General Hospital! However, Anna got in the elevator instead and was hurt on October 24, 1988. Anna greeted Robert with a few punches to the face, but had returned with the sole intention of reconnecting with Robert and her daughter Robin. [23], On December 11, 2011, TV Guide confirmed that Hughes would return to General Hospital starting in mid January and would reappear just in time for February Sweeps. Carlos was actually wearing a bulletproof vest with blood squibs in it to fake his death so he could get away with it all. Finola returned to GH in February 2012, to help departure her only living daughter, Robin. [5]Devane appeared in several scenes with Martin Sheen; they also appeared together as President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, respectively, 30 years earlier in The Missiles of October (1974). Anna returned to General Hospital in April of 2008 to learn her daughter Robin was expecting a child.

Cassandra ordered one of her men to find her and bring her back. Our prayers for your son Joshua Olan, May him R.I.P. The role of Anna was originated by British actress Finola Hughes since the character's debut on April 10, 1985. This causes Anna to feel some anger towards Robert for leaving her to go through this alone, but Luke continues to support her.

December 20, 2017 | Newington, CT | Significant_other. However, Hughes later revealed in an interview that she was open to a return, but had not been contacted by the series.

Anna was disappointed to learn that Robin and Patrick had broken up and she decided to meddle in her daughter's relationship. [4] Devane graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City in 1962.[2]. Anna is thrilled for her daughter and their entire family. Anna remarked to Robert that she was in awe that a young woman as lovely as Robin was conceived out of their love for each other. Robert then left for Australia, and Anna was named Co-Police Chief of Port Charles with Burt Ramsey. Anna also dated Noah for a while.

Anna's life was almost taken at the clinic when frightened juvenile delinquent Reggie Porter held her at scalpel point. Duke and Anna had a compelling love story, and because of his love for Anna, Duke cut all his ties with the mob. She fell in love with prime suspect, David Hayward, and helped exonerate him. Hughes took on the dual roles of Anna and Alex from April 5-June 8, 2017 and again from March 18-21, 2019. She even helped Ryan, who she learned to be her cousin by marriage to Duke Lavery, in finding his reason to live. It was later revealed that Robin was still alive and in November 2013, Anna and Robin are reunited. Duke also fell in love with Anna and wanted out of the mob, but he was in too deep. The service itself included emotional speeches from Anna, Mac, Sonny, Patrick and Elizabeth. Anna promised to visit soon so she could meet him. Robert and McBain arrived at the door. Devane married Eugenie Devane in 1961. DEVANE- Joshua Olan DeVane (32) of Bryceville, Florida passed away June 10, 2013. They have two sons. Anna told Elizabeth that it would be easier for her if Robin was locked away in a room somewhere and she could go and rescue her. Anna returned for the summer of 2007 in Port Charles, where she tried and succeeded in turning Dr. Noah Drake into the drastically paranoid Eli Love, to stand in for him at the LIFEbeat concert which was held to support of HIV and AIDS awareness. After Mac Scorpio is let go from his position as Police Commissioner of the PCPD, Anna is offered the job. She later gets a call from one of her officers and goes outside where she bumps into Mac Scorpio. Duke again proposed to Anna and swore he meant it. Alex was then arrested by WSB agents and taken to Steinmauer, but not before telling Anna to tell Robert she's sorry she missed seeing him one last time.

In the interim, she was replaced by Camilla Moore who made her first appearance December 20, 1991. He tells Anna that she and Alex were involved in a memory transfer experiment with twins and thats she doesn't have any memory of it happening because it didn't work, but it did when Andre Maddox built off his experiment to transfer Jason Morgans memories to Drew Cain. She went back to finding Robin and Duke in Switzerland along with Robert, and they were able to find the real Duke, the last Duke was a fake by Faison. Super-spy Anna Devane was found alive after a decade of supposedly being dead in the outskirts of North America. Luke and Robert had gotten involved in a jewelry heist with Holly Sutton and the three of them had been imprisoned. Anna doesn't believe her initially, but later interrogates Heather at gunpoint to get answers. Devane appeared in the films McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971); Lady Liberty (1971); Family Plot (1976), directed by Alfred Hitchcock; Marathon Man (1976); Rolling Thunder (1977); Yanks (1979); Testament (1983) with Jane Alexander; Timestalkers (1987) with Lauren Hutton and Klaus Kinski; Forgotten Sins (1996) with John Shea; Exception to the Rule (1997); Payback (1999); Hollow Man and Space Cowboys (2000). Days later, she keeps spotting Carlos in various locations in Port Charles. Towards the end of the service Maxie arrived to speak and had a breakdown during her speech. In 2006, Anna surprised her ex-husband Robert and old friend Luke Spencer, along with her daughter Robin, when she dropped in on them while they were in the Maarkam Islands. Anna went to attack Cassandra but was restrained by her henchmen, however Charlotte bit Cassandra on the hand and ran off. Anna said she did not have that kind of power to make it happen and then Cassandra eventually saw her henchman arrive and told them to watch Anna as she called Valentin. The police returned part of the treasure, to Mr. Wu, who was forced to give them to the rightful owner, an old gentleman known as 'The Ancient One.' Anna had tears in her eyes as she looked from Robert to her daughter. Anna was temporarily portrayed by actress Camilla More from December 20, 1991 to January 20, 1992 after Finola was abruptly fired by then producer, Gloria Monty. Anna encouraged Robin to take a chance on love and Robin and Patrick sorted out their relationship. Anna is still skeptical, but decides to kiss Duke and get dress for an evening event. In 2004, Devane appeared in three episodes of Stargate SG-1 as President Henry Hayes and appears in the direct-to-DVD movie Stargate: Continuum. Robert did suggest, however, that Peter might not be her son after all and it seemed to make sense to her even though she didn't want to pursue that angle. Vanessa Cortlandt, David's mother, was discovered to be Proteus. Patrick thanked her for her trust and said that he would never stop loving Robin. Jake Arrieta Jake Boyle Jake Bronstein Jake Busey Jake Canuso Jake Dibeler Jake Goodman Jake Gyllenhaal Jake McLaughlin Jake Quickenden Jake Robbins Jake Shears Jake Siegel Jake Silbermann Jakes Shears Jakob D'Aparile Jakob Eklund Jakob Hellrigl Jakob Oftebro Jakob Oftgebro Jakob Renger Jakob Tamm Jakub Gierszal Jakub Prachar Jalil Lespert Jamaique Van Damme Jamal Willingham …

At the 2019 Nurse's Ball, Finn proposed to Anna on stage and she accepted and said yes. Heather shoots Luke in an attempt to shoot Anna, and she is arrested by the police.

One time, Robin and Patrick walked in on them in the supply closet at General Hospital. An old friend Luke Spencer is a great comfort to Anna during this hard time. Anna was able to stop him moments before shooting Leo even under the influence of a drug. Robert believed that Duke was innocent and recruited Anna and Frisco to join him in exposing Burt and bringing down the mob. USAToday.com. Anna is effective as the commissioner, as she is able to locate the body of Anthony Zacchara, Tracy's husband who went missing.

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