We pour everything we have into making sure your piglet is ready for you.

Dog toys that they can chew, toss and shake around work well. It must have shelter from wind, cold and heat.

//-->. Your mini pig can be trained to use a litter box, paper trained, or to potty outside. Once dry, use a baby lotion or coconut oil for their dry skin. Block or lock anything you don’t want them getting into, including trash cans. Julianas are a breed of minipigs often kept as indoor or outdoor pets. Don’t ever underestimate a mini pig- they are very clever and smart. You may have to cut the side down a little  like you did the litter box. The Juliana is a small, colorfully spotted pig. Do not underfeed or overfeed your piglet.

It is the goal of breeders to produce offsping that consistantly exhibits the characteristics of the original Juliana pig. Ex: a 5 lb piglet would eat 2 Tbsp of food in the morning and 2 Tbsp in the evening.). Most people don't believe me when I say, there is NO such thing as a teacup or mini pig. Clean their ears with alcohol on a cotton ball, baby wipes, or a wash cloth. You will have to earn their trust. There is also NO GUARANTEE that your miniature pig will stay as small as it is! In the winter, an insulated house similar to a doghouse is a must. Because it is covered in colored patches and spots, the Juliana is known as the painted pig. 4. http://www.petpigeducation.com/emergency-situations.html.

[1] Typically, most breeds of miniature pigs will range from the minimum weight of 20 pounds (9.1 kg) to 65 pounds (29 kg). Disqualitications: A solid coloration with no spotting. Place a blanket and a comfort toy in the place where you want your pig to sleep. This registry was dissolved in the late 1990s. Trim the Juliana pig's feet regularly. Include in its pen a dog bed, blanket, litter pan, food and water, and some toys. Pigs love company and desire your attention. Treat balls, rooting mats, and ball pits are favorites because they involve food. The only explanation behind the Juliana pig’s small physique is becau… Pigs aren’t crazy about baths, so put cheerios in the water to keep them busy. We are a private residence. : (2% of body weight is recommended. Indoor set-up: Section off a place in a corner of a room for your new piglet using a baby gate or wire dog pen. Juliana's DO NOT stay under 20 lbs. Potty Training Leaniency is given to sows who have produced litters. Deworming your piglet can be done through your vet, or with products like Ivermectin, or through herbal methods. [5] Today, most pot-bellied pigs are little to never purebred, as the pure breed is critically endangered. If they squeal when you pick them up, hold onto them until they settle down, since you don’t want to reinforce a bad behavior of squealing. They also need exposure to the sun for vitamin D. Take care to protect him from the sun if you stay outside for a long time. ... Juliana Pigs saying hi - Duration: 0:13. [5] The breed is known for its small stature, swayed back, and pronounced pot belly. Pigs aren't animals that can be left in a crate 12 hours out of the day. Domesticated miniature pigs can vary from 25 kg (50 lbs) to 100 kg (200 lbs). Feed the pig two times a day.

Figure eight harnesses are recommended by Juliana pig breeders because the animal can be trained to step into it with having to unbuckle or adjust the straps. A doghouse makes a great shelter, lined with pine shavings (never cedar) or hay. Only bathe your mini pig when they are dirty or smelly for they have extremely sensitive skin.

Some people get small pigs by breeding young females that are not done growing yet, but a lot of the size comes from the diets they are fed.

You will have to earn their trust. All approved adoptive families are The top line should be straight and of good length. If there are no laws regarding pet pigs, some areas may consider a pig to be exclusively known as livestock; some towns and cities have ordinances disallowing farm animals within city limits. Good morning, Sandra Rodriguez! Pigs aren’t crazy about baths, so put cheerios in the water to keep them busy. It should be lean, longer than it is tall, and athletic in appearance. the average for a Juliana is around 30-60 lbs. Get To The Destroyed Belt In "Digimon World" For T... Why Should Kittens Drink Water Instead Of Milk, Most Common Problems With Bull Terrier'S Skin, Zoos Animals In Cages Vs Animals In The Wild, Find A Grave In Burlington County New Jersey. Education, information, and support for your pet mini pig.

Use a baby shampoo, never a dog or cat shampoo. google_ad_height = 400; A slight sway in the back is permissable but discouraged. Blankets outside are not a good idea since they can get wet, causing the piglet to get chilled. Spots are generally black but can also be red or white. Pigs need social interaction and activities so they don't get destructive. New York: Plenum Press, http://americanminipigassociation.com/educational/characteristics-differences-mini-pig-vs-full-sized-farm-breed/, "Tea Cup Pigs, Yay or Nay? Once dry, use a baby lotion or coconut oil for their dry skin. Always keep the litter box in the same place as far away from their sleeping and eating areas as possible. . Bathing and Skin Care Only bathe your mini pig when they are dirty or smelly for they have extremely sensitive skin. Once dry, use a baby lotion or coconut oil for their dry skin. Pigs aren’t crazy about baths, so put cheerios in the water to keep them busy. [3] These comparatively smaller pigs were easier to work with than larger pig breeds, which typically reach weights of 300–500 lb (140–230 kg).[4]. Litter can be horse stall pine pellets, pine shavings, newspaper, or pee pads. Rear legs should be set apart, but under the body.

Please make sure you pig proof your home BEFORE you pick up your piglet. Mini pigs also need their time outside to just be a pig! In the mid-1980s, Keith Connell of the Bowmanville Zoo in Ontario imported breeding Vietnamese Pot-Bellied pigs to Canada, which became the foundation for the pot-bellied pig in North America.

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