Sam [Raimi] allowed us a lot of room to get out fun and come up with our own things. That’s just not quite right.” And then when they asked me to play that part, I reread the script, and I thought, “This is the best part in the movie.” Because that last scene that David Rasche and I have, all the ridiculousness with all the other actors, Brad [Pitt], and George [Clooney], and John [Malkovich], all the other actors have been doing, we get to sort of cash it in and pay it off, and those scenes were a real treat. [13] Rolling Stone said "Beat the drums for an Oscar for Simmons." Simmons starred in several films produced or directed by his friend Jason Reitman, including Thank You for Smoking, Juno, Up in the Air, and Jennifer's Body. Simmons would not appear in future productions of this series. JKS: We definitely had to do some retakes because we were laughing at our own antics sometimes, and a lot of that movie, we did kind of make up on the fly. J.K Simmons has undergone an impressive transformation. He started off as just a patrol officer of the park in the show. He played B.R. J.K. Simmons has been hitting the gym - and his transformation is incredible! Evan Rachel Wood and J.K. Simmons in ‘Barefoot.’ (Roadside Attractions). Later, Simmons moved to Seattle and became a member of the Seattle Repertory Theatre. He plays Will Pope, Assistant Chief of the LAPD, in the series The Closer. What was the most fun part about shooting “Barefoot”?JKS: The thing that really appealed to me about “Barefoot,” in particular, was people can look at it and say, “Oh, it’s a romantic comedy,” but to me, it really does a nice job of living on that line between indie vibe and big romantic comedy vibe, and it’s just really smart writing, and Scott [Speedman] and Evan [Rachel Wood] are really wonderful in it. [35], Simmons appears as the anti-communist U.S. President Howard T. Ackerman in the video game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and for a series of promotional advertisements parodying the 2008 presidential elections. (Touchstone Pictures), J.K. Simmons in 'Oz.' in the film Thank You for Smoking (2005) and has been praised for his performance in Juno (2007) as "Mac" McGuff, the title character's father. Aaron revealed that he had "so much respect" for the actor, who continues to wow him with his dedication. Those were the names on the chairs, and I tapped one of the wardrobe guys, and I said, “Take a picture of my chair and Sidney’s chair, and I’m sending that to my mom,” and that lived on the refrigerator for however many years that is now… Going on…I don’t know, seventeen, eighteen years ago. That was Jason Reitman’s second movie, and he didn’t have much in the way of clout yet. It was a move called “The Jackal,” and it was Sidney, and Richard Gere, and Bruce Willis, although the only time I worked with Bruce was the scene where he shot me in the head. And I’ve never been one to work pretty hard at pimping myself, so I’m not going to approach Sam on the set and go, “Hey, how about putting me in your next movie too?” But when the time came, he wanted me to do it, and I had to go read for the producers and everything. What do you remember about that chair that you sat in for a couple of days during the Coen brothers’s “Burn After Reading”?JKS: Yeah, that was exactly it: it was a couple of days. J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson in 'Spider-Man 2.' On Kevin Pollack’s Internet show you mentioned that you were successful in changing one Coen brothers word?JKS: You work with a vast array of directors in this business, if you’re lucky enough to work, and working with a guy like Sam Raimi, who loves to encourage ad-libbing, and improvising, and everybody bringing their own thing to the game…and once you have a sort of level of trust with him, I was given the leeway because I happened to be a baseball guy and I know the game. In 2011, Simmons also appeared in Generator Rex: Agent of Providence, as White Knight, this performance was unique due to how Simmons was unexpected to be assumed as the voice actor for the role. "Every time we train together I forget he's 61 years old," Aaron captioned the behind-the-scenes snap. Discover what it's REALLY like to work on a private island…, Everything you need to know before getting your teeth straightened. Tom kind of pumped me full of sunshine a little bit about how the character is going to be when we first meet him, we’re going to think he’s a good guy, and our Everyman character, and maybe he’s going to be a mentor. I got to change one obscenity to another. It comes as no surprise that J.K. chose to enlist Aaron to help him get in shape – the fitness guru also works with stars including Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, and James Marsden. He is the second actor to portray the same character in both a non-MCU and MCU film, following Lou Ferrigno as the voice of the Hulk. Other roles include that of an army general in the television sitcom Arrested Development, and Dan the Barber in the surreal Nickelodeon series The Adventures of Pete & Pete in 1995. [3] From 1970–1972, Simmons attended Worthington High School, where he participated in drama, football, and choir. I think people have a different perception of what character actor means. Who was the first big star you shared a scene with?JKS: Probably Sidney Poitier, and that was momentous for me. Since 2014, Simmons was voicing Lenny Turtletaub in the animated show BoJack Horseman. #JKSimmons #OldManCranking (hash tag via @mountaindog1). And Jason said when he first read that script, he knew that he wanted Allison. Definitely. Yeah, and variations on that. In 2015, he appeared as the German expatriate Sebastian in the Greek drama film Worlds Apart. By registering to HELLO! Actually, my second movie in a row with Sam… and really “For Love of the Game,” in a lot of ways, was a pivotal movie for me. The highly anticipated superhero film, set to be released in 2017, will also see Ben Affleck returning as Batman and Henry Cavill reprising his role as Superman, alongside a star-studded cast including Amy Adams and Amber Heard. Early life. I actually almost talked my way out of it because by the time I started doing TV and film, I’d been around, and I knew the kind of impact that playing a part like that had. So that was kind of the rhythm I was used to, and the first time I worked with the Coens on “The Ladykillers,” it was like: They write what they write, and they hear it, I mean, they handle every detail of everything.

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